Is Dumpster Diving for Cat Food an Ethical Option for Vegans?

Hi, I am Lena Mumma welcome to my blog. Today I went Dumpster diving for cat food I’m going to show you what I found One morning on the way to my son’s school one feral cat followed us like the whole block, so I decided instead of going to the gym I joined a gym to lose weight but its not very exciting to go to the gym. When I go there I’m going just to wash myself and go to the steam room steam sauna I’m not inspired to work out there, it seems to me very boring, instead of going to take a shower, I decided to go and dumpster dive for cat food so its kind of a long way, take me like 3 hours to go there and back its alot of exercises I go by bike dumpsters are quite high and its a good exercise to jump in jump out How do I get back? I don’t know I understand that Dumpster Diving for cat food Is shocking to most people.
Let me explain why I am doing this instead of just buying regular cat food in the storeI love animals. I love both carnivores, herbivores, frugivores and I don’t support especially with my money, businesses that farm, imprison, abuse and murder any animal to feed and another animal Including humans Also, In nature carnivores are usually able to catch and kill weaker, older or sicker animals healthier, smarter and stronger on animals usually have a chance to escape. I think it is totally unfair that other prey animals have no chance to escape from their predators. Pigs and cows are not even prey for cats read my article for more details link is in the description this video so this time there wasn’t much I could find in the pet store dumpster and I just found one dry bag of cat food The basket was included and I found an aquatic total deluxe kit let me show you this is aquatic total deluxe kit one side over there is I think broken glass I will be Upcycling into a solar oven I just open up Reptile cage and It definitely can be up cycled one glass is broken upcycle its to solar oven and has a lot of lamp I can probably donate or sell I have already a small solar oven so this one can be much larger, so this is actually what I wanted to
have largest solar oven Thank you for watching, bye!

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  1. crumb9cheese says:

    You havent made a video in a while. Ohh can u do a video on how to make a solar oven pleaseeeeee

  2. EcoPeaceful says:

    Benefits to Dumpster Diving for Pet Food:
    ♦ ZERO Eco-Footprint – Cat food out the Dumpster has the least eco-footprint, actually zero, since it is basically on the way to the landfill. If I recycle the packaging, it is not just zero footprint, but also beneficial for the environment.
    ♦ Recycle the Packaging – Simply feed the cats and recycle the packaging (plastic bag or metal can), instead of it all ending up in landfill. 
    ♦ SAFE $$$ – You can save at least $1,000 a year per cat.
    ♦ Donate Saved $$$ – Instead of financially supporting the pet/meat food industry, you can donate the money you $ave to a local or national organization that works to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy feral and free-roaming cats. Many cities offer a TNR (trap, neuter and return) program to the community. Here is the TNR program offered in my city (Las Vegas) 
    ♦ Reduced threat to wildlife – Under the assumption that well fed cats tend to kill less of wildlife. 
    "Domestic cat as one of the single greatest human-linked threats to wildlife in the nation. More birds and mammals die at the mouths of cats, the report said, than from automobile strikes, pesticides and poisons, collisions with skyscrapers and windmills and other so-called anthropogenic causes"

    I made a deal with my son that I would "dive" into the dumpster and he would feed the cats, clean packaging and recycle it!

    If you think you may not be able to get enough food from the pet store dumpsters, then you may be surprised to know that 40 percent of the food in the United States ends up rotting in landfills! Pet store dumpsters usually contain various types of pet foods – most are dumped (trashed) simply because the packaging has cosmetic damage!!! Others are dumped because of customer returns (Poe may not have liked the taste) and the package expiration date (see section below on food safety). My experience is that there is almost no diving competition for the pet food. Every time I look, I get some decent quantities of pet food. Grocery stores and restaurant dumpsters are usually cleared up by homeless, low income people and freegans, but the pet food dumpsters seem to be overlooked. Trader Joe's throws away large amount of eggs on a regular basis, that does not seem to be eaten by dumpster divers, so if you do not mind cooking eggs for your cat (based on my quick search cats eat bird eggs in the wild), this can an additional option. See my article on Trader Joe's trash.
    Link to Full Article

  3. FeeeeRaX says:

    "So instead of taking a shower, I decided to go and dumpster dive for cat food" WTF am I hearing?

  4. EcoPeaceful says:

    Check if thrown away pet food has been recalled:

  5. Canoon Canoon II says:

    Hi, Eco,

    Can you fix a new glass panel? Thank you.

  6. ModVegan says:

    I think this is a really great solution. Way to go!

  7. sdkerby says:

    I am wondering if you actually found all the cat food in right there sitting on top or if you placed the food there for purposes of the video? Also if everyone in the world was a vegan this option would not exist so I don't think it's a viable solution.

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