Is it Cancer? Pet Lumps & Bumps – VetVid Episode 023

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  1. ChicosAddict says:

    Good video, but IMO, I think it is cruel and selfish to make a pet suffer through chemo, radiation, and/or other grueling treatments for an aggressive metast cancer. If you can remove a cancer mass with clean margins, thats one thing..but going through exhaustive treatments to extend a pets life a few months or whatever… thats just mean. The pet doesn't know why it feels so bad and why its going through all that. In bad situations, seems more humane to PTS and end its suffering.

  2. VetVid says:

    Absolutely. The key is quality of life. Please watch our videos episodes 018 and 024 for more information. This video is not advocating extreme measures and/or extending suffering.

  3. YKxLLDxSUMMER says:

    What if you find something underneath the skin should it still be checked out, she's just a puppy only 5 months old..she's a blue nose pit bull

  4. VetVid says:

    All lumps should be checked out. Did she recently have a vaccine in that area? It could be a reaction and will likely go away. I recommend having your veterinarian check it.

  5. VetVid says:

    @jackie9576 This may be from the vaccine. You should have your veterinarian feel it to confirm. Usually will go away, however, let your veterinarian decide.

  6. VetVid says:

    @Panicandjordan I suggest visiting your veterinarian. The bumps could be nothing, but it is important for them to diagnose in person. Good luck. Hope it is nothing.

  7. Reid Skiver says:

    I just found a lump on my rat terrier's neck.. Its about golf ball sized.. She has not been eating as much but is still really energetic.. And she has been eating grass.. Im gonna take her to the vet tomarrow.. But im still really worried.. Also she is 8 years old (Human years) if that means anything..

  8. poketuber97 says:

    my dogs belly button is blueish what could it be?

  9. VetVid says:

    @MrHellohi1234 I recommend you take your dog into the vet.

  10. Mark Axline says:

    I have a female golden retriever 9 years old and I found two lumps under my dogs jaw one on each side about 3 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Took her to my vet today and he found 2 golf ball size tumors one on each hind leg behind her hock. So then he said he wondered if she had the tumors on the points of the shoulders and sure enought she did. He said he was almost sure she had lymphoma cancer. But without a biopsy he couldnt be 100 % sure. What do you think I should do?

  11. VetVid says:

    @markaxline Biopsy is good idea. Fna may be helpful and less invasive – see your vet.

  12. 8757kathy says:

    my cat has a tumour on her breast its cancer but the vet said she is too old to have surgery she is 18yrs,she is eating normal and not in pain ,but just now she started scratching it and its bleeding,i put bandage but she cant walk properly the vet said put her in a baby jumpsuit to stop her scratching it will that be ok please answer me back i am so worried thanks

  13. VetVid says:

    @8757kathy 18 is old, however, if all else is healthy ( chest xray, cbc/chem/t4, and abdominal ultrasound) , surgery may be an option if quality of life is not good with the tumor.

  14. Bakujio says:

    I have a female cat named Ally who i found at my dads work, and so i have no idea how old she is or if she was fixed. But when i brought her home, she was a very hyper cat, loveing life any everything. She gets along very well with my 2 other dogs, and one night i let her sleep with us in my room on my chair. Well after that i notice she was limping. Now she's still eating and drinking, but then i found a lump on her bottem back leg.

  15. PainFree World says:

    My 10 YR Old Siberian Husky has developed 2 lumps under his right arm. They are soft lumps. I told my Vet. and he said unless he is acting in pain or acting sick, not eating or not playing, NOT TO WORRY. So I haven't had it checked yet. My baby has never been sick a day in his life! I guess I'll just keep a close eye on him. What do you guys think? Please send me a note. Thanks so much. [email protected]

  16. VetVid says:

    @sueslowrider92 Talk to your vet about aspirating it. They can poke a needle in it to see what it is. Best to be sure. Best of luck.

  17. James Ru says:

    Quality of life for the pet and the doctor. After you get all that stuff done, be prepared for the bill.

  18. cheezeydude says:

    my 7 year old female golden retriever has two hard-ish lumps on her back. They have been there for a while (maybe over 10 months). Ocassionally, I notice that the bumps have some kind of reddish discharge that looks like blood. Today, I saw that and I tried squeezing the bump and some clear fluid came out. We are taking her to the vet but in the meanwhile I;m really worried for my dog. I love her like family. What could this be?

  19. VetVid says:

    The veterinarian needs to look at it and possibly get a sample (FNA) to look under the microscope.

  20. lizrosebroker says:

    I have a 15 year old shih tzue that has a very large lump on her belly. It is the kind that hangs down when she walks. It has been there since someone gave her to me over 12 years ago. It appears to be fluid filled, not sure, but seems to be. She is blind and deaf. The last few days she has been having trouble keeping her balance and often falls over when trying to walk. She was eating for me up till today, and now she can't even stand up and try to eat without falling over. Do you have any idea

  21. lizrosebroker says:

    I know that I am facing the fact that I am going to have to have her euthanized or something. I was wondering, is there any kind of pill that I could get from a vet to give her, so she can stay home and just go to sleep and not wake up?? I don't want her to have to go through that too…going to a vet's office and getting a shot, and having to go through all that emotions around strangers. Any suggestions appreciated.

  22. VetVid says:

    Ask if your veterinarian will come to your house – some will do this.

  23. WorcesterWhitney says:

    My chihuahua developed a small pimple last year. I took her to the vet for a regular checkup and the vet said they would have to give her anestesia remove it and send to a lab but he said it appeared to be harmless since she doesnt itch it. Fast forward to today and she has 4 more of those same bumps in different areas. I cant afford to get them removed until next month. Can anyone PLEASE help or give any suggestions if you have any experience? I can email pics.

  24. WorcesterWhitney says:

    My chihuahua developed a small pimple last year. I took her to the vet for a regular checkup and the vet said they would have to give her anestesia remove it and send to a lab but he said it appeared to be harmless since she doesnt itch it. Fast forward to today and she has 4 more of those same bumps in different areas. I cant afford to get them evaluated until next month.Can anyone PLEASE help or give any suggestions if you have any experience or knowledge on the subject? I can send pics,

  25. VetVid says:

    Having a veterinarian FNA(aspirate with a needle) to look at the cells on a slide is the easiest prior to scheduling an anesthesia. Different lumps require different size incisions and cost. See Mast cell tumors video or google MCT in dogs.

  26. Clarkology says:

    My dog is 4 month old and had a small pimple on her belly … it looks like a human pimple… Is it something i should worry about?? it not many… only 1 smally pimple and a very tiny one… Please answeR! 😀

  27. GeneralHoohah says:

    I just found out my cat has a lump in her chest 1/3 the size of her heart, next to her heart that appeared out of no where in less than a year. She got incredibly sick a couple of days ago, the levels of her kidney and liver were way way out of wack. Its pretty obvious she has cancer, and there's nothing I can do. These "doctors" want thousands and thousands to help her…. more like help their pockets. This is disgusting!!!! And I'm helpless to help her!!!

  28. Bear304inc1 says:

    Well I wasn't worried till I s

  29. Bear304inc1 says:

    Scrolled through the comments,, super sad. I feel for all who has lost a loved one.

  30. Applepiebetty says:

    Ever since Animal Ins became avalible, the cost of Vets has gone stupid. Clearly they have joining the ranks of medical Dr.s for humans who are Doc's for the money and not the life of the patient. This world is money driven today, and as people become less caring (I think do to TV etc…) so do those we put our lives into.
    I know people that would shoot their dog (no I am not one of them), not that they don't love it, but because they can't afford the cost & don't want to see it suffer.

  31. Applepiebetty says:

    It wouldn't be so bad IF they let you make payments, but they all want cash that day. Commies! I think it is prejudices against the poor, even though the poor help home many of the animals needing homes and are fine for normal care. Drs. use to want to make a difference, now they just want to make a buck.

  32. Marie Jose says:

    My beagle had 2 lumbs the 1 near his throat is gone wth natural remedies but the golfball size in chest is still there. He s still on cbd oil tht cured the other one and yoghurt (budwig).
    Praying tht the chest lumb is not cancer. He s my spec need son buddy so very important to us

  33. Goutsmouts says:

    can someone pls tell me what we mean by saying slow growth or fast growth ?  (in days ..months..)? Please advise.I need help !

  34. Jennifer Pitz says:

    @Marie Josie, what kind of natural remedies did you use that worked? My dog has the same thing.

  35. Vanessa Goh says:

    I have a female dog which is about years old. She used to have a small lump in the nipple but last two days, the lump suddenly enlarged. I'm extremely worried. I had talked to my vet about it, and he told me to try on antibiotics first. He gave me antibiotics and anti swelling pills I'm not sure if it will help but I hope so. At the mean time the lump itself is making my dog uncomfortable. Every time she tries to lay, she will get up if she accidentally pressed on the lump so I assume it is painful. Can anyone advise me, is it a risk to let her go through surgery to remove it considering, she's 9 years old. She meant a lot to me, and I cannot loose her. Pls help

  36. Jessica Vazquez says:

    Can answer one please answer my dog had about 3-4 bumps on his neck and idk what to do they move around if I touch it u can move them around if u touch them around and it's a ball that u can move around

  37. Andy trinh says:

    My dog has a huge lump but it is under her nipple( almost like an iceberg where the nipple is the tip and there is the rest of the huge rock underneath) for almost 3 months now. It suddenly came from nowhere. Any ideas?

  38. JakeRat says:

    my rat has a bump on his neck what is it help

  39. jim giarraputo says:

    how long should a dental abcess lump remain after dentistry has been completed

  40. Rylee Jay says:

    my fog has a lump on his side and its been there for a year what does it mean


    i was playing my dog , which is an everyday thing , paril 12, 2017 , i felt something like a bump near the outside spinal cord on the right side , its quite as big as an inch and a half its quite big to be coming from nowhere , i need help

  42. Ken Hagerman says:

    Found one on my baby, its is black & roll around. Cant got to the vet until I have the money, Can't seem to find out about when they are black like my Maggies,

  43. Ken Hagerman says:

    Anyone on here that can tell me about when the lumps are black?

  44. Andrya Andrya says:

    I refuse to run to the vet for every bump, bruise, etc. If I did, I would not be able to eat myself and the cost of visiting a vet is easily augmented by the vet office, once they prey on your fear of losing your loved one. So, be wise, but don't let fear keep you in its grips. This is informative, but common sense is best applied or they'll have us biopsying, x-raying, etc. until they have all our money.

  45. God's Boy says:

    ANd the moral of this story is… fuck cancer.

  46. Marietjie Stander says:

    hi I found huge lump like swelling on the side of my cats neck its move down to the shoulder area….what can this be? pls any help will be apreciated

  47. xZero Gravityx says:

    What if there's like crusty bumps on the neck area

  48. Vanessa Villalobosfuentes says:

    My dog has one in his stomach and he has had it since he was small

  49. A3 Skywarrior says:

    How about telling us the root cause of the lumps and cancer. In a proper functioning body the cell waste and dead cells are supposed to be excreted out the lymphatic vessels and out the kidneys and since dogs have weak kidneys and the food they eat is all high proteins from crap store bought cooked kibble, then doesnt it make sense to look to see if your dog is excreting the metobolic waste? A bump is a backed up lymph system from poor kidneys and cancer is just a acidosis of lymphatic fluid around the cells causing them to mutate. Why is this a mystery? No one talks about root cause, they treat cancer like its some disease that just happens out of the blue.

  50. Mr Nice says:

    Dr. Mike should shave off his beard.

  51. Phoenix Auditore says:

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  52. Siyana shana says:

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  53. Maddixb801 Cool says:

    Hello I am 13 years old and my family does not have enough money to bring my cat to the vet
    My cat has a one and one half inch bump next to it’s tail and is pretty firm is this something I should worry about

    Thanks for the help

  54. Toan Nguyen says:

    Giving dog chemo is just so bad.

  55. Pumpkin Guts says:

    My 1 year old cat has had this bump on her lower stomach for 2 weeks now and it seems it's getting bigger. And I also feel bumps on her upper right nipple. I'm taking her to the vet this week :'(

  56. Gregory Campbell says:

    My dog has grown a hard, marble sized lump inside the skin of his lip. It's grown a bit over night. Last night you couldn't see the bump, could only feel it. Today it's noticeable through the skin. Could it be a tumor or just some hard fatty tissue? Can't afford even the smallest visit to a vet. So I'm thinking about putting him on Apple cider vinegar and baking soda to see if that shrinks it or at least retards the growth rate.

  57. bcuz imbatgurl says:

    When I saw this I thought it meant like little bumps but spread out like on the neck and the head but the cat I mean is 3 week year old kittens I'm sorry just don't read this 🙁 ;-;

  58. Daniela Cisneros says:

    My dog has a ball on her neck and i barely found out today and I’m not sure what it is ,do any of you know what it is

  59. Amber Rowlett says:

    I was petting my dog today and I felt a small bump on skin
    If It doesn’t go away I will take her to the doctors

  60. Mel B says:

    My dog has a bump on her elbow I’m worried about it. My brother’s friend is a vet I’m going to let him look at it Saturday when he comes.

  61. Navy Sacred says:

    I have a female dog, she got a bump on her upper left head near the ears, should I go take her to the vet? ;-; It's been 2 days.

  62. 77 I Eat Nobu says:

    My cat Puma has one between his to nipples

  63. Deb Stein says:

    Radiation, pools, chemotherapy and you were talking about extending the quality of life? You are completely full of shit. You are definitely a victim of the mental illness known as agreed.

  64. ReSa Chase says:

    Im scared caz just found 1 on my fuebabt about week ago. Its at top of chest in the middle wen shes sitting up

  65. yO mAmA says:

    My cat has brown balls on her back!!

  66. hollywoodslym says:

    My. Goldendoodle has 3 hard lumps
    1 on the top of her head and 1 on each side of her neck…I’m kinda freaked out

  67. ɔıloɥoɹʎԀ says:

    Help. my dog has this lump on her left side of her neck that comes and goes. This time it was the size of a golfball. When I got home my dog couldnt stand up and there was fluid everywhere im guessing it popped she had fluid under neck and jaw. Im not sure if she threw up that fluid or if she actually scratched it ruptured it. But she is fine now after sleeping a few hours as if nothing happened. What was it?

  68. Leticia Ambriz says:

    My kitten has a lump on his lower abdomen. He was neutered a week ago is this normal?

  69. LPS Squiggles says:

    I'm aware that this is for dogs, but I have a cat who has a lump on its leg. It's been there for almost 6 months and hasn't really grown at all. It's very round and just below the surface of his skin. My cat is overweight so it's making me think it is a fatty tumour. I recently took him to the vet as he has an infection in his anal gland. I asked her about it and she thinks it's a fatty tumour or just a cyst, but when she looked at it under the microscope it had unusual cells. We sent the results to a lab but we won't be hearing for a week and i'm very worried. Do you think this is benign or possibly malignant?

  70. peterc says:

    I have just noticed a bump on the side of my Labrador, on his right rib cage. He looks fine, is eating well and is not limping. I don't know how long it has been there. But it was first brought to my attention by my brother-in-law this Christmas.

  71. yellow tulips says:

    I wish there was a good vet in my place. I live in a relatively small town and my pug of 4 months has developed a lump in the back of her spine. I've gone to 3 different vets and animal hospital. None of them have the instrument to process it but all of them have told me not to worry and that they would remove it once she's 6 months old and strong enough to go under anaesthesia but I feel helpless and my mind is constantly restless if it turns out to be malignant. I pray to God that it's benign.

  72. Tyzon Edition says:

    THC is the Cancer killer! But CBD can Help with many other Things god day to everybody anonymous, fuck the government and the elite and freemasons and religion!!! We are just slaves in their minds breake free for the future humanity peace and love
    BTW the new 5G is also a cancer maker so take it down with your loved ones !

  73. mike856ms says:

    Sara Gilbert (Roseanne) is now a vet. She even sounds like her.

  74. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

    If you consider you don't have the resources to take care of a pet as they needed. Do not have one.

  75. Sophia’s Vlogs says:

    My dog has many lumps but I cannot afford to take her to the doctor. Every time I go to the vet, it’s minimum $200. I wish they can set up a monthly payment plan but nope. I love my dog so much… I don’t know what to do…

  76. Chrysalis208 says:

    i have a question. if anyone could answer it. i know that i should take her to the vet but i want an opinion from someone who may know a lot more than me. my dog has a bump on her head. a few days ago, while grooming, it burst. it is now leaking a blackish red fluid that i believe to be blood. it has since dried and become a solid mass. it is not large but it is on her forehead. should i be worried? she has other bumps, but none look this bad.

  77. Dana Orlando says:

    🐾Really helpful indeed! Today I learn!!! Good action all! TY🍃

  78. Neil P71 says:

    So you have to go to medical school and years of work and experience so can just say "If you feel a bump on your dog it needs to get tested/evaluated"?
    Any person as dumb as a door knob can say what you said. Wow

  79. azamudio128 says:

    Now in these times we live in …where a ab-rtioni-st..sell baby p-rts…what can we think?…everything for the love of the green stuff…no mercy for any life.

  80. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    My dog has a bunch of small numbs you can feel them when you touch him I took a look a them and it was jus a lot of dandruff so we keep taking him shower they went away once for a while but came back today I chest the and noticed when I scratched it to take the dandruff off it came of but his fur also came of and when I was done there was these red bump and it was a little sticky why is which I imagine dandruff was always stuck to it idk what it is can anybody help me and there wasn’t much skin like his regular body skin

  81. A L says:

    Vets only care about money blood suckers

  82. Catherine Voight says:

    My 11 year old golden has been diagnosed with cancer from a prominent vet school. I just paid 1500.00 for the diagnosis. If this were a human the price would have been in the tens of thousands. Medical care is costly, but it is part of the commitment we make when deciding to have a pet. We are trying chemo but the prognosis is not good. I was not pressed to accept chemo. Easy to blame vets.

  83. Charles Trott says:

    How much would this cost

  84. Lydia Ramirez says:

    I searched this up because my cat has bumps
    All over her neck

  85. dylan vasey says:

    This is scare mongering at its finest. Bumps (on dogs at least) will mostly be non cancerous. Especially in middle aged to older dogs, and those that are overweight. Most bumps will just be fatty deposits. By all means take your dog to the vet, but don't allow them to rob you, especially if the dog isn't behaving differently.

  86. May May says:

    My vet felt the bump on my cat and instead of doing tests suggested we just surgically remove it asap. Im not sure if ita the best choice concidering we dont know what it is. I think it is a cyst because she has a lot of energy and loves eating still.

  87. Twin Legends says:

    I love my cat. I hope his lump is okay.

  88. Christian P says:

    Fuck all you pet vets. Money taking fags. People's pets DIE because you want 1 grand to just look at the animal. And then all the money for treatment. Gtfo and leave the economy. Ohhhh we actually care about people's pets uhhh uhhh uhhh that'll be $5,000 please. Y'all are a joke. I know there are some good vets but most are horrible

  89. Orange Ant says:

    My dog just has a bump it's not a big lump I just want to know if its cancer

  90. Life of A Cat says:

    I looked for this cause my one year old cat has a big bump on his right side plus he’s getting very skinny even though he’s eating…I’m worried because I’m beginning to think the worst…and I know that if it’s cancer my parents will put him down and I don’t want that to happen because I love my cat to death 🙁

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