Is My Dog Aggressive or Playful?

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog today me and Milo here are going to be talking about whether your dog is
playing aggressively or playfully and what different body language things that
you can look out for with your dog if that is something you think you’re going
to be interested in, I know that I was extremely interested when we got this
question coming in I think especially if you do take your dog on a lot of
different walks you need to definitely be aware of whether they’re playing
aggressively whether they are playing playfully and how you can combat any
aggressive behavior with your dog, what it looks like if your dog is playing
aggressively because a lot of the time it can actually just be they look very
very similar and they are just wants to be playful with the other dogs,
before we do get started definitely do go down below to the comments and let me know
what is your favorite type of walk to do with your dog, do you go to the park, or
going to the woods, do you go by a lake let me know down below I would love to
know where your favorite type of dog walk is, but for now we’re just gonna get
started, now sometimes as an owner, you do worry that your dog is playing
aggressively when in fact they are just wanting to play playfully with the
other dogs but today we’re talking about what the difference is between
being aggressive and being playful and how you can look out for the difference
between them, now I’m sure we all know what it looks like when your dog is
being playful with another dog but when your dog is being playful they can make
new friends they can practice their body language and they can also burn off the
extra energy that they have as well, when your dog is being playful with other
dogs it can often involve behaviors which are similar to those canines and
what they use in aggressive encounters as well, such as chasing, jumping, mouthing
and also growling as well so definitely don’t be worried if your dog is showing
them tendencies because it can actually just be that they are playing with
the other dogs and do remember that sometimes it can it be difficult to
distinguish the difference between aggressiveness and also playfulness as
well with your dog because obviously they can’t tell you if they are wanting
to play aggressive or if they’re getting on with that dog, it’s very much you’ve
got to know as an owner what sort of behaviors your dog tends to show with
other dogs, if you’re cautious of your dog when you do go out for walks with
them definitely do watch out for their behaviors, keep them on a lead
whenever a dog approaches, see how they react with that dog and then you will
know how your dog normally reacts with other dogs, also remember that if you do
take your dog out for walks, if a dog looks aggressive or their owner
is sort of keeping them back from your dog, definitely don’t approach that dog
because it obviously means that their dog might be quite aggressive and just
leave them be, now Marc Bekoff who is a doggie psychologist actually found out
that dogs use the play bow which is basically where their front paws go
down and their bottom or their back area comes up in the air, that’s to sort of
show-off that they want to play with another dog and it’s almost like they
are introducing themselves by bowing down to the other dog and whenever they
are finished playing they will do that as well which i think is a really cool
thing for anybody to notice with other dogs, Milo does this quite a lot even if
he’s just playing with us he’ll do this sort of play bow and that sort of
means that he’s ready for business and he wants to start playing and also
remember that a successful play with other dogs is when your dogs tend to take
turns with whatever they’re doing if your dog is chasing the other dog if,
the dog starts chasing then that is just sort of a successful play between dogs
because that just means they are basically sharing them chasing each
other which is very very good for dogs to do, sometimes it can look quite
aggressive, it might look aggressive but actually they are just wanting to play with each
other, but definitely do look out for any aggressive behaviors, and that is it for
this week’s video, thank you so so much for watching, don’t forget to give this
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video thank you so so much watching and me and Milo who is a very very sleepy
dog will see you next time Bye!

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    The best place to walk and pet dogs is in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia in the US.

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    We love a hike into the wooded area of Central Park. We climb over the big rocks, under the hollowed our tree trucks, up and down and they then narrow pathways. Love.

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