It’s a Dog’s Life at Technion – Seeing Eye Guide Dogs and Puppies on campus

We’re really enjoying spending our time with Milly do something fun for us and also
something that’s positive for the world we have fun all day my best exam was with the dog. It’s amazing because I’m going
to have him for the time that I’m here in Technion. I love him i cant imagine my life
without him. There was no dilemma once we were
offered the dog we’d take it in a second. The purpose of the dog is eventually to
be a guide dog for blind people. Once they’re born they’re too young to
go into advanced training with a blind person. So they give them to us for that period
where we teach them the basics until they’re old enough to go into advance training with a blind person. We train them how to do whatever they
need to do outside how to sit how to lie down and how to not bark by the way and they come with us everywhere the whole
concept is the company gives us the dogs because we
have a very dynamic lifestyle we go around as students we go to
lectures we have a job go on public transportation. It gives the dogs the chance to see the
world and not be scared in new environments. So they learn how to live in a dynamic
lifestyle and we get dogs It’s an amazing experience. Taz was
one of the first dogs in the Technion. Then after him within a week three
of his sisters were here. And that was a year and a half ago. Today we have
about 20 dogs at the Technion. I love raising the dog and she’s a part of me now. I think
it’s a mission. They’re really really good and smart dogs and
she’s going to graduate about the same time I’m
graduating. I take a picture of him almost every day so I want to make a collage and give it
to the family of the blind person that will get Lenny
so they would see how he was when he was small when he was a puppy. It’s really a good opportunity to help the community and do something that they
I really love. We thought it was a really nice way way of doing something that’s a hessed
(kindness) also to get a dog which is something
apart something fun for us so we thought it was something’s that positive for the world We thought it was just a really
good idea so we did it. I’m a special education teacher and blind from birth and having my best friend Tango who is the my guide dog for two years and a half and I love him very much. When I walk with Tango people want to come and meet him and through him they know me. I would like
to thank these students who volunteer. Once she leaves I’m going to miss her
terribly. I have no idea how my life would look after her because I got so
accustomed to living with her. I’m gonna miss her yeah

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