IT’S HUGE! Giant Black Slug!

– Yeah, oh you got one. Come on, come on, come on. – Right over here guys. It’s huge. – Oh my gosh. Look at the size of that thing. Wow. Can I pick it up? – [Aron] You can. – Whoa, look at that. All right, here we go. Oh my gosh is it slimy. (dramatic music) – [Coyote Voiceover] If there
is one ecosystem on the planet that is constantly changing, it has to be the tide pools. With every single rising
and falling of the tide, new waves crash upon the rocks, and alter the placement
of plants and animals. Along the coast of California, there are a slew of
creatures that you can find, if you know exactly
where to look. – A little striped
crab right here. Oh got it. There’s definitely
no shortage of crabs out here in these tide pools. – [Coyote Voiceover] However,
navigating this terrain can be difficult, because most of the rocks
are wet and slippery. – One of the toughest
things so far for me, in filming beyond the
tide has been the terrain. I’m used to swamps and deserts. Everything here is
rocky and slippery. It’s all cover in a layer of, I guess, it’s some
sort of algae. And using a lot of
eye-foot coordination, because I’m looking
for creatures, and every step I take, your foot might slip
off of something, and these rocks are
extremely jagged. Really easy to
get hurt out here. And I’m sure for you Mark, is even more difficult. Right now you’re
balancing on these rocks just trying to get these shots. Show everybody at home. It isn’t easy, is it? – [Mark] Nope. – All right, well let’s
keep going this way and see what we can find. Watch your footing. Oh, yup, see there you go. – [Coyote Voiceover]
I’m usually pretty good at finding animals in the field. But sometimes a
wildlife expert joins us to help locate the
species that can be very difficult to find. Today, I’m back out with tide
pool expert Aron Sanchez, who’s been exploring these
Southern California pools his entire life, and our goal is to
locate a giant sea slug. – All right Aron, so we’re
here at the tide pools, and we’re looking for slugs. What should I be
keeping my eye out for? – Well Coyote, these slugs are going to be
pretty hard to miss. They’re actually the largest
sea slug on the planet. They come to these
rocky shores here to mate and lay their eggs. – Okay, when you
say the largest, do you mean like five
to six inches in length, or are we talking bigger? – We’re talking probably almost a little bit less
than three feet. – A three foot slug? So it’s going to be
pretty hard to miss? – Yeah. – [Coyote] All right,
let’s start searching. – [Coyote Voiceover]
The search was on, and I was confident that I could come across one of these giants. I mean, if they’re as big
as Aron says they are, spotting one should be simple. Right? – Hi, we’ve been searching for about 45 minutes now through all these layered rocks. I don’t know, Aron said
it was going to be easy. Nothing yet. – [Coyote Voiceover]
We continue to search, over jagged outcrops,
in crevasses, through knee deep pools,
and even under rocks. – I would say the odds of
finding one of these slugs are slim to none. – [Mark] Tides really coming in. – Yeah, it’s coming in big time, and all I’ve seen is
crabs, crabs, crabs. Hermit crabs, striped
crabs, purple shore crabs, no giant slugs. – [Coyote Voiceover]
With the tides starting to come back in, it was looking like our
search for the giant sea slug was coming to an end, but if anyone knows how
to find a sea creature, it’s definitely Aron. – Searching, searching. No big slugs. Yeah. Oh you got one. Come on, come on, come on. – Right over here guys. It’s huge. – Oh my gosh. Look at the size of that thing. Wow, dude, yes. Well that was one
heck of a search, and there it is. Can I pick it up? – [Aron] You can. It’s totally safe. – And it’s not going to ink me. – Might be a little
slimy but that’s it. – Whoa, look at that. Oh my gosh is it slimy. Oh, look at that slug. Oh my gosh it is heavy. Geez, this thing must be about almost 10 pounds I would guess. – [Mark] Is that a big one Aron? – It’s a pretty good size, yeah. It’s one of the
bigger ones I’ve seen. – I’m going to let it
stretch out on my arm, see if we can get it to
fully elongate itself. Oh my gosh, it is so slimy. All right, now tell us
about this slug, Aron. – Well Coyote, what
he’s wrapping around
his arm right now is actually his muscular foot. He uses that to get around. – I can feel him
gripping on to my arm. I mean, I can feel him
actually wrapping around me. And I can feel his little
tongue under there. Can’t bite right? – [Aron] No, these
guys are vegetarians. They mostly eat algae and kelp. – [Coyote] And it does have
an internal shell, correct? Where it has all of it’s organs? – It does have an
internal shell. It’s kind of soft
and made of protein. And that is actually
what these extensions of its foot, called
parapodium, are protecting. – I can see why there’s
no way you would miss stumbling upon one of these. I have to admit, I was just
over there talking to Mark, I literally said, “I’m
really doubting our chances “of finding one of these slugs.” All we’ve seen all day is crabs and smaller little
brown sea hares. – [Mark] Which by the way,
we should grab one of those. Isn’t there one over here? Let’s see it next to each other. – [Coyote] Yeah,
all right you got one of those brown sea hares? Okay, so this is cool, showing the comparison of
the giant black sea slug, next to the much
smaller brown sea slug. And they’re both
called sea hares, because as you can see those tentacles
sticking up in the air, in the front of the head, look like rabbit’s ears. – [Mark] I thought the
brown sea hare was big. – Yeah, seriously
there is no mistaking the difference between
these two species. Wow, that thing is
absolutely massive. It weighs about 10 pounds, and fully stretched out it’s
about two feet in length. That is crazy, and it is
so unbelievably slippery. It’s actually really
hard to hold on to it. And my hands and
arms are now covered in a slippery mucus. Now are they toxic in any way? – [Aron] No they’re not. – Okay, so I’m in
no danger right now? So they don’t bite. They’re not toxic. They’re just slimy
and alien looking. So how do these defend
themselves against predators? – Well you know,
these guys don’t have as many predators as
the California sea hare, probably due to their size. So they would generally just
stick to where they are, and they’re going to be pretty
well hidden in these rocks. – I can’t even imagine what
would want to try to eat this. It’s just so amazing
how big this slug is. When you said to me, “Yeah,
we’re going to go out. “We’re going to
catch a giant slug.” I honestly didn’t believe you. When you said they could grow to be about
two feet in length. And until I actually had
this animal in my hand, really on my arm, I didn’t believe it. This is absolutely amazing. Well Aron, thank you so much
for having us out today, to explore the tide
pools her at San Pedro. I think there’s no
question about it. This is one big black slug. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. – [Coyote Voiceover]
We gently place these two slimy slugs back into
their respective pools, and watched as they slowly
returned to the wild. I think it’s fair to
say that these creatures are as primordial as it gets. And while they may be
incredibly bizarre looking, they are an important part
of the tide pool ecosystem. Make sure to check out some of
Aron’s tide pool photography by visiting his Instagram
account @Waterbod, or his website, If you thought this
adventure was exciting, make sure to go back and
watch my close encounter with the yellow
bellied sea snake. And don’t forget, subscribe to
the brave wilderness channel so you can join me and
the crew on this season of Beyond the Tide. There’s no question about it, this is the most lethal snake
species I have ever handled.

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