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Jacques and I met in Chicago. I lived on a street called Southport at the
time, and people would refer to him as the mayor of Southport when we’d walk him across
the street because everyone loved him. He was tiny. He was like this big. He’d have crazy bursts of energy. He got along really well with other dogs right
away. He got along with children. And was just kind of the life of the party
when we’d bring him around. When he was 3 years old, was the very first
time we saw anything that was concerning. He just got a little shaky and we rushed him
to the vet and they said we don’t know exactly what this is, it can be a number of things. As a precaution, for the next week, limit
his activity. Then one time his back legs completely stopped
working. We took him in and he had been diagnosed with
intervertebral disc disease. Our options were, he could never walk again,
or we could do this spinal surgery and he’d have a chance to walk again. When she told me that he had like a 30 to
40% chance of making it, I was devastated and pretty much just started balling. I mean he couldn’t walk at all coming out
of the surgery. And you know I was carrying him in the wagon and to kind of see him inch along, to be able to stand up. He’s gone through aqua treadmill therapy,
laser therapy to help repair his scar tissue, sort of manual limb movement and training that we’ve done around the house to help him with dexterity. He’s very motivated by any nutritious food
we give him. Treats and special foods would play a big
part in his rehab process. We have an understanding about what we’re
doing for each other. And just like going through this with him
has brought me closer to him. You know the stages we’ve gone through since
this journey started after the surgery have really pushed me to be a better friend. I’ve had to step up as a friend and I’ve been
happy to step up in order to get him back to living his best and biggest life.

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