Jailbreak Diaries: Get Matching Tattoos

in this episode of the jailbreak diaries
Billy and I will now be forever bonded not only in the memories but in ink have you have you seen my tattoos suck it up (LAUGHTER) (SCREAMING) for our
now infamous episodes of drunken dog show and Shannon is with us filming is
our newest addition to the best-in-show bitch team she is amazing behind the
camera are you gonna be ok no don’t don’t out them near me tell me seriously are you gonna be ok you’re going to get something on me from your feet will you be ok yep we’re back at it and I’m here to tell you I
have tons more to share so be sure to subscribe and ring that little bell so
you don’t miss one moment of the fun while Billy and I may be forever known
as getting suspended because of two videos where we implied the consumption
of cocktails while we sat ringside commentating during groups and
best-in-show at dog shows we will also be forever bonded by this
experience and all of the heartache as well as the amazing people that it
brought into our lives honestly it brought us closer than ever
but it also created a movement to point out the injustice of it all I for one
I’m extremely proud of all of us being brought to the forefront so much so that
when we decided to get tattoos together of course we were going to forever bond
over drunken dog show habitual ink tattoo and Casselberry Florida is where
we found ourselves and the vibe there was totally cool chill enough to sit
back and relax while searching Grindr while we waited for our turn don’t know
don’t mind me when we were signing all that paperwork I raised a few eyebrows
okay and some concerns so I do have fainting spells but also our very own
tattoo-off yeah Billy and I are not tattoo virgin when I got my tattoos back
here I passed out on both of them I didn’t pass out on anything else just these right here like (GAG) pass out vomit it should be fun I’ve never passed out cause he’s got all of this and I have this and this and this and this and this and this and this wait wait wait show mine and that wait you can’t it just looks like a spider leg it’s an Aquarius all you’re showing was
one leg I’ll show you my back but if you can get it without me looking fat ok done and my chest positive or nursing you are not nursing are you sure I am not nursing just a little cold we were in very good hands because Spider our tattoo artist he totally rocked I
think he may actually be my new must go to tattoo artist from this point forward
not only did he match the vibe of the shop but he beyond impressed for the
steadiest hand I have experienced to date because the image I brought was
pretty fine detailed clearly this was not an issue for Spider nor was my
tattoo getting tradition of self-soothing outline is always for the whole thing
is a f***ing outline excuse me that came out really loud by holding my boobs I’ve done it for the last three tattoos
I received it all started back when I got my ankle biter tattoo I promise you
there will be an entire episode devoted to that poignant part of my life but
until then trust me when I say I have no idea why I started it but it does seem
to help me so well deal my tits are hurting then let go of them seriously are those boobs real
they are that’s the problem okay well then I guess you won’t pop them
no they won’t pop they won’t move they are very nurturing it’s good thing my nipples aren’t
pierced they do that here I’m not doing that do you want to do that no already did my nipples they were both pierced once upon a time and what did you do well I didn’t because I
worked with horses at the time did a horse take your nipple ring several times they don’t you’re gonna make me move you’re so dramatic so dramatic that looks really good I’m gonna clean it up and then I will wrap it up for you ok awesome I like it don’t touch me with your feet I’m not gonna touch you I love this I zipped your purse I love your dirty
disgusting feet in my face shut up disgusting it’s why I don’t date white girls yes why you don’t date white girls that’s absolutely right he says that every every episode yes every episode thats the book I am writing he’s writing a book why I don’t date white girls for one why don’t you date white girls no I’m gay I don’t date any girls I don’t really date any girls why would you not date me um your feet are disgusting that’s why that right there I thought you were into feet like that I am NOT
into feet at all I prefer people have them but I’ll never need to see them
and I don’t need to touch them and they don’t need to touch mine that’s why my
tattoos not going on the same spot and of course after I got mine which I
totally loved and was also done self-soothing with my 100% natural
breasteses and then of course cleaning my feet off on Billy it was his turn and
yes he is really really really grossed out by feet I’m so bad you have Janet on you yeah where’s Janet why am I looking all over your body where’s Janet I’m wearing
clothes she’s right here Miss Jackson her eye is right here oh I like Janet I wish I could tell you that there was
some kind of entertaining or hilariously funny Billyesque thing to share from
him getting his tattoo but honestly it was filled with the softer side of Billy
he side that so few get to actually see he’s a teddy bear
with a heart of gold and the ability to lay there and not even flinch and did
not grab a single body part while getting a tattoo yep he just laid there
talking with Spider about how to help him with his aging English Bulldog and
its skin issues since moving to Florida Billy really is extremely knowledgeable
and so kind-hearted when it comes to dogs he is beyond willing to share his
knowledge with anyone that asks he’s really good I know the lines are so
pretty I know they are thank you and now thanks to Spider Billy and I are permanently bonded by drunken
dog show and because of the journey it took to get to where we are today for
two now-infamous episodes on a youtube channel this may very well be my
all-time favorite tattoo ever and I am beyond honored to share it with Billy so
until next time I’m summoning my personal trainer to breath and smile

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2 Responses

  1. Meridith Cairns-Mellen says:

    He's a teddy bear, just like a cactus. But honestly one of the best people I know

  2. Kerri Finley says:

    Always entertaining!!! Adore you two!!!

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