Japan Arrests Captain Pete Bethune. Sea Shepherd- ‘LET’S HAVE A TRIAL (German and English Subtitles)

japanese authorities have swooped on the ship carrying Pete Bethune as it arrived in Tokyo just a few hours ago the Coast Guard’s say they have arrested the Kiwi anti-whaling protester and he’s been whisked away under heavy guard while protestors yelled abuse at him from the wharf new zealand foreign affairs say they’re now trying to get someone to him as soon as possible melissa davis reports minutes after arriving and port Pete Bethune was surrounded inside a stream of police filed in to arrest him outside protestors yelled Japanese people are waiting for you to cut up your body another carried a blunt message in English the authorities were keen to keep their mission under wraps as Bethune was whisked out under heavy guard to a tinted then then paraded before Japanese protesters just a few hundred metres up the road Bethune was led into another building Japanese Coast Guard has not released details on what will happen now but Bethune is expected to be arrested on suspicion of trespass if convicted he could face imprisonment of up to three years Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson says he’s had enough of the Japanese accusing them of being terrorists and welcomes court action if that’s what you think we are then let’s have a trial and proven once for all we’ve never been allocated charged or convicted with any any such thing ever before we don’t think convicted of a crime we never injured anybody we’ve never been sued and what do we do it we’re opposing the illegal whaling activities it was a collision with the Japanese whaling ship which escalated the already tense relationship and sank a tgirl after that Bethune boarded the Shonan Maru 2 last month this is him as he climbed on board intent on placing the captain under citizen’s arrest but instead the Japanese whalers had Bethune in their custody for the past two weeks he was the first was rewarded be brought back to Japan says World War two and I think that’s going to make of a national hero in both New Zealand Australia it’s not the first time both Eun his face trouble etsy went on a round-the-world voyage with the biodiesel catamaran in 2007 he was fired on by the Colombian Navy and then off the coast of Guatemala a collision between Earth race and a fishing boat killed Ilan Hall and Bethune was detained in a military compound for nine days charged with negligence but acquitted the office of foreign affairs minister Murray McCully say they’ve asked the Japanese authorities to allow a New Zealand consulate representative to meet with Bethune but they say it’s still anybody’s guess as to if or when that will happen Alisa Davies 3 News

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8 Responses

  1. spcantwell says:

    i guess the sea idots didnt belive them when they said they wouldnt just drop them off at some other boat like they did last time

  2. JOBOB335 says:


  3. BouzyWouzy says:

    Piece of fuck

    Piece of fuck

    Humans think that they can just destroy nature, cutting tree's from the jungles, killing animals under the name of "research" and just do what they want with this beautyfull planet…. You people should learned a lesson.

  4. leanzzzful says:

    idiots greenpice is terrorist corporation

  5. leanzzzful says:

    these idiots think with your ass

  6. leanzzzful says:

    fucking Pete Bethune.whale ass

  7. Remy Barto says:

    Watson and Bethune are liberal degenerate reprobates that need harpooning! hahaha… keel haul all of the eco terrorists! let the sharks sort 'em out! heh.

  8. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says:

    Pete's time in Japan was miserable he spent six months in a Japanese jail where they tortured him day and night he was refused food and bail until May 2010 when Australia had INTERPOL issue a RED LIST LETTER to Japan to ask that they deport him. Pete was deported back to Hobart Australia and Paul fired him on the spot along with his crew the air cannons were confiscated by Sea Shepherd and used on the Bardot the arrows were sent to INTERPOL as evidence to convict Pete at his trial.

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