Japanese Pet Names ♡ What to call your partner? ハニーって本当に呼ぶの?

Hi guys!
Hey guys. Today we’re going to talk about terms of endearment in Japanese. Or pet names, AKA the things you call your significant other other than their name. So in English we have things like: honey, darling, sweetheart, sweetie, babe, bae, boo… You can call your SO pretty much anything in English. It doesn’t even have to be a real word if you say it with the right intonation. People can understand that you’re using it as a term of endearment. You can be like, “This is my snickerdoodle here” or something and people would be like, “All right, that’s just what they call each other.” “They call each other ‘snickerdoodle’. Ok.” So what kind of things would you say here in Japan for a pet name? I really can’t think of anything right now. Do we even really have any pet names? I don’t think we do. We know that you guys use “honey” or “darling”. We have katakana so we just spell it “hani-” or “da-rin”. But we don’t really use it. No one actually says “da-rin”? “Ohayou, da-rin!” Maaybe some people do. But not really. There kind of aren’t really any Japanese terms of endearment. I guess Japanese people don’t tend to be very verbal with their affection. Right, right. Exactly. Not really. Not verbal. So they do actually kind of have one term of endearment that you can use here, which is the word “anata.” The word “anata” is the word for “you,” which we’re actually taught in Japanese 101 you’re not supposed to use because it’s rude if you know someone else’s name and you use the word “anata.” You see married wives call their husband “anata” sometimes. It seems like a word that’s more commonly used among married couples or- Right. -or slightly older couples. Not like “old” old, but they’ve been married a while. Right. That’s kind of the image I have of anata. I read Death Note both in Japanese and in English, and Yagami Light’s mother, she called Soichiro “anata.” And in the English version it’s translated as “darling.” Darling, yeah. So that’s kind of like the one word you can use here that’s an actual word. Other than that I feel like you would kind of have to make up your own pet name or something like a nickname for someone, right? Yeah, some people use -chan. So like, Rachel-chan or Rei-chan. -chan, I guess. Rei-chan or something. I think so. Jun-chan. Yeah, a lot of my friends call me Jun-chan. If you’re a little bit nerdier or I guess if you want to joke around, I guess you could say -tan. Oh, that sounds really nerdy. Yeah. Rachel-tan. Well I don’t know any friends from Akihabara who actually use that. I don’t know but yeah, I guess so. In the beginning of our relationship I didn’t know any terms of endearment in Japanese and so I would just make things up to call Jun. So I would say things like “suteki na otto,” which is more like a sentence. Wait, that’s what you were trying to do? Which is saying my magnificent husband or something like that. It was not a name. It was a sentence. Yeah, it’s more like a sentence. Or I would say like… Otto-san Mr. husband My Mr. Husband. Okay. Kinda like it. You can just make stuff up. Whatever sounds good with you then I guess. I guess so. And I mean you know it’s not like there’s a wrong way to call someone in Japanese. Just because they don’t have terms of endearment really doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to make up a term of endearment. But if your partner is Japanese, I suggest you ask your partner if it sounds okay first at least, I think. I don’t want you to call me like magnificent husband in public. That sounds weird. Hello everyone, this is my magnificent husband. I would never say that in public to other people. Just make sure it sounds at least okay. Or maybe private. Privately. See Jun’s not comfortable with this stuff in public. No, no, no. I’m fine. But it sounds weird. What if I start calling you like sugar muffin in public? I really don’t know. Sugar muffin? That sounds sweet. If we were with a group of friends, would you be embarrassed if I said like… “Hey sweetie, can you come over here for a second?” or something? I’m so used to this. I’m perfectly fine. Jun started using terms of endearment here just recently. He’s using the word honey, but he doesn’t really know how to use terms of endearment, so he only uses it when he’s really stressed out. Like he wants me to come get the cat because he’s trying to work. So he’ll say like, Honey, can you come get the cat? He’s only using it in really bad situations. So I guess it’s just not really a cultural thing here to use terms of endearment for your significant other. We don’t really feel the need to call your… insignificant other? like darling or- No, “significant other” not “insignificant other.” That’s horrible to say about someone. This is my INsignificant other. They’re not important to me at all. Some people actually even think this way. If you say it too often, the meaning becomes a little lighter. Well yeah.
Do you know what I mean? There are some people in America who feel that way, too. But I don’t understand that because it’s not like I have an MP bar for love, and I can only cast LOVE every 30 days. I can say I love you as many times as I want. I’m never going to run out of MP or anything. It’s not like going down every time I say love. That’s actually a very interesting and easy way to put this. So it’s like the strongest magic you can use in Japan. It costs like 100 MP. It doesn’t cost anything! Like here [with you] it only costs like 1MP right? But here it costs 100MP. It doesn’t cost any MP at all. It does. It also takes some courage, too. I guess it’s just not really a big cultural thing here, terms of endearment or pet names. Not really. So yeah you can just make up your own name and maybe it discuss it over and make sure you’re not saying something SUPER weird or strange even though maybe that’ll be funny, too. I still like saying “suteki na otto.” Ok. I hope you guys learned something in this video! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you later! Bye!

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100 Responses

  1. Laurelle Sheng says:

    The ones I knew:
    -idk anymore

  2. 방탄경 says:

    My name is naido in japanese

  3. Keara 112 says:

    I thought -tan was a nickname ending or casual way to refer to a kid?

    I label my husband as resignating light on the phone but call him hun or babe mostly. When I use his name it's because I'm upset for some reason.

  4. Iolo Jones says:

    there is also these:
    chicken ball
    bee juice
    corn syrup

  5. naina arora says:

    I am not a very affectionate person but how do you not just smother Jun in kisses is a mystery to me…I mean he's so simple, smart and sweet that I would just want to kiss him on the cheek all the time…I think maybe u guys are a lot more affectionate off camera

  6. Bartłomiej Podstawka Music says:

    I'm wondering about one thing.
    In everyday life do they talk to each other in English or Japanese? 🤔

  7. Skrooge Lantay says:

    Has anyone else noticed how Jun often rolls his eyes to Rachel's comments?

    He usually seems kinda annoyed by her🤔

  8. animal lover says:

    snickerdoodle is a type of cookie

  9. S B says:

    if you shouldnt say あなた then what do you say? 君? my japanese teacher in school says not to use あなた but a book Im self studying from uses あなた for "you"

  10. ThatDutchguy says:

    Explains the high divorce rate in Japan and the very low birth rate there.

    They might want to change a few things innit xD.

  11. Jayyy Zeee says:

    It must be challenging 'cause Japanese people seem kind of closed off emotionally. Using pet names seems so insignificant, but after awhile without it, I could imagine yearning for it.

  12. Anonymiss (!) says:

    I can't write the terms of endearment my spouse and I have for each other. It's too embarrassing 😳

  13. Anonymiss (!) says:

    Do you think Japanese females may differ? If they were married to a Westerner for instance?

  14. ghoti life says:


  15. Quang Minh says:

    About the courage thing I find it's true at first. But you get used to it overtime.

  16. 語タク says:

    I think there is a love AP. The more you say "I love you", the less meaning it has to it. If I say "I love you" every five minutes, it's a lot more meaningless than saying it 2 or 3 times a month.

  17. Pancakes _ says:

    My oldest cousin is a white dude who married a Vietnamese girl and she speaks English pretty well and has a cute accent, but what’s funny is she calls him husband almost as commonly as you would call someone honey. “Husband please get that off the shelf.”
    “Thank you Husband.” 😂😂
    Whenever she speaks to him she always ends it with husband.
    “I think you should go there husband.”

  18. Culvea Solvere says:

    Terms of endearment for men are actually often used like that in America, at least in the south. Men usually don't express emotions much here not in the straight community at least so it's rarely heard. So I think Jun is using it right. 😀 "Honey! Could you come get the cat?!"

  19. Culvea Solvere says:

    Gay people have learned that we should say it when someone is going away or after we have an argument, so we say it alot more because many of us were being killed or damaged into coma's especially in the Southern states so we never knew when or if we would never see the person we love ever again. I'm from that generation right around the time it stopped though was when Obama was voted into office, and the supreme court issued marriage equality while simultaneously anti-hate laws were put in place. Most killers or haters who caused violent crimes were too afraid to be caught.

  20. Abby Skelley says:

    I think in English its so common to use pet names that if you use your real name its almost more intimate than a pet name! It seems a lot more serious and a lot more intense

  21. Adrianne Langlois says:

    I give my friends and bf nicknames and call them primarily that so when I call them by their names they know I’m being serious

  22. Tala B says:

    Parents often say “Love”, “Sweetie”, or “Honey”. So it wouldn’t be weird for me. “Baby” is more something I say to cats or dogs I don’t know the gender of.

  23. rqku says:

    :56 what about darling in the franxx

  24. Jinx says:

    I call my boyfriend bun. Basically our version of babe, lol.

  25. Kiki Kikiyu says:

    Lmao jun got a beauty mark on his neck and I never noticed it until now

  26. Alexandria Moon says:

    Man my boyfriend won’t even let me call him by his real name, I only use pets names.

  27. Qugon says:

    Ohayo Dachi

  28. 84' Quattro says:

    Is it just me or does Rachel look completely different in every video while Jun stay the same every time

  29. Doeheart ! says:

    I call my boyfriend hun honey sweetheart or there name but I also call them Baka taco XD

  30. Bang Supa says:

    can u explain how important it is in spiritual lvl when japanese call ur real name not family name?
    because in hentai its a thing i gues?

  31. Molly Hand says:

    3:25 Jun smolders followed by rolling his eyes

  32. Gwen Stacy says:

    For me, my bf doesnt say I love you or use pet names often but when he does it makes me more excited, whereas I say I a lot and I try not to say it a bunch but I cant help it. My mom says I love you a lot, sometimes she catches herself saying it multiple time on a short timespan and will be like "oops I said that 40 seconds ago, sorry" so I feel like im like that too haha

  33. Skyla Lily! says:

    Husband~Chan 🥰
    This is so romantic

  34. Mimineko101 says:

    𝗜 𝗡 𝗦 𝗜 𝗚 𝗡 𝗜 𝗙 𝗜 𝗖 𝗔 𝗡 𝗧 ~ 𝗢 𝗧 𝗛 𝗘 𝗥 💖💖💖

  35. Nicolle Almeida says:

    0:30 ele gostou do apelido kkkk

  36. あゆうみ says:


  37. sujith chandran says:

    @Rachel and jun …..Have u seen Tokyo Ghoul

  38. krazorspoon says:

    As an American, born and raised, I have to agree with Jun. My family values gestures of service and gifts, but not physical/verbal affection. It took me until the age of 26 to get comfortable enough to take it seriously when my gfs told me, "I love you", and I still feel like cuddling is an inconvenience. xD I'm 27.

  39. Culvea Solvere says:

    Have Jun lookup the pet names from other countries. They are all weird, like for French it's my little cabbage is one of the literal definitions LOL

  40. syu says:

    I use pet names for my friends. It's a simple way to show affection, especially in stressful situations it is an easy quick reminder that you like the person you're talking to. I never used a "traditional" pet name for a significant other, I tend to pick a nickname for them and stick with it.

  41. X_Madden Lovely_X says:

    Boi when he said something about Deathnote I looked right next to me and there was the first 4 books😂

  42. TwistedGlitter says:

    This whole time I've been taught that "anata" just meant "you" in a normal sense. How would you say "you" in daily Japanese?

  43. Ami Okami says:

    My fiancee calls me "beautiful" in Japanese. We aren't Japanese by any means but we both took Japanese in school and some day plan on a trip to Japan, we both like the culture and history.

  44. Kanashii Sabishii says:


  45. wordreet says:

    So coochienoodle could be good.

  46. WitchyWoman1024 says:

    I call my boyfriend Honey, Babe, Sweetheart, and ocassionally "My Significant Otter" because Otter is his nickname.

  47. camila Indriago says:

    In the best Sasuke fashion : Peanut

  48. KOSMOS says:

    My husband and I call each other: Bear or Beetch (Thx Jenna Marbles) when feisty lol

  49. Miwa- Chan says:

    我为有人送你策 的 有呢额度 默认苏不从人士

  50. Princessofhell says:

    My ex used to call me his princess brat… So I guess that's one way of endearment

  51. trick nigga Joe says:

    Lol it's as if , Shaggy and Daphne got together…. And lived happily ever after. (Just based on personality) I wish happiness for you both.

  52. Cujo says:

    Shnookims is my favourite one… that… I'd NEVER, EVER use!

  53. Troy Lewis says:

    Names are confusing in Japan. Also, I'd just say the girls name and end it when "Chan". I'm not in a relationship, so I'm just saying what I would say.

  54. hay7199 says:

    When she said he stresses the word 'honey' all I could imagine was Frozone.

  55. sehar fatima says:

    When I started this video
    Me: Okay Anata will definitely be in the list
    plays video
    Anata is the ONLY ONE

  56. Star Sings says:

    I’m not kidding my gf calls me FIGLY…….FIGLY THATS NOT EVEN A WORD BUT SHE CALLS ME IT

    Edit: I just looked it up on urban dictionary and it means “stinky dick”……….. geez Jacklyn

  57. Tae_WithSuga Kookies says:

    If i get a bf that calls me boo or bae i will break up with him in seconds.. I HATE THOSE PET NAMES TO DEATH, THEY SOUND DUMB!!

  58. FBI Agent says:

    is it me or hubs face is more tan then his neck?

  59. Kamado -P says:

    Jun sounds depressed 😂

  60. Salem Saberhagen says:

    In Germany the most common thing you call you partner is "Schatz", which literally means "treasure".

    Edit: I just realized, that a more fitting english equivalent for "Schatz" would actually be the word "precious". For example – that's what Gollum says in LotR about the ring: "My precious!" / "Mein Schatz!"

  61. Erika Gehm says:

    How are inside jokes and nicknames for friends handled in Japan?

  62. Hot Chocolate says:

    This is my insignificant other.

  63. missjoshemmett says:

    Rachel, if you are in public and another woman is making google eyes at Jun, definitely refer to him as your HUSBAND! Like, back off girl!

  64. Vermont Hippie says:

    I use to call my fiance Puddin cause we both like batman and Harley Quinn use to call Joker pudding

  65. btslanadelreykimtaehyungadmirer says:

    anata seems to be the equivalent of dangshin in korean

  66. phanterleo says:

    My grandma always calls my mum marzipan and no one knows why. Especially because my mum doesn’t like marzipan.
    Can I ask how old you are? I know you’ve been married for several years but your ages are very hard to judge / you look young

  67. xXOnceXx says:

    In Poland the most popular name for our lovers are animal names like bear , kittie and frog. You have to be like "FROG?! But that's rude!" You see , in polish we give frog a "y" like "frogy" and this is cute!
    Now here how we write and read them!
    Bear "Miś"
    Kittie "Kotek"
    Frog(y) "Żabko"
    Try to read them ! 😀

  68. pikarasta says:



  69. Shabrinakatyaa says:

    I'll prefer "cinnamon roll" if i have husband in the future. But why it sounds awkward…

  70. Night Blade says:

    i like dat XD imma call my lover my "insignificant other" as a pet name XD

  71. Your_DemonicSavior 0906 says:

    dIs Is mA sNiCkErDoOdLe

  72. Hugh Stout says:

    "Not a wrong way to call someone in Japanese"

    also japan : "if you don't use the correct form of "you", we will put you on a raft and push you gently out to sea

  73. this is a name says:

    I call my gf "love" or "mate"

  74. Lilas Duveteux says:

    In french we have "chéri" (deer, darling), for us adding a possessive determinant in front of someones title make it more personal, more respectful and more affectionate (unless the title itself has a strong negative connotation), "cocotte"(my little hen, kept woman, my protégée, b-tch), trésor (treasure), "petit" (little one). And in Russian, we have even more endearment terms that often refer to small, cute, huggable animals or very precious things like the sun, gold, treasure and so on.

  75. DJR says:

    Our pet names are cuss words 😐

  76. Prettypinkdork says:

    Me: ooh, I wonder what Japanese pet names are like

  77. The Ultimate God says:

    my pet bird likes it when I call him “tooaloo”

  78. AudOldEnds says:

    3:00 jun learning about his own relationship even now

  79. Shannon Belringer says:

    I think pet names are mostly American?
    In England we don’t really hear sweetheart/snickerdoodle
    But some people do use baby/hon but it’s not extremely common maybe more in the north or south east but… I know best for the south west but

    Kernow a'gas dynergh

  80. Dustin Luthro says:

    My wife calls me 「にゃんちゃん」.

  81. Cheyanne Starr says:

    My boyfriend and I use pet names so much that our real names are almost reserved for serious moments.

  82. CeNedra Lea Heldra says:

    I agree Jun using it to often can reduce the meaning.

  83. Stars-made-of-metal says:

    I literally call my fiance human… this is kind of an inside joke as well as a endearing nickname

  84. 지훈 says:

    Mr. Husband is hilarious 🤣❤️

  85. Emily Kimbrough says:

    What about senpai?

  86. Anime Is me says:

    My parents call them selves mom and dad 😂😅 お母さんお父さん after hearing it for 25 years from us they started saying it to them selves

  87. BlueShreveport says:

    anyone else thinking KABAKABAKABAKABAKABA???? lol

  88. MYUR says:

    I learned something:
    Rachel is insignificant to Jun

  89. Bonnierawr says:

    "i'll never run out of mp" – so cute XD

  90. Constantinos Kafataris says:

    So much alike to Kirito and Asuna I can't help it.
    Black clothes and black hair
    White clothes and orange hair

  91. kawaii bubtato says:

    Me watching while single

  92. Fern Baker says:

    What about sentpai?

  93. Alec Gerhardt says:

    Mr. Husband. I like it

  94. Yuzutrodo kishitomoki asheto says:

    I like the sound of jun-tan

  95. Monica Mac says:

    Sugar muffin?? hahahahahaha 🙂

  96. 888stargazer says:

    “Japanese pet names, what to call your partner? Darling”

    02 has entered the chat

  97. 学問ちゃんねるゆっくり says:

    In old Japanese, there were words for honey and daring.
    Imo and Se
    妹 and 背
    which mean sister and brother.
    A lot of siblings get married in many myths and It is said that imo and se comes from this.

  98. Emma Quevedo says:

    I'm from Spain and I was living in Netherlands for three months, working in a company full of polands, romanians, portuguese people and more. So i called my boyfriend "Cariño", that means "darling" , while working and polands were so confused. In that moment i learnt that in spain we have a lot of pet names that we consider "normal" but in other countrys is weird to call your partner with a pet name. So here i'm going to put a list of spanish pet names and translations.

    Cariño – Means darling

    Mi amor- my love. You can just say "amor" that is love.

    Cielo- Literally is sky, but is like "baby"

    Mi vida- My life.

    Cosita- Thing but like cute and tiny

    Bichito- The same but with bugs.

    Mi chica/ Mi chico- My girl/My boy. Now i realize that spanish people are so possesive.

    Bomboncito- Tiny chocolate.

    Querido/Querida- Darling. Different gender. A is for girl, O for boy.

    Peluchito- Teddy bear.

    Gordo- You are calling him fat, but admit it, fat are fluffy cute.

    Princesa- Princess. How cute. More usually used for dads to daughters.

    Reina- Queen. Ok i used this for my cat.

    In summary, Spanish people are weird.

  99. Mia M. says:

    Lol "Insignificant other"

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