– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (calm Asian music) – My name’s Brad Anderson. And I breed Kai Ken
through Yamabushi Kennel, Kishu Ken through Hakuzan Kennel. A Kai Ken, a Kai Ken and
a Kishu Kennel are both members of the Nihon Ken landrace. The Nihon Ken landrace was, the Nihon Ken, which means Japanese dog,
was originally a landrace. After World War Two, the Japanese started to split up the breed. They formed what’s called
the Nihon Ken Hozonkai, almost known as NIPPO,
they formed that in order to preserve the native Japanese breeds. And they split them up into, in a naming convention after the
region that they came from. So the Kai is named for Kai Prefecture, which is now called Yamanashi. Kishu is from Kishu. The Kishu Ken is from Kishu. Akita is from Akita. The Hokkaido is from Hokkaido. And the Shiba is a little different. They just kinda gave them a general name. Because they came from
kinda all over Japan. And then the Shikoku Ken is from Shikoku. We started preserving the Nihon Ken really through the Kai Ken, that was
our first preservation effort. And definitely kind of our
heart breed, so to speak. I started our Kai Ken
preservation when I realized the population in America
needed more diversity. And it became my mission
to bring Kai Ken from Japan to America to be bred into this population so that the founder effect
in America was less severe. So that we brought
essentially the Japanese dogs, or the Japanese Kai Ken
population closer to the American Kai Ken population in type
and standard and temperament. I started preserving
the Kishu Ken as well, because I saw the same issue happening. And actually in a more extreme situation, because there was really only one breeder of the Kishu Ken in
America, and she has a very kind of narrow view of
what the Kishu should be. When in Japan, the
Kishu is actually one of the most popular of the
medium-sized Nihon Ken. So I kinda did the same
thing with the Kishu Ken, I decided I’m gonna
import lines from Japan to be bred into the American population. I believe I imported the
first Yushoku Kishu Ken, which is the colored Kishu Ken. And since then there’s been
several others that have come over by me and by other
people, which is awesome. That’s one thing that I’d like everyone to know about Nihon Ken and our effort is that we very much want
other people to help. We want other breeders, we
want other people to import. We’re happy to share the
information that we have. We’re happy to help you import. We cannot do it all ourselves, and we don’t wanna do it all ourselves. We do not wanna be, you know,
the 5,000 pound elephant. We want it to be a community of people, you know, focused on
helping the Nihon Ken. Whether that’s the Shikoku, or the Kishu, or the Kai Ken, or the Akita,
or the Shiba, whatever. I did the same with Hokkaido. I decided that I wanted to
help that breed as well. There were very, very, very few Hokkaido in America before I imported mine. There was one gentleman
in Boulder, Colorado that had imported four, I
believe, but never bred them. I then found out that the last true bear hunting kennel in Hokkaido was gonna close shop and stop breeding Hokkaido Ken. So I imported a female named
Ginkgo from that last litter. We then as a community imported
a brindle male named Yeeso. Those two were mated, and
that, they produced one litter. That was the first litter in America. I didn’t have that litter, our friend Lindsey in Washington had that litter. And that’s how I got Korasi,
which is my Hokkaido Ken now. She was from that litter. So it was a collaborative
effort, and I love that. And the Kishu is the same,
we worked closer with other, you know, Kishu enthusiasts to import and share bloodlines as much as possible. And the same with the
Kai Ken, we work with all of the Kai Ken breeders
here except for one. And you know, I really love
the community of the Nihon Ken. So that is one thing that’s
really drawn me to the breed. I created the nihonken.org,
the Nihon Ken Forum. A long time ago, it actually started as the Shikoku Dog Forum,
because we had one Shikoku. And she was such a crazy
animal, I wanted to see if there was anyone
else out there that was experiencing, you know,
that level of craziness. And it, this grassroots
kind of thing grew. And we had other people
coming on that were interested in the Shikoku, but they had
Shiba, or Kishu, or whatever. And then I was like I gotta
change this, this has to be the Nihon Ken Forum, not
just the Shikoku Dog Forum. And that community has been amazing. It has grown huge. And I have some of my closest
friends in that community. And so, you know, while I love the dogs, I love the Kai Ken, in a lot of ways it’s the community that keeps me in the breed. So many great people, you
know, working together to help these breeds and do their best
by them, it’s just special. I know I’ve, I honestly
don’t think I’ve seen it in any other dog breed
that I’ve worked with, except for maybe the West Siberian Laika. The Nihon Ken needs help in many different ways. And it’s, each breed is unique. The Kai Ken, the first, you know, the first group of dogs that came over, came over in the ’90s
and there were just 11. And they were bred to produce
a population of around 1,000. And so they were essentially
like little clones. And there was a shift
in the breed standard, because they were only
being showed in the UKC to make them much bigger
than they should be in Japan. Where traditionally the
actual creation of the Kai Ken Aigokai, the preservation
society for the Kai Ken, came about because the
Kai Ken actually fits between the Shiba and the Shikoku in size. Between the Shiba and the
medium-sized dogs in size. So the Kai Ken Aigokai spun off of NIPPO so that they could formalize
the true size of the Kai Ken. And it wouldn’t be that
of the medium-sized dogs that NIPPO was trying to group them into. So the fact that the Kai
Ken in America was getting bigger and bigger in size
was disheartening to me. And it showed that we were
going to end up similar to the Akita, where the breed split
because they came to America. It’s called the founder effect. Whoever, you know, the
breed comes to America, and then we start breeding
that breed in one direction, while the Japanese are
breeding that same breed in another direction, and you end
up with two separate breeds. And I didn’t want that to
happen with the Kai Ken. So that’s why it became
so important for us to bring Kai Ken over from Japan to try and correct the course of
the population in America. The same applies to the
Kishu, but the Kishu was a different situation
where there was just so few Kishu here that they
were becoming bottlenecked. So we needed to start
bringing Kishu into America to help, you know, stop that bottleneck. And the, I guess it’s irony,
the irony of the situation of the Kishu is, in Japan,
the Kishu is a pretty popular breed as far
as the Nihon Ken goes, and as far as the
medium-sized Nihon Ken goes. So, like it’s pretty
easy to cherry pick some really great dogs from
Japan and bring them over to introgress into the
American population. Same applies with the Hokkaido. The Hokkaido, you know, is a breed that basically didn’t
exist here in America. And it was important just the same to get those original hunting
lines that are dying off in Japan to America so
that at least we have some of that line before
they die off in Japan. Now the Shikoku is an
interesting situation because they’re actually more
popular outside of Japan. And they’re actually doing
better outside of Japan. It’s an unfortunate
situation in Japan where the Shikoku breeders
are aging and retiring. And there’s no young people in Japan picking up and breeding the Shikoku. Meanwhile, they’re so
heavy-handed in the selection of that breed in Japan
that they just inbreed and inbreed and inbreed
to the point where it’s very possible the Shikoku
dog will disappear in Japan. So that’s why it’s so
important for us to import as many dogs from Japan as we can now, so that at least, with
Shikoku, if it dies in Japan, it won’t die in America
or Europe or Canada. So there are all different reasons for preserving these dogs. But they’re all important
and needed to happen sooner than later in
every single instance. Which is why we’ve helped
each of the breeds. This is Brad Anderson
with Yamabushi Kennel, and Hakuzan Kennel, and
the Nihon Ken Forum. And these are my thoughts and
observations on the Nihon Ken.

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  20. Brad Anderson says:

    For those of you who want to know more about the history and function of each Nihon Ken breed, here is a link to the article I wrote for the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society (PADS): http://www.bradanderson.org/pads/PADS-Newsletter_30.pdf

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