Jealous Dog Want Attention Compilation NEW

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100 Responses

  1. mellow magic says:

    Ah, the yawnwhine, classic doggo behavior.

  2. Green Commentor says:

    Is it a glitch that i subscribed to this bub and the sub doesnt show up?

  3. Grupa I Lewo says:

    to wojtek jatel xd

  4. David Liss says:

    Of course half of them are Boxers .

  5. Derek McCumber says:

    When I'm loving on my dog, my cat sits silently across the room with its ears down glaring at us.

  6. Ratul Maitra says:

    2:10 ni**a?

  7. Yura Young says:

    I'm jealous because my dog doesn't get jealous whenever I touch the other dog like the way dogs did in the video :<

  8. Barış Yaşar says:

    3:48 omg he looks like "don't you even dare" ??

  9. Mr Bwise says:


  10. Gunzee says:

    I love all the boxers, they're so silly.
    I grew up with 2, 1 which was ours was my best friend. Sadly when i was 5 my parents gave him away. After over 30 years i still remember that day, how he wouldn't stop looking at me as he was driven away.
    He was so beautiful and like me really naughty. We were always in trouble.

  11. Merumya says:


  12. Sarath Kumar says:

    They protec
    They attck
    Most importantly
    They want their attention bac

  13. xhellof says:

    I want to dog

  14. Saurabh Bhardwaj says:

    That dog needs ✋ for private work

  15. Meme Explorer says:

    Anytime my dog hears us raising our voice (mainly excitement, sometimes when we’re angry) she always demands us with looks to be in the action. If she sees 2 people hugging, you bet your dog biscuits that she is going to be involved.

  16. Nospam Spamisham says:

    Lol….my ex-girlfriend. Pet, pet, pet, soooo sssleeeepy, snore, *kick*….keep petting me.

  17. Daniel Heathers says:

    So many GOODBOYES

  18. chickenspadge says:

    1:51 – Man: Knock it off!
    Dog: You knock it off!

  19. Nick Margaris says:

    Animals ain't jealous,humans are. Proof is that you upload this video for personal avail.

  20. Marcus LeeP says:

    Too cute….

  21. Marcus LeeP says:

    They get so spoiled..

  22. Jerome Simmons says:

    Doggies!!!!! ??????

  23. Combo SSS says:

    ненавижу ебучих собак.

  24. Pommie bears says:

    I watch this as my own dog is lying across my lap……staring at me for a belly rub. Best do as she wants, she starts to whine otherwise lol!

  25. Rushil Kaul says:

    3:48 That face tho..

  26. King Bran Stark says:

    Oh sure… but when I did this to my ex I was "creepy" and she was going to get a "restraining order".. *rolls eyes*.

  27. murad.l says:

    3:06 he is mine u bitch oh daddy why u r hanging out with biwtches the reason i say her bwitch is I SAW HER WITH A CAT

  28. Ujuani Abelsen says:

    That hairy arm… ??

  29. DeVito Mussolini says:

    Stella is my favorite

  30. Kaio Ken says:

    The freaking thumbnail was so cute I couldn’t resist. You win youtube recommendations.

  31. Rohan says:

    Omg dogs are so precious ??

  32. Dinesh S says:

    Those fuckin pitbulls.

  33. Snaddy says:

    3:01 Honestly I would have done the same

  34. Abdullah Bashmail says:

    4:09 you better stop doing that and start petting me hooman. 4:14 good grief, what a lost cause.

  35. Restless Crow says:

    The couple with the snapping turtle lips didn't have to kiss with the sound effects

  36. Nehemiah Stewart says:

    Dont make them jealous unless you're going to pet them eventually ?

  37. Lil Paige says:

    They’re Purposely Recording Teasing These Animals Thinking It’s Cute And Funny But The Animals Themselves Don’t Find Any Humor In It At All Just More Insecure Behavioral Issues

  38. Rajat Rana says:

    Meanwhile, anyone noticed the channel name

  39. unknown 99 says:

    first dog

  40. aseyeseait says:

    The last dog was going through depression

  41. N O L A N M I L N E S says:

    It's all fun and games until you don't want to pet your dog.

  42. Brecky buns says:


  43. Eric Lytle says:

    Poor doggies!

  44. A G B says:

    just a question, isn’t it dangerous when dogs bite them like this? because people in this video don’t seem to care when their dogs bit them

  45. Big Travis says:

    Want to get a strong reaction from a dog try this if ya have 2
    Hold a snack in each hand and make the dogs sit in front of you
    Give the dogs to your right the snack in your right hand then give the dog to your right to snack in your left hand and watch the dog on the left reaction it’s hilarious
    Give the dog on your left 2 snacks after ya laugh

  46. JUST ENJOY 84 says:

    Western people love their pet dog so much just like their own family members, but we Asian people love dog's meat(of course not me) what a shame.

  47. John Rose says:

    Yawning is a sign of stress in a dog. It isn't nice to stress dogs just to make a video. At least most of these dogs got the attention they craved in the end, but it's still a bit cruel.

  48. Gökhan Akyüz says:

    Sünni köpekler .D

  49. Алмас Курманов says:

    Все хотят любви. Только не девушки.

  50. Awesome G says:

    I have a pet army, 4 dogs and 3 cats.. I'm indestructible! ?..none of them gets jealous cause I give them equal love and affection. Just imagine my efforts! ?It's worth it though!❤

  51. Preeti Pardhiya says:

    That dog's expression is like"seriously …u gonna do that to me now really? In front of my eyes?"3:56

  52. roger peet says:

    These owners need to be trained.

  53. Kevin Kristiansen says:

    1:52 stupid!!!

  54. Priya sharma says:

    I want a dog but unfortunately I have not

  55. Swedish man says:

    Well I wish I had a small and light dog but I have two dogs a black lab that’s fat af and a Saint Bernard

  56. Justbrowsing4lunch says:

    I once saw a woman peeing outside a club out in Portland and she didn’t even wipe and just pull up her panties and it was nasty. Woman can be just as gross as men if not even more.

  57. Seth Kraai says:

    Any idea where I can get just the clip of the boxer from 3:20 to 3:46? I love that whine!

  58. lilmissbloodbath89 says:

    Lots of jealous boxers here!

  59. Senior Dog Jupiter says:

    Funny dog like ours…


  61. mensur kanzoski says: Guys please check out the videos I have posted with my dogs. Please subsrcibe, Like and comment. God bless u

  62. Crazy Amazon Products says:

    i want a dog now ?

  63. Darth Decider says:

    I smiled the entirety of this video. mission accomplished.

  64. Nhokz says:

    3:48 that dog looks like he's been gaming all night

  65. Znhpie says:

    ok wait I thought this video was going to be cermit crying for 6 min straight

  66. Djodjox Fou says:

  67. Griffin Sebastian says:

    They are so precious

  68. T. Stamp says:

    I noticed Alot of dogs do that yawning whine

  69. Lancelot Xavier says:

    Having multiple pets can be trickly, fortunately I had previous experience with multiple girls.

  70. James Bourne says:

    So cute. I want to pet all these guys! Love love love =)

  71. linkxz no says:

    REV tattoo spotted

  72. michael white says:

    Don’t tell me animals don’t have souls.. ?

  73. Kieren Buckley says:

    I have two Rottweilers and if I pet one the other gets very jealous and complains very loud

  74. Hi Hi says:

    4:39 awww poor doggy???

  75. S Yleen says:

    The dog
    at 6:04 singing

  76. Paolo Roggero says:


  77. Devilzilla says:

    0:39 I don't want attention… I'M HUNGRY

  78. Devilzilla says:

    I know this situation. My friend has two dogs and when I'm crawling one the other one wants to be crawled to

  79. Natia Benthara says:


  80. Top 6 says:

    oh, they are so cute!! I don't think I can ever stop loving them.

  81. Mixed AMVs says:

    This is so cute!

  82. brotherskeeper kenney says:

    Poor doggie doesn't understand tbat he's obese , why he feels pbysically burdened, or how he got that way. Remember Love Story – Love also means never having to let your pet get fat! ❤?❤

  83. Heidi’s a Baddie says:


  84. Dragon The Frenchie says:

    Nice video

  85. fire skull says:

  86. Jose Wiguna says:

    Jose tube

  87. Gavi Freilich says:


  88. Snagszz z says:

    And people say dogs don’t have emotions

  89. Avantika Patki says:

    Mom enters the room
    Mom : What u watching ??
    Me : Jealous Dogs…

  90. Ninos Khouchaba says:

    I have a golden retriever, what kinda dog you got ? Let me know in the comments

  91. Rudy says:

    I had 12 dogs in my family…no regrets in life anymore!

  92. Shashi Kumar says:

    I wish i were a Dog.

  93. Kelveron says:

    The cat at 0:55: 'wtf is going on here?' 🙂

  94. BirdsCan't Fly says:

    It's not new anymore……

  95. Yogesh Panchal says:

    I didn't see thumbnail type pic throughout the video , u just want to open the video from us to get the views

  96. 쿵냐륭 says:

    4:09 His(or Her) face.

  97. Surjit Singh says:

    @0:55 fuck you mf pet him

  98. dante tonini rodriguez says:

    90 •/• of the people is here doesn't have a dog…

  99. Alex Felipe Flissak Villa says:

    Dogs just want all the attention to them 247, that's the way they are!…

  100. Wide receiver Tanner says:

    When he touched the dog I felt that. When the dog barked I felt that

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