Jeff Petry and his chocolate Labrador, Nellie

This is Nellie, she’s four years old, and she’s a
chocolate lab. Yeah, we got her from a breeder in Michigan when she was eight weeks. I think she was the one that like, came up to us. She was so good. Even when he started being able to move, crawl… He would crawl up to her, and like, go to touch her, and she’d just get up and walk away, and now… Now with Barrett she’s even more patient, and I feel actually like Barrett will go and… She’ll actually like, sit there for a little bit, so…
She’s warming up to them. I am probably bad cop. Jeff’s more of the, like, ‘come lay on the couch,’
you know, sort of thing. I’m bad cop, I guess.
I’ll take it. Someone’s gotta be. She always says, like, ‘Jeff you need to come over here
she listens to you more.’ I think because he’s not around as much, so it’s like, more of like, ‘oh who’s talking to me?’ Like, me, it’s like, ‘Who? You are always talking to me. I hear your voice non-stop. Like whatever.’ Well, she can shake, and… sit. Sit. Shake. That’s… I guess the only trick inside. Outside, she’s really good. She will chase the ball and bring it right back to you, drop it at your feet, and just be ready to go, and… Yeah, she only goes on ‘okay’. You could say ‘go’,
you could say ‘Ohio’, like… Shake! Stay! Go. Okay! She loves that thing. One of her tricks is… It’s not a trick, but one of her… isms, or whatever. She… She collects shoes. She’s done that since day one, and… Even like your shoes,
she’s probably gathered your shoes already, and she takes him to her bed and…
she just lays with them. I would love one. and I said he can, once we live in one place for forever,
and have like, land. We’ll get one when she…
So she’ll be five this summer. You know, you want to get one before she gets too old to… You know, kind of play and learn and… you know, make the transition.

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  1. Dan-O cape-cabot says:

    My black lab was the same way, she was in her 17th year when she passed on.Think about her all the time, especially when I see another lab !,

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