Jermaine Kearse: Washington Husky for Life!

[Music] My name’s Jermaine Kearse, and this is my Husky
experience. Quick pass to Kearse, the bubble screen. Goes
wide. Kearse touchdown! [Crowd cheering] Delivering the throw. Touchdown Washington! This is where I started. This is where I first
came, coming out of high school and this was my first home, if you could say that, over
here by the university. So, it feels good to be back. It brings a lot of memories of
all the great people I met, all the experiences we had here and all the fun we had. I was a little nervous, especially being away
from home. But after a couple weeks, you started to get used to it and you get comfortable
after you meet your roommates and you understand that they were going through the same thing.
You know, it starts to go smoother. Everybody comes through the Quad on nice days
because everybody’s hanging out out here. You knew that all your friends were eventually
you guys were going to cross paths through here on your way to class. So it was pretty
cool. I used to have multiple classes over here
in Smith Hall. That’s where the majority of my sociology classes were: Smith Hall.
And this is the Sociology Building right here to the right. I had two soc. classes: One
was with Alexes Harris and one was with Jonathan Wender. And I enjoyed their classes a lot.
They kept it so entertaining and kept it so relevant. This is Red Square. This is where all the
networking of people, I guess you could say, goes down. You have anything from Poly shows
to fraternity shows, little festivals out here. This is where it kind of goes down,
with all the mingling and meeting new people, right here. Right up here in good ol’ Red
Square. What I like about the campus, I like the architecture
on the buildings. They’re real unique and different. We would do this all the time. Like if it’s
a nice day like this, why not take your section class, your quiz section class, outside? I
always tried to convince my teachers to do that. How successful was I? Eh, I was successful
here and there, not all the time. I wasn’t 100 percent. But sometimes it would work. We’re here at the fountain, which is probably
one of my favorite places on campus. You catch it on a good day, you get the mountain behind
it. And it’s on my way to the stadium, so I walked this path almost every single day. It was a huge accomplishment to come into
the University of Washington. And, you know, my mind was set on playing football. You know,
coming out of high school, you really don’t understand the importance of getting a degree.
So my mind was just: “I get to play football at UDub.” And when I got here, you kind of
start to understand the importance, so you take it a little more serious. And to finally
graduate, it was amazing. You know, I was on crutches at the time, so I kind of crutched
my way up there to get my diploma. But it was fun. You know, I had my family and my
friends there for their support, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. [Music]

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  1. UW (University of Washington) says:

    Hey Husky12s: It’s Blurple (blue + purple) Friday and we’re celebrating it in the perfect way: with UW alum and @Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse! Check out our brand-new video, where he shares memories of his time at the UW:

    #GoHawks #GoDawgs
    (Red Square photos courtesy of UW Student Life.)

  2. Kobe2408 says:

    I met Jermaine Kearse when he was playing at UW. My best friend introduced me to him since they were friends. He was dating my friends wifes friend and when I met him I didn't realize he played for UW. I kept asking him oh u play for UW and he was like yea. We were in his apartment. Real nice laid back guy. My homie knows him really well and they talk to each other a lot. 

    Remember he went un-drafted and Seahawks picked him up. He is a local boy here in Washington. My self, I was born and raised here in Washington. Its a great place to live if you want a job or make a start up company. I know a lot of people who have moved here for jobs since there is no state tax and only a Federal Tax meaning you get to keep more money every paycheck!!! 


  3. Nic says:

    He is my favorite

  4. K Fairley says:

    Jermaine kearse came to my school today,hillside elementary. He came with blitz.(maskott)

  5. fooloof says:

    Go Dawgs and Go Hawks!!

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