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  1. Servia D. says:

    have anyone heard about FRUSTRATION?

  2. Travelinmatt76 says:

    We buy these for my GSD, we get the ones from the feed store in the horse section. The horse size ones were the only size that she didn't destroy in a month. They are her favorite, she plays with them for hours.

  3. theOlLineRebel says:

    OMG!!! My German Shepherd IS OBSESSED with Jolly Ball!

    She LOVES it, and responds always to "Jolly Ball" or anything that sounds like it! LOL

    They are GREAT balls, people – also, horses like them (there are bigger horse versions) and racing trainers are using them all the time now.

    They are tough and still largely bouncy for a good while. My GS uses them up in about 3 mos average (8" dog or larger horse ball).

  4. theOlLineRebel says:

    No, those are "hippity-hops" LOL.

    Jolly Ball "Tug-n-Toss" is what these are. They're FANTASTIC if your dog takes to them.

    Also for frisbee lovers – try Aerobie's "Dogobie" – the BEST.

  5. theOlLineRebel says:

    I found the horse balls are thinner and weaker, so they really are about the same as the 8" dog ball. Generally. Our dog somewhat chews it but mostly she loves you to interact with it and her.

  6. theOlLineRebel says:

    You have to understand that the JB is NOT an *inflated* ball. It simply is the ball shape, and despite innumerable punctures by a GSD retains its bounciness. That is until it finally starts blistering (big bump along center from lots of chewing), or a dog who actually uses it as a chew toy.

    My sister's GSD chews off the handles, but it still bounces lots.

  7. Daniel Schulof says:

    My company (Varsity Pets) makes a herding ball for high-energy dogs that we guarantee to be indestructible if used as intended. Our products are made in the USA, highly addictive, and require no human interaction for dogs to enjoy them. Check out my videos for proof. If your dog likes Jolly Balls but destroys them, you might want to try one of our Varsity Balls.

  8. vmicro says:

    They can eventually tear them apart, but a few punctures and a jolly ball still retains its shape.

  9. dethmaul says:

    They're all the same, just different sizes. Mine chews the handles off right away. It keeps its shape tho, he plays with it as often as he lays eyes on it. I'd spend the money on a varsity ball. I've been thinking about trying it out.

    They all come with that disclaimer though, 'if used as intended'. You have to take them away after each playtime, because if you leave any toy with a dog it WILL be destroyed. Every rubber toy I've gotten mine have holes in them and don't squeak anymore.

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