Justin Bieber Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

We’re back. And I want to play
Burning Questions. But I need someone to play with. Luckily, we always
have celebrities wandering around backstage. Please welcome my
friend Justin Bieber. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t know what we’re doing. What are we doing? [LAUGHS] What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? I don’t know what we’re doing. They’re so excited, Justin. They don’t care what you say. They don’t care about this game. They just want to look at you. What are we doing? It’s so fun. All right, see these
ridiculous buttons? Yep. They’re here for no reason. But when I ask you a question,
you answer a question. And then for no reason
at all, you hit that. OK. It doesn’t mean a thing. You don’t get a point. You don’t win anything. You just press it. You just press it,
just for no reason. OK. Here’s the first question. You just turned 26. Happy birthday! Thank you. [APPLAUSE] I need a good hug. Oh, I love you. I love you, too. Thank you for having me again. Thank you for being here. So you just turned 26. What was the best
gift that you got? I think, my wife did up
my house really nicely. And she had a movie playing. It was like this
really romantic night. It’s not a big deal. I mean, it was pretty cool. That’s a– yeah. That’s very cool. What do you mean, she
did up your house? Like with balloons and stuff? Or did up your house with– She basically got a serious
wedding planner-type style thing, and did it
all in candles. It was this gorgeous– Oh, it’s like The
Bachelor, almost. Yeah. Pretty cool. All right, you recently
had a mustache. Will it return? I hope so, eventually. But right now, I’m
going to keep it clean. Because my wife, she’s
not really liking it. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it. I knew it wasn’t lasting long. She didn’t like it, no. She didn’t like it. [DING] So there’s no point of this? No, there’s no point. You just like having the button. You can even do it
before or during. But it’s a button. And people like to push buttons. Yeah, I like to push buttons. Metaphorically
speaking, as well. What body part are
you most proud of? I’m most proud of– I’d say I’ve got a nice butt. Yep, you do. Got a good butt. I played hockey my whole life. So it’s called a hockey
butt, you know what I mean? I got a nice little hockey butt. Don’t look, OK? It’s my wife’s, OK? Don’t look. Just take it from me. Hailey Bieber– I’m nervous. You’re making me nervous. –smells like? I’m nervous. She smells like Ariana
Grande’s perfume. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] She smells good. It’s a good smell. It’s flower, and fruity. And it’s good. All right, I annoy
Hailey when I? Constantly singing
around the house. She likes it. But then there’s a
point where I think– I don’t know. I don’t know what– I feel like she loves me
regardless of anything I do. But I don’t know– Singing around the house
is not annoying, Justin. People, they pay for that. Yeah, maybe not. Maybe I’m tripping. [DING] What is Hailey’s
pet name for you? Well, she calls me a
bunch of weird things. She calls me Goo Goo,
which is kind of weird. But I like it. I like Goo Goo. Goo Goo, my little Goo Goo! Goo Goo! [LAUGHTER] It’s weird. But I like it. Do you call her
Goo Goo, as well? I do. She got me wrapped around
her finger, pretty much. So you say Goo Goo
when she says Goo Goo? Yeah, I say– we’re both
each other’s Goo Goos. [LAUGHTER] Aw. Yeah, it’s pretty cute. That’s great. Yeah, it’s good stuff. Three things that you
must do every day. I must play instruments,
and dance, and make music. Those are three things. [DING] Yeah. Say something sexy
in a Canadian accent. Say something sexy? Yeah. You’re going to go out there
and go for a rope with the boys, there, bud. All right, sexy. We’re all turned on. How many kids do
you want to have? I think it’s up to Hailey. Because it’s her body. Good answer. Good answer. Do a celebrity impression. You’ve reached
Arnold’s Pizza Shop. I’m not here right now. I’m out killing pepperoni. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] [DINGING] Hey, you guys, we’re giving
away a pair of tickets to every stop on
Justin’s Changes Tour. Go to our website
for a chance to win. We’ll be right back. Justin Bieber, everybody!

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100 Responses

  1. Caleb Bromley says:

    A thoughtful response to Hailey concerning the amount of children question though I hope they have a mutual agreement and it’s not 100% what Hailey wants. Yes it’s her body but when you enter a marriage you become one, therefore it’s no longer all about what the other may want.

  2. Hafsa Dar says:

    Its so good to see that justin loves hailey that much

  3. piola rodrigues says:

    Justin in the new Ned

  4. taha adel says:

    Justin beiber : shake every body hands .
    Corona virus: iam joke to you ??!!

  5. Milan Tavares says:

    any one here from tiktok

  6. Charming nowhere to hide says:

    Justin: says something in Canadian accent Cameraman: turns fast to that one guy in the audience wearing maple leaf jumper

  7. Fabigail says:

    He's really grown into a respectful and loving man.

  8. Jen Hennessey says:

    Justin Bieber be respecting women doe

  9. Filoskop says:

    No matter what, Justin is always like a young child when he’s with Ellen.

  10. vanouche ren says:

    Wow he is too much on the Ellen show

  11. Ahlexia Huerta says:

    i love the way they bond it’s adorable 🥺❤️

  12. Tori-ann Williams says:

    Luv him

  13. Christina Khalil says:

    lol all the girls were so happy and the guys are just meh

  14. Grace Furtwengler says:

    He looks like Frank Gallagher

  15. Name not important says:

    Sooo… he finally shaved that mustache!!!

  16. Madeline Molina says:

    me and justin share a birthday tehe

  17. alrick james says:

    He looked like 59

  18. Hollins23 says:

    There's no such thing as a "Canadian accent." FFS! It's a regional accent.

  19. nanami krsf says:

    anyone knows of who tf he did an impression?

  20. Hii Byeee says:

    I love how he talks about haily everywhere

  21. mr broke Vlogs says:

    Justin bieber mother is ELLEN

  22. Teagan McGregor says:

    So happy for him, I hope he and hailey continue to have a happy and loving journey ❤️❤️

  23. Stacie Sadler says:

    Happy birthday Justin! ❤❤😘

  24. 1970harleybike says:

    Wow Justin Bieber & Paul Newman Together…

  25. Sir William S says:

    Helen love Justin and dislikes men,, like I said she dislikes men

  26. Jennifer Lamothe says:

    I didn't like the mustache either😅

  27. Halie Anna says:

    Ellen is so smooth I love her 😭❤️

  28. Emma Rose says:

    this was onnn my birthdayy

  29. Intentional Love says:

    is it just me or does justin always looks 15 with ellen btw please subscribe to my youtube channel it will be worth it

  30. Chloe says:

    This video made me love Justin ALOT MORE also he’s finneee and funny like I wanna be friends with him

  31. Chloe says:

    Okay but Hailey and Justin’s kids are gonna be so pretty tho, they both have great genetics

  32. Christy Johnson says:

    You can’t tell me that he doesn’t look like Stefan from TVD in the first season at 4:37! I’ve always thought this.

  33. TatiLovesLife says:

    Lol people in the audience about to cry. He’s literally just a guy that happens to be famous

  34. Makeusayohmygod DPG says:

    4:31 i think its up to hailey cause its her body.. Wau Well said my brother i respect you so so much more for sayin that love to see you smiling and im very very happy that you are back U the goat no doubt ❤️💙

  35. George Rivera says:

    What a bunch of newlywed obnoxiousness…

  36. Hadiya Brown says:

    i luv him. 🥰💕

  37. Aditi i says:

    Don't look it's my wife's
    He love her so much 😭😭😭🍑❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Zook T says:

    what does "go for a rope" in the canadian accent part mean?

  39. Selene Medina says:

    I love Justin but lyme disease does NOT look like this! He is definitely in withdrawal. Hopefully this means he's working on being himself again.

  40. Lights Camera Action says:

    They are like mom and son

  41. pawan sonar says:

    What song was playing in the back please anyone

  42. Amber Wheat says:

    That pregnancy question thoooo I wish all guys were as pure as Justin

  43. PJeeza says:

    Fact : you’re not watching this full screen

  44. David Wickham says:

    Here's a burning question for you, I know you said you had invited all candidates to the show but I'm wondering if you remembered Tulsi Gabbard and if she had accepted or declined, OR did you choose to leave her off the invite list?

  45. Marya M says:

    Great answers !!! I like him now !!!

  46. Ca Ke says:

    his impact.

  47. Goellioana says:

    Justin ate ant yogurt with a scorpion on fill your guts or spill your guts, instead of shaving his mustache. But he shaved it for Haily.

  48. aistis says:

    I noticed no mustache

  49. Miya says:

    Wow its good to see a Justin like this. Hailey is really great, had a good influence on him!

  50. Mahnoor Fatima says:

    He looks like my baby jb 🐥

  51. Charlie Naysmith says:

    Everyone's pointing out how the buttons are pointless – yet Ellen has one in directly in front of her even though she isn't even answering :,D.

  52. Martin V says:

    In the thumbnail Justin kind of reminds me of Paul Wesley

  53. Natali Etrivanova says:

    P I Z Z A G A T E

  54. Justine Auene says:

    Justin? Where’s your ring?

  55. Anggita Putri says:

    you can see here, he really love hailey. and i'm so touched by that. like wow

  56. Donald Ashtray says:

    He kinda looks like James Franco here 🤔

  57. Cwsing 7 says:

    Mustachios no no

  58. Bảo Vi Phạm says:

    Awww he's so cute

  59. AsadGreat Hassan says:

    I love you Justin,

  60. Jennifer Huang says:

    Omg have you ever thought if Billie Eilish did this


    He’s so sweet

  62. Sexy women says:

    wonderful content ❤️

  63. lolo says:

    “i think its up to hailey because its her body” PERIOD

  64. yolanda aurora says:

    No one :
    Me entire time: “how to be hailey?!!?”

  65. david West says:

    Big hair big smile big teeth – but zero talent. Mother quite ambitious 'though.

  66. XsophieX says:

    He’s so in love

  67. MasonPlaysSurvivor says:

    4:28 YES JUSTIN!

  68. Jordan Kid says:

    I love you Justin Bieber

  69. Goldy Kawaii says:


  70. MO Asif Life. says:

    Thumbnail : They look alike.

  71. xpkx360 says:

    You had one job justin and that was pushing that button😂

  72. Hasnain Ali says:

    0:31 Everyone savage until one of them coughs….

  73. doggo mckitten says:

    Justin had turned into ned

  74. poppy says:


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    Justin is getting the Corona virus in the start of the video

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    I got tears in my eyes when he said "It's her body" 🥺 get me a man like Justin pls

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    thank me later

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    i want my husband to love me as much as justin loves hailey😫😫🥺🥺🥺

  81. Tylor Oneill says:

    I cant even really talk to girls bro and you have alot of girls cheering for you

  82. try batman says:

    This is so cute he just talked about his wife most of the time

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    *Touches everyone's hands *

    Gets the Corona virus

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    hes back bitchez 🔥😈

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    justin hugs everybody

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    “We’re gonna go out there and uh go for a rip with the boys eh bud?”

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    I love him 😫😫

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    Shaved his mustache!

  90. Shelby Celine says:

    I never liked him before but I am loving grown up Justin. I think marriage is transforming him

  91. Janice Baldwin says:

    Bieber is a cast member of The Ellen Show. lol

  92. Cornelia H. says:

    Justin and his embarrassing hats/ beanies whatever ugh

  93. Bella Swiss says:

    Awe he looks so happy and healthy and so much better now!

  94. Walkingtalkingvinyl says:

    Please do this with Stevie Nicks!!

  95. Keshia White says:

    $amariiakemii a my family struggling if your able to help please do may god bless anything is appreciate it

  96. Maya a says:

    he is the blond Enrique Iglesias

  97. adisiowy says:

    Justin really loves his wife ❤️ I am so happy to hear “it’s her body”. That was so so respectful and full of love

  98. Purple love says:

    Take a shot everytime he mentions his wife

  99. NCM says:

    Justin Looks homeless

  100. Celine Bally says:


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