Kaala (Tamil) – Official Trailer | Rajinikanth | Pa Ranjith | Dhanush | Santhosh Narayanan

♪♪♪ Dirt that plagues these slums! The poverty, the darkness
I want to change it all! ♪♪♪ Not a single place I missed. I was behind her
like a madman. Do you like me so much? A lot! Doesn’t dad love you at all? Go ask Kaala that! I love you, darling! Who is Kaala, Grandpa? Raavan
The Demon King! ♪ Single-headed Raavana! ♪ The lion,
Who hunts all alone! Anybody who opposes me… …will die. KARIKAALA! Our body is our only weapon. The world must know this. Organise everybody! ♪♪♪ To you, land is power. To us it means life! ♪ Land and water are our rights
We will fight! ♪ To abolish our poverty
We will fight!

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100 Responses

  1. Entertainment Movie Trailers Dipak Narah says:

    Nice triler

  2. Emil joji says:

    Kaala is a boring film please like this comment

  3. mann singh says:

    Salute to rajnikant sir …jai bhim

  4. Long Time Choote says:


  5. Vikram Verma says:

    Bhai pura picture 🇮🇹 dalo na
    Hindi me

  6. Opie Krumpus says:

    Stumbled upon this movie. Sure looks good.

  7. Tube Light says:


  8. autum oleander says:

    Beautiful Kaala

  9. Flying leaf says:

    Where is Dhanus?

  10. Harsh Jadhav says:

    Nice trailer

  11. Anjali Johnny Depp Sritharan says:


  12. dekho cartoons says:

    Awesome movie 😍😍 Ekta ho to esi

  13. Dev Alpha says:

    Who watching after 2.0 teaser??

  14. visal pranav says:


  15. darkness 0897 says:

    Super hit of 2018 films… 😘😘😘😘

  16. high Bangalore says:

    One of the bulshit movie man

  17. cyfy • says:

    Loved movie, Rajni and nana's acting, villan nailed his role

  18. ঘোড়ার ডিম says:

    nice moive

  19. Vikas Vishwakarma says:

    after watching this movie my review : soooo irritating Huma Qurashi….one like for Superstar and one deslike for Huma Qurashi…

  20. asgar ali says:

    SUPERSTAR RAJINI IN KAALA, தரமான சமுதாயத்திற்க்கு அவசியமான தமிழ் படம்…வாழ்த்துக்கள் PA.RANJITH.

  21. Dhamo Dharan says:

    I like the content of the movie and Rajinikanth mannerism but it was ruined by Ranjith in the name of simplicity..

  22. visal pranav says:

    Whichever record Virat Kohli breaks, there will be one name around him:

    ' Sachin Tendulkar '

    Sums up India’s batting glory in the last few decades

  23. Mr Sharath says:

    Thalaivar Da gethu Thalaivar Da Mass😎

  24. muthu arumugam says:

    Ya ya enta Rajini tan hero atukku oru kootam supporttu…etule Naneh Patekar villanaa…hero unmaile oru mayirum panna maatarr..aana villain Nane Pattekartan real hero..tan oorukaaga sambaticha kaasellam taanam tarmam panraaru…sontamaa tarai veedu vaangunaa niraiya selavaagumnu flatle tan ammavoda kudiyirukkaar..yen sambaticha panatta tan vechikaame atigam selavu panaame tan ooru makkalukku selavu seiraaru…eppo sollungga yaar real hero… Still there are lots educated n uneducated peoples can't realized what is the reality..

  25. Zaid B says:

    Nilam, neer engal urimai 🔥 poraduvom 🔥

  26. Pokkiri Raja says:

    Who is here after watching Kaala on Star Vijay?

  27. Sachin Mani says:

    Rajni Army!..
    (By-Fan of Rajni & Sachin Tendulkar)

  28. FormalPlayer says:

    the story of how he became kabali

  29. Romesh Kant says:

    nice i am waiting for 2nd part kala

  30. Margaret Joseph says:

    The guy who acting like church father stupid and idiot. Why you tallking about Jesus hey idiots you know who is he. Tallk about your God why disteping us idiots. The director who give stupid daillog have to silper his maind. You can egul the guy who acting kala with your any God not Christian God who never like fight idoits. India people stop tallking nonsense.

  31. AKSHAY KEDAR says:

    https://youtu.be/guTsYJqMd8A watch this full movie on my channel plzz leave a like on it

  32. Taki tahmid says:

    can anyone share the movie link

  33. rohit pimpale says:

    best movie kala

  34. Soul Karthik says:


  35. Adesh Kumar Saini says:

    Kaala movie it's super duper and osm .movie

  36. Adesh Kumar Saini says:

    This is touch my heart Kaala movie

  37. Suman Babu says:

    68 age la nee kalakura thalaiva



  39. Zirakon Ali Lava Dewan says:

    kaya ap bol sakte hai "" kaala"" or ""Bharat Ane Nenu
    movie ka hindi me kab pawinge?

  40. bhasker nand says:

    No comments in comment section for nana patekar… Seriously…

  41. Superstar Rajinikanth Fans says:

    Two blockbusters in one year: Kaala and 2.0

  42. hamsa g says:

    Who is coming after Petta teaser ???

  43. Jeenamma Mathew says:

    please upload kaala Tamil full movie with English subtitles !!!

  44. Jeenamma Mathew says:

    please upload kaala Tamil full movie with English subtitles !!!

  45. Dhanush Danu says:

    God gift of rajini like here

  46. Mohamed Riyaz says:


  47. Anish Thundatil says:

    Come after watch 2.0 and Petta teaser ❤️

  48. Sharp Radha says:

    Who are all after petta…kaala tha mass

  49. Deepak Raja says:

    Better Music than PETTA ..How many of them here After Watching PETTA trailer

  50. Thalaivar super star Rajini fan says:

    Who did watch this trailer after petta trailer?

  51. A Anthony Vincent says:

    After petta 😘

  52. Amal Rengi says:

    Who's here after watching the petta trailer?

  53. Crazy Psycho says:

    Who Come Here After Petta Trailer !

  54. Gopi says:

    Who are watching in 2019

  55. RAJINISTS says:

    Petta Pongal winner

  56. asar teen says:

    super star no1 mass

  57. Theeejay Germany says:

    kya re

  58. Asif Khan says:

    Plz Kala movie upload kro Hindi mein thankyou

  59. Dilipan dilipan says:

    Super movie vazhthukkal Ranjith

  60. Harishankar Srinivas says:

    watched petta 3 times in theater

  61. Shahin Salim says:


  62. RINO ROBY says:

    Petta kandittu ivide varunavrunndo?

  63. Kaarthik Allexh says:

    Kaala is like pudhupettai it may not impress the fans but will be talked in future as a cult classic film. kaala is something special in thalaivar's career

  64. Abhishek Gaming * says:

    Super macha..

  65. Surendhar Suren says:

    1st rajini movie i watched more than 10 times coz of the charectrs perfomance and bgm. SaNa's best work.

  66. ARSHU AND NINJA says:

    Who are watching after petta trailer

  67. Sabari Eswaran says:

    Anyone in 2019

  68. Bala Kumar says:

    Ada poonga Da edha lam nanga 1987( nayakan) la pathachu vandhutaru pudhusaa soldrathuku …

  69. Havoc Ganesh says:

    1:11 music phaaaaaaaa 🔥 love it

  70. Saiyan warrior says:

    Thalaivarrrr screen presence adikae inimae thalaivarrrr dhan porandhu varanum 🔥🔥 🔥👑🤘

  71. sathyajith_unni says:

    old theme.this happened during shivasena rule. while Rajani acts against north indians. most of the tamil Heroines are from Maratta..Hansike, Thamanna…Don't you have pretty girls in Tamilnadu….or are you not satisfied with tamil beauties who are black..heard…Karuppu than Enakku Puticha KalarU. but never seen a black beauty in tamil film…Of course there is lotus eyed Bhanupriya..who else.

  72. arun prasanth says:

    The most underrated movie on tamil cinema.It is 100% better than petta movie.


    Who's here..after PETTA …. in 2019..

  74. RAJNi SWAG says:


  75. Ramana Shankar says:

    Kaala is one of the best films rajni has acted in. Pa ranjith is one bloody genius👌

  76. mani vasagam says:


  77. Chib Rajput says:

    Rajinikanth = Boss Mode!
    Regards, to the father of acting, all the way from Pakistan!

  78. Rejrass dp says:

    One year of kaala trailer

  79. Hari Ganesh Rajakumar says:

    Who came here after watching 1yearkaala fan-made trailer

  80. Wunderbar Studios says:

    Celebrating #OneYearOfKaala Here is the fan-made Trailer for #KaalaKarikaalan – https://youtu.be/f8lTDQC43BA 🔥

  81. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Who are after kaala fan made trailer

  82. víçtør v!jay says:

    #1yearofKAALA 😘

  83. Havoc Madhan says:

    Who came after watching kala fan made trailer

  84. Daya Sanju says:

    Who came after fan made trailer

  85. Manoj Mech says:

    1 Year of Kaala 😍😎

  86. Raja Durai says:

    #1year of Thalaivar in Kaala 🔥

  87. status lovers says:


  88. Rishwanth Rishi says:

    Superb trailer..I like kaala film

  89. Manoj Kumar says:

    Wun darbar!

  90. Raja Durai says:

    I love you Thalaiva

  91. Sharanya AM says:


  92. Sachin Mani says:

    Marana Mass Thalaiva!

  93. Peru arivu says:

    i don't like Pa.Ranjith Movies…

  94. Alisha Jhabe says:


  95. Alisha Jhabe says:

    king of stylish kaala,kabali

  96. Mrinal Jatav says:

    Only true Ambedkarite movie in history of mainstream Indian cinema.

  97. Raja Durai says:

    Tn next cm Thalaivar

  98. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Dhanush and rajinikanth veriyans hit like here

  99. RK CREATIONS says:

    Anyone after Dabar First Look 🔥

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