Kate and Lane FIRST BASEBALL GAME (What is a Sod Poodle???) Family Vlog Episode 1

Take me out to the ball game.
Take me out to the crowd. Yayyy!
Welcome to another episode of K&L. Today we have a surprise for the kids.
A baseball game! How did you know?!
I heard it when I was in the garage. OHHH! Lane are you super excited to go to
a baseball game?! Uh-huh.
Ya! With Kate and Daddy and Mommy.
And baby Lilly. And baby Lilly.
Do you know what a baseball game is? Well its, is it something like you shoot goals
up high when you throw it. That’s basketball.
And you don’t score a touchdown. That’s football.
And you don’t kick it with your feet. That’s soccer.
Baseball is a sport where you hit a little white ball with a bat.
What is a bat? Is it like this thing? Yesss! You’re right!
My want train! Well there’s no trains at baseball.
Lane’s all about his trains. All about the trains.
And I’m all about my baby Lilly. (giggles)
The name of the team is called The Sod Poddles! Sod Poddles?
Sod Poddle. What is a Sod Poddle?
That is a Sod Poddle. That’s the mascot right there. So Kate, can
you look at this? You know what it is now?
What do you guys think a sod poddle is? A cowboy.
A cowboy? Ohh. It does look like a cowboy. A elephant. A dinosaur.
There’s the stadium. Its so pretty. Hodgetown! Hello!!!
Hello! Alright so we’re gonna go get some grub first
and then we’re gonna go-to the game. Is the grub the shirt that I need?
No grub means food. Alright you all ready?
Yaaaaaa! Let’s go. Lane are you excited?
Ya. Kate are you excited?
Ya. Mommy you excited?
So excited! Me too. Lets do this.
That’s pretty cool. Really hard. Push it too. Wait.
Cheeeeeese. Can you get a program?
Would you like a program? There you go. Have fun. Thank you. Go into get some shirts. Alright Kate, we’ve go to pick out a really good shirt. What size are you? Do you know?
5 Size 5.
Kate, what you find there, that’s cute. It has a heart on it.
Do you like this one? Ya.
Alright, so lets buy them so we can put them on, okay?
You guys have your new shirts on. I love your shirts.
Whose do you love the best? It is a tie. I love both of them the same.
You want to go find out seats? ….. of the brave!
Play ball! (crying)
OH! (more crying) Good job. (laughing) I love it that you fall
into mommy’s arms. You did it! My going up big slide. You’re going up backwards Kate?
Kate you going up backwards? You did it!
Yay!!! Sod Poodle. Yep, right there. That’s a sod poodle.
What is a sod poodle? You know? You don’t know.
Some type of animal? No…
A sod poople. Its a sod poodle. (laughing)
Do you know what a sod poodle it? A prairie dog.
A prairie dog. Good job. A ground hog.
A ground hog. Its a prairie dog.
A prairie dog? Do you agree? Yes.
Yes. Good job! A ground hog.
Awesome job! Okay, you did good too. Go Sod Poodles!
Hey Lane, are you having so much fun? YA!
This is so cool isn’t it? Uh-huh.
Do you love baseball? Uh-huh.
Uh-huh. Go Soddies!
A snocone in a helmet and what flavor? What does it taste like?
Watermelon. Watermelon!
Mmmm thank you. Oooo that is good. Do you want bite? Ooo so cold. You’re workin’. She’s workin’ hard for the
sugar. Ya she is. Somebody’s going to be up late
tonight. Yep. Guess what color your tongue is?
(giggles) Its the color of watermelon!
I wanna see my tongue. Take me out to the ball game, take me out
to the crowd. For its 1…2…3 strikes your out at the
ol ball game! Whoooo! Can you do this?
Sod poodles, sod poodles that’s right their called the sod poodles.
Sod poodles, sod poodles…… What you go there?
A hat. A hat? Just your size.
No it isn’t. Is it too big for you?
No its too small. Oh. It can fit the camera.(giggles)
Alright I have to be very very still because there is something on my
head. Did you see it? Do you see it. Its right there.
Its a hat on a hat. What’s your favorite part of tonight?
Night time. Night time, you like being out a night time?
I like running down hill. I can’t remember which ones my favorite part
so I pick all of it. My favorite part of the night is hanging out
with Lane. My favorite part was going to ask questions
to all the kids with Kate. Are you guys sleepy-silly? Is that what’s
happening? Do you think their going to fall asleep on
the way home? I think Kate ate too much sugar so she is
not but Lane will. I predict that Lane will fall asleep and I’m
gonna go ahead and say that Kate is going to fall asleep too. Do you guys think anybody’s
gonna fall asleep? You’re bouncing off the walls!
Kate, can you show me how much energy you have? Show me how much energy you have, Lane. Its a perfect fit! (giggles)
Baby Lilly’s hat. (giggles) Oh my goodness. Can you show me? Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Guess what?
What? It’s time to go home.
Yay!!! Sod poodles, sod poodles, that’s right their
called the sod poodles, sod pups man they sure know how to win! Their still awake uh? We both lost. How ’bout them Sod Poodles.

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