Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Heat – Quick Tips

Hi, this is Amber from As
summer heats up it’s important to make sure that your dog stays cool and
comfortable, so today we’re going to show you how you
can safely beat the heat. Just like you, your dog’s needs daily access to
a lot of fresh and cool water. To ensure that your dog is staying hydrated, remember
to keep an eye on where their bowl is located. Your dog is less likely to drink
water that’s been warmed up in the Sun. Make water extra cold on hot days by
adding ice cubes to their bowl and make sure you bring water with you on long
walks, hikes, and errands. Though exercising your pet is important, you can take some
steps to prevent them from overheating on walks by walking them during the
cooler parts of the day like early mornings or evenings, heading home if your dog is panting
excessively and can’t seem to cool down, and protecting their feet from hot
asphalt by walking them on grass or fitting them with booties. You can also prevent heatstroke by
keeping a watchful eye on the brachiocephalic dogs like boston terriers and
french bulldogs. They overheat more easily than other dogs through their
short skulls and noses. Once you get home, cooling products like
mats, vests, and misters can also help your dog beat the heat. It’s tempting to bring your dog with you
everywhere on those nice summer days but they should never be left alone in a car,
because even on a mild day the temperatures inside a car can rapidly
climb to a deadly heat. It’s illegal in some states to leave a
dog in an unattended vehicle. Summer is the perfect time to have some
fun in the sun with your dog, just remember these tips as temperatures
rise and keep your dog cool and comfortable all summer long. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Natalie De Ferrari says:

    Thank you !!! Rover sitter in NYC <3

  2. Yvonne Sinkamna says:

    This was really helpful for my French bulldog

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