Kelsie Brezinski – Softball (Bulldog Bites)

Hey, I’m Paul.
You are watching Bulldog Bites. I’m here with Kelsie Brezinski, a member of
our Lady Bulldogs Softball Team here at South Suburban College.
How are you, Kelsie? I’m good. How are you? I’m great. You guys just won 10 to 3, your
first game of the playoffs against Oakton Community College.
Are you really looking forward to future games in the playoffs and making it far? Yes. It’s a tournament so double elimination.
If we make it this weekend then we’ll got to Mississippi for the National Tournament. That’s exciting. Congratulations to you guys.
You have been nominated to the All-American Team.
How does that fee? You’re really excited about that I’m sure. It’s something new. I didn’t play in high
school that much, so this experience with the team and everything else it’s a big thing.
I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. They’re the reason that I and getting nominated.
Things like that. Congratulations to you guys.
Thank you so much for talking with us. We’ll see you next time right here on Bulldog
Bites. Thanks for watching.

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