Kicked Off Amtrak with 3 Service Dogs | Surviving with Scout in Florida Series [CC]

fill out the proper paperwork
oh I didn’t fill out the proper paperwork So that’s, there is no proper paperwork. We looked it up, we looked it up, we looked it up. You are the only person telling us that. and you’re gonna tell me I have a problem crazy ride so far it was so hard to
find the elevator but we found it because yeah we need the elevator
alright so Penn Station is not very disability-friendly I mean they have
like elevators but they’re very hard to find
and they only go to specific tracks and we were told to go to the wrong
track twice…yeah Thor won’t even scouts is just over there
she’s hiding she won’t she was looking at me, before she’s over there,
there is my walker that’s not even our seat, there is Sascha, Kev and Thor can you please
Thor doesn’t know what to do with himself. There is really no room for him also here’s our view here’s their view
so uh, they haven’t checked their tickets yet so that is going to be fun. Sure. I hope we don’t get
kicked off the train! Why would we? because everyone hates disabled people. Haha. Okay. We have a window
now. Yes, that’s the main reason why I just made you have a panic attack. We were just moved. Nothing really happened major, we were just moved. yeah, we were moved yeah. Now we have a lot more
room and look there are three service dogs all lined up so what did they announcement just say? all service dogs and doggers go outside for a pee-pee. Haha. So we’re in a major city right now and they will
give us time to let our dogs out um because they have to do some
engine checks sorry thor was in the way anyways so when you go on a long train
travel you want to wait for the big stops the big cities and smokers get
a break too so we all go out he just told us that we will have 20 minutes so usually they’ll tell you how
long the breaks are for the big stops and you’ll have plenty of time to let
your dog out and you can set yourself a timer for like 15 minutes and you don’t
have to have anxiety about not getting on the train in time which is definitely
something I have A little update I hate doing these because I hate talking in public to a camera an employee just walked up to us
and tried to ask for paperwork, not for service dogs being service dogs but just to
prove that we asked ahead of time
I guess to reserve an accessible seat we have our seat and when we got on the
train there were plenty of open seats it wasn’t a problem you can call to reserve
ahead of time there was no option on the well yeah we’ll call for our way back
but there is no option on the website like for airplane tickets where you
check that you’re disabled and they will accommodate you that way but no there
was nothing like that and then yeah he made a comment about us having 3
service dogs, hold on is he really hello we are editing right now and I
just wanted to fill in what happened before I was able to bring my camera out
so the guy came up to us after making this wait a very long time we were not
in Washington anymore but we were you know kinda near it he came back and
insisted that I said that the two dogs that was visible Sascha and Thor were
service animals and Scout who was under my seat to be out of the way was a pet
and even the other the passenger across from us said she said no no such thing
so I have no idea why he insisted that I called her a pet and he didn’t let me
explain why we had 3 service dogs he never once asked what are their tasks
like we all know they can ask two questions is it a service animal and
what are the tasks so he was insisting that I was lying and okay if somebody
wants to lie and call their service animal I mean their pet a service animal
falsely all right do it they do it and get in trouble but then follow-up say okay so
it’s a service animal because you you have no right to say that’s not a
service animal unless it’s misbehaving you don’t know a person’s disabilities
but even service animals can have accidents and be bad sometimes or make
mistakes right but they can still kick us off the train even if it’s a service
animal misbehaving if it’s dangerous or whatever like or annoying to the other
passengers none of her dogs are barking none of her dogs are moving peeing
pooping being in the aisle they were sleeping for five hours so he insisted that I called
her pet and then he didn’t believe me once I switched my story so I’m like I’m
not lying are you calling me a liar and I’m not one for confrontation whatsoever
Kevin is so I was like you’re lying like what I was so shocked
and then Kevin had to stand up for me which was really bad because he explodes. Luckily I sat
down the entire time and didn’t stand up just watch…that’s why I have a
service animal that’s why it’s here fill out the proper paperwork. So that’s, there is no proper paperwork. We looked it up, we looked it up, we looked it up. You are the only person telling us that. and now you’re going to tell me I have a problem as a worker now
you’re discriminating against me as a a disabled veteran that served this
country. Okay… You’re okay with that I’m glad and you’re gonna smile. What are you talking about? You’re
discriminating against us and you’re smiling about
Just because you served the country, dude I’m ex-army so what are you talking about. so you’re discriminating against another veteran
even better. What are you talking about? what am I look what is your plan here
what is your plan yet what’s your plan here. what’s happening is you don’t have them on the manifest. what is your plan here? Okay okay. exactly
walk away thank you. Army veteran…this is what happens and
you provoke someone with mood disorders they don’t realize that it’s there
not there in their control yeah you don’t do that I warned him and I guess
he has the same disorder because he didn’t get he didn’t get it he just
was a very pointless argument. Scout is tasking Scout is tasking I’m stuttering
because I’m anxious. made this my hair’s a mess – I just got into a fight with somebody
my camera is kind of messed up saying Scout’s happy she’s happy to be up here
now she’s hot she’s not smiling this is what Border Collies looked like when they pant okay so yeah that was a lot of fun the passengers weren’t too happy to hear him screaming but yeah he flat-out called me a liar he
said that I said that Scout was a pet and these other animals here it’s
probably upside down whatever are the service animals and I’m like no I
wouldn’t say that I would never call any of these animals pets like you’re
putting words in my mouth and he’s like fine you’re putting words in my mouth no it’s the other way around anyway so then that pissed Kevin off and he stuck up
for me. All right we just got kicked off the train the police were on our side I
did not I was not able to film the police because I was having a panic
attack and was dizzy and didn’t want to faint and could barely walk we’re now
going to a hotel we’ll keep you posted watch me, watch me, watch me okay well here’s the room that we’re not
paying for because corporate will pay for it, we will make them hi scout! There’s our bed and there’s the yeah there it is. We just talked to the
concierge and they were so accommodating and understanding and were like
impressed with us they were like oh my god it’s so nice that you’re doing that
right right yeah they were so nice like he said I I just wanna let you know your
dogs are beautiful um they’re so trained and we’re like exactly I mean even
people on the train were like shocked that we were getting kicked off the
train I mean any business can kick you out if your dog is peeing all over the
place out of control in any way. He just tripped um you know like barking
destroying things disrupting the passengers but now we got kicked off not
because of her dogs no because of us and very petty man which will be in a lot of
trouble and I’m going to film this call to corporate. Corporate and customer
service and the man that caused all this that was an Amtrak employee he also
refused to give us any of his information
and then also close the door on the police as well. Okay so as far as that you will need to speak to our customer relations department. Okay. They are currently closed they don’t open until Monday morning.

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  1. Meghan Dhawan says:

    ya’ll left me on a cliffhanger i was literally gripping my bed waiting for more and i was like nooooo my friends!! what is happening!!

  2. Offtrack Traveler says:

    I have traveled Amtrak on the west coast and it was great. We love it, only one minor issue with one dinner car employee. Our longest trip was 2 days one night. What I learned from an Amtrak customer service employee is to book your trip over the phone after you have pre planned it online, do not buy your tickets online. They do ask about a service dog and passenger with a disability online. I learned (the hard way) that booking over the phone really helps get you set up properly. I did not have any special paper work from Amtrak. The crew did know that I was the passenger with a service dog before I even met them. Thank you for your service. Vet myself with a service dog from a major well known school. Changed my life. Sorry that occured, you will end up ok and that employee might be in a pinch.

  3. cutsiefruits ThreeTwoOne says:

    I’m brand new to your channel but I love it so much already! New subscriber here!

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