– (children) Kids react to memes! This episode: Grumpy Cat! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – (gasps)
– (both) Grumpy Cat! – Oh, I’ve seen this in a meme. – A kitty. – (cooing) It’s a kitty! – It’s so cute! – That’s what YouTube is– kitty videos. (laughing) – It’s weird. – He looks so angry. – God. (laughing) Look
at how angry the kitty is. – This cat does not like being pet.
– (Finebros chuckles) – Those eyes are scary. – Why is it angry? Like, it’s mad and it looks possessed. – That is adorable.
That kitty is so cute. ♪ (grumpy music) ♪ – (laughing) That’s like me in the morning. – Is that cat mean? – (gasps) Oh, it’s just yawning. – (chuckling softly) (snorts) – It’s even surly when it licks. – He’s, like, pissed off! It’s like, “At what though?” – (laughing) – (grumpy meow) – Oh. (both coo) – That’s the video?
– (Finebros) That’s the video. – Oh, wow.
– (Finebros) What are you thinking? – I thought that there was
something epic going to happen. I don’t know what I thought
was gonna happen, but I didn’t think it
was just gonna be that. – (children) Question time! – (Finebros) So what did we just show you?
– (gasps) A cat. – (laughing) A really surly but cute cat. – A cat– and then its face
was messed up. – A demonic kitty! I mean, it’s eyes are like…
(fierce growl) – (Finebros) If you were
gonna call it like the _____ Cat, what would you call it?
The what cat? – Mean Cat. – The Scary Cat. – The Brat Cat? – I would call it a bad name.
– (Finebros laughs) – The Poo-Poo Milk Cow Cat. – (Finebros) A lot of people
call this cat the Grumpy Cat. – Yep. – I could see that. – It is quite grumpy. (laughs) – (Finebros) So this cat is very popular
on the internet and people take pictures of it,
and then will put words on the picture to pretend
what the cat is thinking. So since you can’t read,
I’ll show you them, but I’ll tell you what it says. – “Good morning?” – “No such thing.” – (laughing) – (Finebros) This says,
“Good morning? No such thing.” (snickers) – “♪ Fa la la la la la la la ♪
Put me down.” – “Put me down.” (cracking up) – Fa la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la. – “You don’t know you’re beautiful…
because you’re–” That’s rude! – (gasps and giggles) – Oh, that’s just hurtful! – Ooh! That’s a good one. – (laughing) That’s actually really funny. – (Finebros) What would
be your own caption if you were making one for this cat? – “Don’t try to make me
smile ’cause I won’t.” – “Just hand me the shovel.” (laughs) – “I’m kind of grumpy,
but… uh, I’m still friendly.” – “They canceled Kids React,”
and make him say, “Good.” – (Finebros laughs) So Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tartar Sauce. – What?! – Tartar Sauce? – No wonder he’s so grumpy.
His name is Tartar Sauce. – (Finebros) And it’s owners
sometimes call it Tard. – Oh… (chuckles) I think that kinda
corresponds to Turd. (laughs) – Too close to “Turd”. – (laughing) Is that supposed
to be mean, like, Turd or–? – Aw, that’s so mean! – (both) It sounds like Turd. – It’s terrible! ‘Cause you’re calling
your cat a tard. (chuckling) – (Finebros) Do you think
that Tard is a boy or a girl? – A boy? – I would say it’s a girl. – A boy. – A boy. – I’m gonna go with a she. – It’s a boy.
– It’s a boy. – I think it would be a boy. – Girl. – Girl cat. – I’m gonna say girl! – A funny, lazy girl. – I think it’s both. – (Finebros) Is that possible?
– Um, yes. – (Finebros) Well, it actually is a girl.
– Huh? – Oh, come on! (laughs) – Really? – Really?!
– (Finebros) Yeah. – And it’s so grumpy! – (Finebros) Do you think
that this cat is actually grumpy or does it just look that way?
– No, but she seems grumpy. – It’s really grumpy
because… (gibberish). – No. It’s just looks. – I think it’s actually
just the way she looks. – Some people are
so judgemental and they say, “Oh my gosh. You have so big eyes. I think you’re such a grumpy person.” – (Finebros) So is it okay to judge
things, people, or animals just by the way they look?
– You know what they say. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
But it’s a cat! It doesn’t know. – It’s okay to judge cats
off of what they look like. – Judgemental freaks! – Don’t be so judgemental. It’s just a cat.
– You judgemental freaks. – That’s getting old. – I have a cat that I named Stinky. I am one of those people who names
an animal by the way it acts or looks. – When you say grumpy,
it makes the cat grumpy ’cause that’s its name. ♪ (guitar riff) ♪ – (Finebros) And, finally,
if Tartar Sauce was watching this video and somehow could understand you, what would you want to say to her?
– Oh my gosh! You’re the smartest cat in the world.
– (Finebros laughs) Oh, because it can understand you?
– Yeah. – (both coo) Oh,
you’re the cutest little kitty. – Why are you so grumpy? – (demonic voice) You look kind of grumpy! – Try to smile once in a while. – Meow, meow, meow. – I don’t speak Cat. – Thanks for watching
another episode of Kids Rea– I don’t care. I’m grumpy. – Please, please, please give
this video a thumbs up. – Let us know what videos we should
watch next in the comments below. Do it. Do it now. – To watch deleted reactions,
click the box below. – Don’t be grumpy. Be happy!
And we’ll see you next time. – Be nice to kitties. ♪ (outro music) ♪

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