Kitchen Gadget Testing #37

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  1. Barry Lewis says:

    Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist

    Get the gadgets here:

    Popcorn maker

    Handheld dishwasher

    Beer foamer

    Cake slicer 1

    Cake slicer 2

    Cake slicer feet

    Tofu press

    Buttercup butter maker

    Pug salt and pepper magnetic pots

  2. Jade Levesque says:

    Where is your top from!!+!

  3. trythisoutchiki says:

    I don't know if someone else pointed this out already but, the knife clips for cutting a cake. Why not clip them in the apposing direction? Then they won't slip off as you are sawing at the cake.

  4. Max McAdams says:

    my virgin kitchen is a good name but let it just be a name, dont address its meaning. the ambiguity just makes it enticing

  5. Cg Gc says:

    Hey Barry. Um, you got a bit of tofu on your forehead. And some in your hair.

  6. Herchicken says:

    Stil wonderin', who threw gadgets into him? His dogs? lol

  7. Leslie Hardeman says:

    Some people are just assholes. I think you're fine just the way you are. You're freaking adorable.

  8. Alexis Hatlee says:

    The cake things are so you can cut the top off evenlly

  9. J Ad says:

    Should have put the knife holders on the other way around, the traction will then force it onto the knife instead of off.

  10. Bandi Rain says:

    Ugh – total Daddy Vibes 💋🥰

  11. Kati Armstrong says:

    I believe you used silken tofu and maybe even soft tofu as well. Extra firm works best for the press

  12. Rhia the savage says:

    I have some disabilitys

  13. artist45 says:

    The best thing to cut cakes: dental floss.

  14. William Riley says:

    Barry,… mate…. if you focus on the gadget when you use it… and don't hold it sideways .. the maybe gravity wouldn't ruin your perfect moment with the dishwashing thingy.

  15. Shyan Marie says:

    Rename to "pretty ashens"

  16. Alleigh Brown says:

    Keep "My Virgin Kitchen" it's your brand now lol
    But also it's for people who are virgins IN the kitchen right? Like inexperienced people to try and push them to get in the kitchen??

    Or you could find a virgin and make him stand in the corner.

  17. Funfun 687 says:

    For the butter shaker go watch a video from the king of random (tkor) and watch (can you shake butter faster then you can make toast) and they’ll show you how to do it

  18. Jaycee Soutter says:

    Them Salt and pepper things were bondage pugs

  19. Gypsywoman13 says:

    Love your channel! I just wanted to say that your shirt is life ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻

  20. Jay Jay says:

    I Think you used the wrong Type of tofu

  21. Here Again says:

    I’m wearing headphones. I jumped when I got knife spacers popped off.

  22. TravisTV says:

    Imagine thinking you slice cake horizontally

  23. Thunder Rhododendron says:

    T-shirt WIN!!! 👏👏👏

  24. Chef who Slims says:

    You didn't shake the butter enough. It should completely seperate so you get lumps then you pour off the buttermilk and have to squeeze the lumps together to actually make a lump of butter

  25. Fiona Playz says:


  26. Robdidopp says:

    Coming a bit late to the game, but about the butter-thing: at least where I live – Germany – it's quite hard to find cream that doesn't contain carrageen, an emulsifier. If the cream used here did contain that, it'd be impossible to turn it into butter. It gets very thick, but it always remains a foam.

  27. Jiru Candy says:

    For a meaty textured tofu, use firm or extra firm tofu, and after pressing for a few hours, freeze it. Then thaw it out, squeeze out the excess water (with the press or your hands) and cook it from there ^.^

  28. Joanne Ganon says:

    Not, tofu press not shipped to us lowly Americans, 😣

  29. Joanne Ganon says:

    Who's smarter than you Barry… NOBODY
    Jo Jo in VT

  30. Jenni Graham says:

    You’re STILL a young dad me dear 😁 I really enjoy watching you, thanks for your fantastic videos!

  31. Dinkel Berg says:

    The sadest thing about me is that after 12 minutes and 4 or so Gadgets, your Phil Out Joke brought you my sub. 😀

  32. Aisha Mukri says:

    Can the washing lobster thing do mugs

  33. ChampofLowBrass says:

    If im correct, the glass popcorn maker is the one from Tasty, the buzzfeed food channel on youtube

  34. Brandon Garcia says:

    Can anyone please tell me what episode Barry reviews that other popcorn maker that he loves?

  35. Ruben van Aken says:

    Chicken stock is never vegan. Chicken is part of the name.

  36. MoonChild says:

    Just threw my self off the chair at the sound in the beginning

  37. Nick Young says:

    Do British people not cut cakes from the top?

  38. Betty Jepsen says:

    What a fun Video Barry. Love that doggie cake. Thank for sharing Barry and Family!

  39. Sophie McCormick says:

    If it's not quite butter and it's not quite whipped cream then it must be clotted cream (the one you put on your cream tea I was just in Devon so like)

  40. ChLoE gRaNt says:

    Erm I have never cut cake like that 😂

  41. Tony Verzinskie says:

    You should put your dog on your face

  42. greatboniwanker says:


  43. Lilly Doye says:

    The adaptor mentioned at the 19:20 mark appears to be a dangerous, poorly made model often referred to as a "deathdaptor". It provides both a fire and a shock hazard. I'd strongly recommend discarding it and seeking out an alternative from a reputable supplier. Dangerous Chinese adaptors labeled "For export only" are unfortunately alarmingly common. If you want a more in depth analysis search for "big Clive deathdaptor" on YouTube.

  44. NnGEnergy18 says:

    A Barry In A Kitchen should be the new channel name

  45. Zakiry says:

    The heads the shittest part of the beer

  46. Emily Bushell says:

    You should change it to Barry’s gadgets

  47. Deth exe says:

    would love to see your take on a mustard based hot sauce!

  48. Z3ld4Ch1ck says:

    18:59 das not a phone let alone a dog phone 😂😂😂

  49. LottaTroublemaker says:

    You know, when I grew up, we sliced the cakewith a piece of sewing thread! Works great, no need for any gadget. Use the same sawing mothion… 😊

  50. Great- grandma Kirk says:

    I’ve just found ur channel and I love it, now I’m gong back to watch all ur videos. Guess I need to subscribe now so I see all ur videos.

  51. Douglas Koller says:

    Barry’s Bizarre Gadgets!

  52. Diogeneticist says:

    My slutty kitchen.

  53. Christina Patterson says:

    cut the dog with the gadgets on the other side of the knife. between you and the knife when cutting towards you. oh the look on your face when that dish washing gadget actually turned on, priceless

  54. D Gervais says:

    Lol you put the knife clamps on backwards (the ones for the cake) mate

  55. Alana Dunn belladonna1771 says:

    The reason the butter didn't work is because to make butter, you whip cream, then keep whipping until it seperates into butter and buttermilk

  56. Lychalis says:

    That tofu press looks like it'd be good for kimchi too!

  57. kris howard says:

    If you do change the name change it to my kitchen experience

  58. MamaBanana says:

    As an asian, all I can say is: why would you want to get the moisture out of your tofu?!

  59. Klutzyladydeath says:

    I subscribed today because your shirt is so awesome! True story.

  60. Marie Stark says:

    “Barry’s pubescent kitchen?

  61. Pug Tastic says:

    You did have tofu on your forehead 🤣😂

  62. Shiro Rhion says:

    If you add a marble to the base of the butter maker it helps agitate the cream. Makes it quicker and easier.

  63. Karen Fuchsbichler says:

    When I need a giggle, I know to get onto utuby and watch you, ya funny bugga

  64. Kaileigh Kooyman says:

    You have tofu on the side of your head

  65. Kyle Bonello says:

    I still like Barry Lewis instead of mvk

  66. Georgia Crase says:

    Where can I get that majestic shirt, omg.

  67. M. says:

    You made overwhipped cream instead of butter, should have kept shaking barry, should have kept shaking xD

  68. wolfheartspirit97 says:

    Am I the only one that doesn't recall when he reviewed that popcorn pot? Does someone know the episode?

  69. Rachel says:

    Face the clips the other way, Barry!!

  70. tenah youngman says:

    The Krazy KGB (kitchen gadget with Berry)

  71. chris graf says:

    For those who want the tofu gadget but want to save some pennies. Get a container with holes on the bottom. (I got a old plastic cereal container and made one by drilling holes in the bottom then cutting the top off. So you have a small rectangle) put your tofu in it. Get a bowl or something to catch the liquid. Then get a loaf pan and put it on top. Add 2 to 3 large cans of food. Stick it in the fridge overnight. Then boom. Tofu ready for marinating

  72. Ar71 says:

    My non virgin kitchen

  73. Peter Smafield says:

    Berry's mess

  74. Courtnay Power says:

    I think Homer needs a sweater

  75. Courtnay Power says:

    You probably have a name by now..hmm ,how about Barry and Mrs Barry's kitchen

  76. Paopin says:

    Dog and bone ^_^

  77. LexiBandGeek says:

    I have Barry's fav popcorn maker it has never once worked for me

  78. lynndec22 says:

    The clip-on cake level slicer thing… I think you could put it on the opposite side of the blade, so that they won’t drag off while you’re cutting. You ended up dragging them off.

  79. Robert Szasz says:

    The problem with the earlier video was tilting the cake cutter. It has to stay vertical for the wires to cut even slices.

  80. crystal Colvin says:

    I say keep the name because ur still brining in new gadgets everyday

  81. The El Camino says:

    I’ve been wondering why he changed the name for a few weeks now lol. I hadn’t watched in a long time but started watching recently lol. I figured someone had complained to YouTube lol

  82. Shepherd Sam says:

    So adding up the time of me vegetarian and vegan being more than 20 years, I have never heard of pressing the liquid out of tofu. And boy have I eaten loads of blocks of tofu in my life.

  83. Mademoiselle du Sfonctionelle says:

    (I suppose tons of people will have said it before, but shouldn't you have kept the top lid (covering the slotted lid) and filled the jar from the "bottom" before you put that lid on, instead of pouring the cream through – or rather to the side of – the slots?)

  84. Mademoiselle du Sfonctionelle says:

    And the cream is supposed to be left out of the fridge with the lid off. Butter is normally made from sour cream because it tastes so much better if the cream is fermented first. And that is why buttermilk is a bit sour. (In Sweden, where all old traditions are viewed as irrelevant, we can't buy buttermilk anymore (but of course we have filmjölk instead).)

  85. jinksani says:

    U made unsalted butter that’s probably y it didn’t taste right

  86. Lora Wiese says:

    With slicing the cake, it will help it not to move if you can put some icing down on the board. Really enjoy your videos. That dish cleaning tool is a tad too loud for me.

  87. Molly Ray says:

    Barry: doesn't read instructions.

    Also Barry: *shocked when something goes wrong*

  88. Munjee Syed says:

    Barry i think you were supposed to keep the knife clips on the sharp side

  89. Munjee Syed says:

    Barry could send the broken japanese cleaner to big clive (stuart knows him) might to fun to see him take it apart

  90. Ricky Brignac says:

    To make butter, you have to continue shaking past the whipped stage… it will almost instantly clump into a ball… then you wash it…

  91. Nedra Green says:

    I I'm no to your Show love you attitude and your presentations

  92. gamarada bamal says:

    Barry's (Not A Virgin) Kitchen

  93. Liz B says:

    I started a marathon. 😁

  94. Annette Gray says:

    i think you need to put the clamps on the other side of the knife

  95. Dog Paw says:

    Me: tofu is disgusting
    Also me: has never had tofu before

  96. Sylvia Street says:

    Vegan chicken stock? Is there such a thing?

  97. Sylvia Street says:

    SaW it not saR it! Do all Brits add an R after a lot of words?

  98. A. Schschsch says:

    You should try the dishwasher thing with some plates that are full of old stains and not fresh ones. I doubt that the thing will work it out.

  99. Claritey says:

    Barry: Claims to no longer be a virgin in the kitchen so he needs to rebrand his channel
    Also Barry: Still making glaringly amateur mistakes that could have been corrected with 10 seconds of Google research

  100. shortazn97 says:

    Watching non asian folks try to prepare tofu is so sad…😂

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