Kitteh, Kitter, and Catto – internet names for cats

This is a catto. A smol catto is a kitter. Also called a kitteh. Here’s a wild kitteh. But a big ol kitter, that’s actually a catto. Also called a cate. Sometimes a catto is a big ol catto and that’s
a fatto catto. If it’s 20 times fatter than a fatto catto,
it could be a king catto. RUN. Cattos hunt many aninmals. Like birbs, cheese boyes, and blub blub doggos. Also the elusive dot. Cattos do activities. Some require tongues. Like mlem. Blep. And bave. But not this bave. Cattos hate this bave. Some cattos like to hit the nip. Too much can cause a derp. Cattos mostly are sleeping. But sometimes standing. Or watching you pee. This catto’s flying on an invisible trapeze. [circus music] There are many, many kinds of cattos. Like the purrsian. The siameowser. Blak catto. Nekid catto. Cheeto. And the copyrighted grumpy catto. Cattos go many places. Like a cardboard box. Or a fancy catto condo. Or the sliding lap of luxury. Maybe even a walk if a hoomans thinks a catto
is a doggo. And when a catto freaks out, it might enter
the cat dimension. But mostly cattos just go wherever they want. Visualize your cattos—and anything else—with

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100 Responses

  1. RelativelyRelated64 • says:

    I’m watching this while my kitten sleeps by my legs OwO

  2. Mr Pellagra says:

    C H E E S E B O Y E

  3. The Angry Enderman says:

    Cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance dance and I dance dance.

  4. Sonarcha says:

    If you dont advertise your product this way, dont ever expect me to buy it…

    until i find it useful.

  5. Jason Betancourt says:

    Don't forget when the big catto bois fight they get smack and bit and choke holded if u see big catto fighting another big catto run

  6. Chetari Sin says:

    Rest in peace, Grumpy cat

  7. Jsix says:


  8. Silverstar the Nightwing says:

    RIP Grumpy Cat. We'll miss you always! :(..

  9. Geek Pottermore says:

    Boop noddle

  10. Spyeye034 says:

    Now that's advertising!

  11. Thismemboiz says:

    For peoplr that was here rip tartersause the grumpy internet cat

  12. Blue Moon AvP says:

    One of my tabby cattos does alot of bleps

  13. Zacfoox is Da gud boi says:

    Dats not a cate it’s cade

  14. spaceblox co. says:

    I just found out my boi catto is actually a grl catto 😳😳😳

  15. Nicole Marshmallow says:

    Proud kitter owner

  16. Alec Is Bored says:

    I have a fatto catto

  17. ZenkaiClover Games says:

    This… This does put a smile to my face

  18. KattyKat Girl says:

    Catto to Fatto Catto to King Catto!

  19. Shadowlilly The cat says:


  20. The Game Stig says:

    i need to turn this in slow mo

  21. Pax Humana says:

    Some cattos actually like water, both house cattos and wild kittehs, so your claim is incorrect, @Lucidchart. Moreover, I have a few new terms for cattos and they are triangle heads, M kittehs, W kittehs, and Tabbico kittehs.

  22. Pax Humana says:

    I have a black catto. Black cattos are also called panther cattos.

  23. Sarah Dawn says:


  24. Documenter haha says:

    The Elusive Dot

  25. Jasper DT says:

    what about the Hamb?

  26. Sean Dunbar says:

    rip grumpy catto

  27. Hurricane Katrina says:

    my 5 mo old kitteh virtually lives in the cat dimension

  28. CosmicFoxx YT says:

    Ur seriousness tho

  29. CoffeeOnAPancake ÒwÓ says:


  30. Rachelle Louise says:


  31. heyitz.sunleo says:

    Imagine the dummies here…


  32. Phøinex Girl says:

    Why can't I stop clicking these videos?!

  33. xXGarlicBreadThotDestroya615Xx says:


  34. Susan Law says:

    Fat to cato

  35. Susan Law says:

    Birds chews bois

  36. WinterMoon says:

    It could be a king Catto.

  37. Lily Goedeke says:

    No doggo bamboozled again

  38. Seashell says:

    aHeM the black catto is also toothless UwU

  39. Daniel Husky says:

    no dogger bamboozle HOW VOULD YOU

  40. UwU Productions says:

    I love cats

  41. Andy Kurtis says:

    Voice over guy sounds sad this time )): why?? Are you okay??

  42. Legoivan44321 says:

    Cattos that meow a lot make are called meows.

  43. ultragame 7890 says:

    My kittos watch me pee all the time and one of them sticks their head in the toilet when i am peeing

  44. Azgar says:

    Also cats are liquids

  45. DarkSunshine111 says:

    We need an updated version with the chonks

  46. MonkaW says:

    how do the brainwashed masses find this cringe funny?

  47. Deepseagoblin says:

    Fatto catto!!! 😂 give this video a like plez!!

  48. Custom Things says:

    Other ads: look how amazing OUR products are!!
    Lucidchart: cattos (oh also our product)

    I love this so much!!

  49. 3point14156 says:

    V v disappointed this didn't mention Chonks

  50. Alyssa Marie says:

    When will other companies advertise like this.

  51. Kassy Jones says:

    But what about KITTO!

  52. _CT_ 16_ says:

    I didn’t realize it was an ad until I saw the end good job lucidchart

  53. Madi Kytta says:

    0:03. My last name

  54. Austin Hinkley says:

    0:31 so true

  55. Rex & Izzy Rox says:

    he chomnk

  56. Rex & Izzy Rox says:

    o lawd he comin

  57. CoolKitty Gamer says:

    0:33 i lost it here

  58. pikachu says:

    I have a black catto

  59. Rosie La says:

    Damn our dude sounds way less hyped, what's off?

  60. Leila Meade says:

    I swear lucidchart has the most incredible and in genius marketing crew ever! I love these commercials!

  61. Benjamin Okon-Uribe says:


  62. Deleijon says:

    what about chunkers and tha boy?

  63. Marley Dees says:

    I haver a floof catto/kitteh

  64. Mystical Earthly Foxes says:

    I loves this sh##

  65. Troy Lewis says:

    Best video. I love cats.

  66. GRD PROJEKT says:

    0:41 press F to pay respect

  67. Eboni Maxie says:

    I have a Siameowser

  68. Angelyn Nguyen says:

    I wuve cattos

  69. Tundra 1015 says:

    R.I.P grumpy cat

  70. yui monster deer says:

    CheEse Boi

    fatto catto:GiMmE
    me:want to boop but I allergic ;-;
    catto:henlo darkness my old friend I have come to talk to you again

  71. Nick Cole says:

    King catto RUN


  72. Sebastian Simidian says:

    I swear, the catto with the elusive dot looks EXACTLY like my catto

  73. Rhiannon Thompson says:

    Another lucidpress commercial?


  74. *Yellow_ Bow* says:

    “I die watching these!”

  75. Heather Hewlett says:

    Brilliant ad campaign ladies and gentlemen.

  76. Halo Manlosa says:

    Leme just say that this ain't the only add I watched willingly 😹😹

  77. Sophia says:

    blub blub doggos

  78. ferrari enzo says:


  79. matthewd124 says:


  80. Rachelle Louise says:


  81. Will sing fo food. says:

    He sounds so tired. He probably got tired from all the bamboozles

  82. PinkFlame9000 says:

    Rip grumpy cat

  83. Parakeet Girl says:

    These are the best ads ive ever seen, makes me actually want to stick around

  84. Bellah Torres says:

    0:14 birbs lol

  85. Yes says:

    C H E E S E B O I

  86. Mitchell Ginn says:

    Cattos: Purrsian, Simeowser, Blak Catto, Nekid Catto, Cheeto, Copyrighted Grumpy Catto

  87. Daniel L. says:

    Found Lucidchart to make ERDs, ended up with something far better…

  88. Hopi Schwopi says:

    Love how they evolved their style and he is much more confident with speking in the newer ones ^^!

  89. Declan Perrot says:

    0:41 tears streaming down face and proceeds to violently salute

  90. ArachnidNation says:

    It ain’t over ‘til the chonker kitto mlems

  91. Charles Lyons says:

    Rip grumpy cat

  92. Shadow Dragon says:

    i prefer the black fatto catto myself

  93. evaunit 015 says:

    Where is the chonker catto?

  94. Mississippi Mud says:

    I have The Fatto Catto.

  95. Pygmy Muffin says:

    Rip grumpy catto

  96. Maxwell Weisner says:

    Theyre missing the chonkers

  97. Izzy Swerdlove says:

    My favorite?
    F A T T O C A T T O

  98. Zwackelmann173 says:

    No Chonk
    My disappointment is immeasurable
    And my day is ruined

  99. 《Forever 》 says:

    What about fat cattos known as chonkers?

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