Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd Active Aggression at 7 Months Old!

Xtra with active aggressive at seven months old. What I’m gonna do now you hold it away from her, so she knows I have what she wants she wants that’s how you see how actively aggressive she is to get the prey. okay let her go! Okay oh yes good we’re going to make her really work for it grip hard biting full, every dog should do this. Wagging the tail should be secure and of course absolute Optima grip okay yeah and fighting drive and good nerves , don’t even blink all hold , okay takes her leash off out and kick, okay here we’re going encourage that, and okay let her go look at the grip look at that oh yes right there now that dog is absolutely secure and I’m secure that she is secure. That couldn’t be better you guys go ahead put her away!

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