Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd puppy obedience training at 4 months old

okay here we have Babsi getting prepared to do obedience, that’s enough drive building this dog has great drive look at her going into that position already awesome and that look at that the dog knows that the handler has what she wants okay that’s already established let’s go right to work down look how she can control her emotions anticipating the next exercise next command here and reward absolutely perfect this is what we like to see from a working copy four months old behavior is established using the food drive and then switched over to the play drive so the work is play that’s what a working dog looks at work like they just love to do what they do and then they’re rewarded for this way absolutely super all right let’s go ahead and do it again and S-I-T and down absolutely super Perfect!

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  1. GermanShepherdRex says:

    Awesome puppy….

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