Krav Maga vs. Other Martial Arts | Krav Maga Defense

The discussion is with an answer to a question
of how Krav Maga is different or better than a number of arts such as; Jiu Jitsu, or Judo,
or Boxing, or Karate, or Muay Thai, or various other martial arts out there. For me it’s; What is the difference between
Krav Maga and other martial arts? I don’t even want to relate to the question
whether Krav Maga is better than other arts, because better is what is better for the individual
in the physical fitness that he chose to involve himself in. So, we can just touch on how Krav Maga is
different than other arts. Krav Maga is an art that is taught only for
the purpose of self preservation. It is not a competitive art. We don’t design to fight with people in the
same weight class. We don’t design to fight in the same sex. We don’t design to fight even one guy. We are preparing for war. Period. We are preparing our self as an art to a time
when you have to fight to defend yourself. The choice of not defending yourself is unacceptable
because you potentially could lose your life. That is the difference. We are allowed to do whatever is necessary
to cause the max amount of damage on one individual. We want to do it in the shortest period of
time, because the longer it goes the more hurt we’re going to be. Our job is simply to function as a soldier,
to conduct combat, and when it’s done to extract our self out of there. Our entire concept of thinking is different
than competitive arts. Our entire way of training is different than
competitive arts. And the reason is simple; we do not compete;
we fight for survival.

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100 Responses

  1. insider says:


  2. Ramil De Leon says:

    Lol how come a muay thai huy beatef the krav maga guy? Cause its not about the art its how good you are in your art

  3. Greya Cour says:

    How long have you been sitting on this information Ben? I had no idea Mixed Martial Arts combined different martial arts techniques.

  4. Ben Ridler says:

    Loving the sarcasm xD I was just making the point that it annoys me when people call MMA a style, cos it's not really

  5. Ben Ridler says:

    Just saying, it annoys me when people call it a style and dont know where the techniques come from

  6. Jeffery Bowen says:

    This saves lives. If you do not believe it, try attacking someone who is proficient in this self defense training.

  7. crazypickle1001 says:

    0:27, 0:32, and 1:18. Enjoy

  8. Leto says:

    Thats debatable.

  9. Leto says:

    Actually i used to do MMA and BJJ and every one there described Krav practitioners as "adaptable'' and after now doing Krav i can say that they are.

  10. rocketpropulsion says:

    What is said at 1:25 says it all!

  11. Body3v3rybody says:

    Krav Maga = Self Defense/Survival
    Other Martial Arts = Fun Workouts/Competitive Sports

  12. 7limey says:

    I love how he could probably kill you within 2 seconds.

  13. gws108 says:

    Krav maga is the best of several martial arts combined to defend against any attack. No kata's, no rules, not meant to put on a display of skills to impress. It is training to save your ass .. not prove how tough you are.

  14. DB9120 says:

    Other martial arts are just as good if not better, it all comes down to the practioner.

  15. WolverineSticker says:

    That isnt true, Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth, it comes down to the actual person, i would knock the hell out of plently of krav maga specialists. is it because my boxing and wrestling are superior? not really, it comes down to the person

  16. Body3v3rybody says:

    It all really comes down to three MAJOR things in fighting. Mentality, aggression and most importantly technique. If your game plan is in competitive or play by his rules or street rules you will likely get beat. If you don't give it all you got from beginning to end… again less likely to win. If you go out there windmilling, you get the idea.
    Krav Maga uses ALL of these anc sets no boundaries. And I used to Box and Wrestle AND took TKD. But Krav is a whole other dimension of combat…

  17. Body3v3rybody says:

    What I like is that not much people know about it. Its USUALLY just Splinter Cell gamers or computer nerds, other times law enforcers or just people who found it out.

  18. WolverineSticker says:

    I hear you! id love to check it out sometimes, funny ive always thought of boxing and wrestling as outdated and so clear cut, haha (I also took TKD), and to be honest id rather kick somebody in the face, i respect your philosophies on the martial arts

  19. Body3v3rybody says:

    If you think kicking a guy's face in will help you win, use it. Just not only practice how hard and how high you kick. Also, practice how you would use it in conflict and how you would perform in that situation.
    And I respect yours too.

  20. Nicholas Sloane says:

    well said

  21. vee says:

    People say other martial arts can't "kill".. Let me tell you something. I train Muay thai and If you kick someone with your shin its literally like thick hardwood, now if you do that in their face in a street fight you're knocking them out. If you kick them in the ribs, you are breaking multiple bones, and not to mention we also use elbows and knees. IMO Krav Maga relies a lot on the opponent not having any self defense knowledge, as soon as you introduce some, you find a lot of the moves just dont work. Obv it depends on your intentions, but if you think Krav Maga is best, then Muay thai is the next best thing or on the same level, or even better in some cases imo.

  22. NinjaKnight says:

    I enjoy the fact that he isn't arrogant in saying that Krav Maga is better than aikido or karate etc. he understands that different people have their own preference for martial arts.

  23. Wander Ingeye says:

    V good, someone who makes sense ! yes the art of disengaging is safer 

  24. left-wingers-are-terrorists says:

    Krap Maga is shitty against a trained Eskrimador.

  25. 992ras says:

    The only people who train all the body is shaolin monks.. all martial arts should train you in self defence..if they dont then your learning from a teacher that is not good.. I take kung fu ..krav maga kicks are very poor you have balance problems which cuase you not be able to force hips throw..which means they are weak..I take from shaolin monk leg balance is key in any kick..also the angles you take are unnecessary strait foward is the best way to go against any attack..even when side stepping..

  26. 1banryukyu says:

    護身術(Goshinjutsu) the art of self-defense is a great method for surviving a street attack or self-defense scenario. Understanding what self-defense is and how to use it is a good start. Self-defense is the use of reasonable force to protect yourself and or others from bodily harm.  Combat arts may share some 技 /waza or techniques that are in self-defense but they philosophy are not the same. Self-defense is about avioding conflict and if you are in a self defense scenario surviving the attack where you do not have to go to the hospital and or a morgue but within your legal rights to do so. Even in war there are rules of what you can and can not do. Osu

  27. mustang77ism says:

    No way a KMG "fighter" beats a BJJ in a real street fight. KMG works if opponents stay on their feet, but a BJJ, Judo, or wrestler will drop a KMG practitioner like a rag doll. A BJJ fighter would then #1choke him out and have the option of deadly force if needed or #2 put him in a lock and very easily break something.

  28. thunderbroomm says:

    I worked with Rhon in NYC.  The philosophy is at times more important than the technique.  I miss that mean NYC shit.

  29. thunderbroomm says:

    I worked with Rhon in NYC.  Sometimes the philosophy is more important than the technique.  I miss that mean NYC shit.

  30. Vasilis PAOK says:

    Krav maga is a combination of jiu jitsu muay thai and karate

    Where is the diference?

  31. Graphic World says:

    Judo is better than krav maga

  32. MrDelmonte67 says:

    The Isreali Christopher Walken at 1:35 lol.

  33. Trivvy says:

    Heh, I found it pretty coincidental that when I came across this video, I just got back from doing the same choke defences in my Krav class.

  34. KravMaga1986 says:

    Why Krav Maga vs other Martial Arts ?
    Krav Maga+other Martial Arts= the best way !
    Krav Maga student´s have to be deadly, with rules and without weapons !
    Everybody that says that art´s are different from sport´s and…blablabla!!!
    Enough, you theorist´s!
    Your like virgins´s that talk about sex, they had it never in their life, but they know everything about it !!!
    Mix it, MMA or Lutra Livre is the ultimate martial art with rules and withot weapons!
    But when you are smart, you put them together, and you have the best way for SELF DEFENCE !
    Krav Maga without, Muay Thai, Judo, wrestling, BJJ techniqhes, I mean withou MMA, is 100% bullshit!

  35. Elric Leano says:

    Any Master would not disrespect anyone else, to do so would show your own weakness. This person is not a true karate practioner.

  36. Zev Allison says:

    no crotch, no krav maga!

  37. Elric Leano says:

    Sorry folks, I was responding to a YouTube video, "krav maga is bullshit" video and it ended up under this video – my apologies. If you watch that video, you would understand my comment. Btw as a karate practioner, I was defending another martial art but then this released a lot of hatred. Again, if you have to put down someone or something else, I believe you lack true warrior spirit. You don't have to be a master to exude that quiet confidence.

  38. KyokushinTrader says:

    Taken from Russian System but much less effective, and you don't fight fighters because you can't. Fighting civilians and non fighters is easy but Why has Krav Maga never succeeded in the K1, UFC or MMA tournaments. Very good marketing but not efficient against a fighter, Kyokushin on the other hand has produced some of the meanest fighters in the World and many Famous World Champs. (George St-Pierre,Sam Greco,Semmy Schielt,Andy Hug, Fransisco Fihlo, Glaube Feitosa,  etccc………… I fought many Krav Maga fighters and fights are always short as very little hitting power and almost no guard when attacked. Lets be real now !!!! Osu

  39. martial-love says:

    @syrianwarrior start thinking…feitosa etz will not attack me in a club or infront of my child.and if so it will newer look like in k1 or ufc.

  40. Anthony Sarna says:

    I agree with this guy below me, I study Tracy's Kenpo Karate, and Al Tracy himself has said that Krav Maga is bad kenpo. He says that Krav Maga practitioners do not have a solid foundation, no stances or basics. People are impressed with how good it looks but half the time when I watch these videos theyre always off balance in a fight and can get pushed down easier.

  41. Eruj Jgt says:

    mma bjj rules krav maga no rules no balance with kicks take an off balance kick to the groin see how you feel about it  martial art great if you got 10 years and i would say it would be well spent time but kravs for the guy who wants to defend them self to be alive 

  42. luis eduardo mathamba alejos says:

    Lot of bla bla.!

  43. Brian Craft says:

    Martial arts don't fight, people fight. Every martial art in existence is good and they all work in self-defense situations. It's up to the person using it to make it work, as well as the quality of instruction given and the way they train. No style is truly better than another. As long as what you know helps you successfully defend yourself against an attacker, that's all that matters. A true martial artist shouldn't put down other arts, because they all work. There are no bad martial arts. Only bad instructors, schools, practitioners, and training methods. My advice to anyone who is looking to learn a martial art to defend themselves, is don't listen to those who say "this art is better than that one". Those people don't have much to offer and are close-minded. If you want to learn a martial art, you need to find a good instructor who teaches the art the correct way and uses good training methods. Those instructors are very hard to find, but they exist. Doesn't matter what the art is, because the art is just a tool. Its up to you to use it correctly and to make it work for you.

  44. Anthony Allen says:

    This is the problem but first I respect everyone's point of view. The difference really comes down to philosophy. It's about fighting like a soldier. The problem is we are civilians first and when you have a physical altercation you have to be careful because we as civilians fall under laws of the land. Sometimes self defense martial arts such as Karva Marga gives a person a physiological mentality offense first so when you don't have a base in combat like a true martial arts self defense is now self offense. Self Defense martial arts may tell you to maintain a dominate position to the police comes such as a full mount in bjj. That saves you from causing unnecessary damage and a law suit. The reason I say that is some people has jobs that prohibits them from gaining criminal backgrounds so sometimes you have to do the old fashion self defense. Now this is not to say that a fight could be a complete chaos fight with weapons or mass attack that puts you in another frame of mind so I was just making a basic point on an offensive quote on quote self defense survival art could sometimes change you physiologically and start to have you offensive. It's the truth just read people's post on the Internet sometimes when they become easily offended when you have an oppion about those reality quick self defense arts people will start talking aggressive. So I do believe that Karv is effective as long it's not fighting a skilled MMA or bjj because of its strong base.

  45. Thomas S. says:

    Wrong, Kav Maga has the problem that the techniques are too dangerous for competition. But you only gain real strength through competition. They train the 'deadly' attacks without real contact and without real fights. So in the end they lack anticipation and lose against judoka, boxers and other competetive full contact sports

  46. fly bred says:

    well said !

  47. av733 says:

    Why is he wearing a belt if he isn't even wearing a gi?

  48. av733 says:

    He says "other martial arts" but Krav Maga isn't a martial art.

  49. Matthew B says:

    Very well said. I'm a new student in Krav. So far love it. I especially am learning about self defense, some call it self offense I guess. Whatever term you use I hope I never have to be in a situation to defend myself but I am preparing if needed. No different then owning a weapon, just need to use self control (which isn't easy) when exercising your right to use it to protect yourself. Love Krav, signed up for classes for the next 12 months.

  50. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    I like it.

  51. Filip Ɖurić says:

    I prefer FMA over Krav Maga, but that's just my opinion. I thyink km focuses too much on the soldier context rather than the civilian context.
    I love km but it's something to consider.

  52. Limited Edition says:

    I'm glad he said what he said in this video because last year I met a arrogant jackass that told me "karate uses to much power" and "krav maga is the best"

  53. Boom Stick says:

    So, can krav maga defend against muay thai?
    This is why we want to see krav maga 'champions against muay thai ones. To see which one is more effective in self defense.

  54. Isaiah Hernandez says:

    Krav Maga shouldn't be described as an 'art' it's simply dirty self defense and good stuff at that but not an art by any means

  55. MrTACOCHIP says:

    Unless you live in a country, or specific area, in which your life is regularly threatened by assailants using weapons, I can't understand why you would devote extended periods to learning Krav Maga. For women (and many men, I'm sure), it could offer an excellent crash course in dealing with unwanted and threatening contact. For men (and some women) it encourages a sense of hyper vigilance which really isn't necessary unless you're in an actual war environment. I've been in 2 street fights in my life and 'won' them by awkwardly throwing someone over a table and using a few jabs. I've done BJJ and MMA for the past few years, and never worry about defence. If someone has a gun or a knife I would run, hand over money or use what I know if there were no other options. I spend no time thinking about self defence and would realistically 'win' in a street fight against an average Joe 95% of the time, something which holds no appeal to me

  56. Rik Bakker says:

    How can you defense a hook to the body ?

  57. John Santiago says:

    Krav Maga is not a martial art

  58. Servant Of Jesus says:

    I'm in taekwondo and my masters teach me control so I don't hurt people when I spare because the say I can hit way to hard sometimes lol maybe I should try wing chun or krav maga

  59. n l says:


  60. Slim Rage says:

    Krav maga is just Jiu Jitsu with some newer and extra moves and takedowns, I practice jiu jitsu and it's much better than Krav maga

  61. e1 raja says:

    Krav maga vs pencak silat?

  62. Shunya says:

    aikido is much better i guess .



  64. Jeroen Gerrits says:

    He is right! Krav maga is for actual self defence/survival and it is most efficient!!!

  65. gregoriodia says:

    That is true fighting master – he knows, that it is not a "Martial Art" that is fighting – it is person. Martial Art is just a tool, we can't say that 10cm knife will be better defence than 8cm knife… It is all about how you will use the tools that've been given to you.

  66. Kelly Bielefeldt says:

    it only works if you are Sterling Mallory Archer.

  67. Jonnathan Izquierdo says:

    ninjutsu q es ninja le gana al crav manga

  68. Icon Panik says:

    I've never seen a Krav Maga mma fighter

  69. Elijah Bedick says:

    I feel like half of you have no clue what krav maga is and what imi lichtenfeld wanted it to be remembered as its sad

  70. Berial M says:

    If you are a good profesor you will understand…
    Depends the person who practice dude

  71. Nicholas W says:

    Even though I'm a 1st degree black belt in Tae kwon do, I would say Krav Maga is the overall most useful martial art, mainly because of its tough disciplines and survival like uses.

  72. Brandon N says:

    How is Krav Maga different?

    Groin strikes. Tons of groin strikes.

  73. Francisco Retamozo says:

    are there any videos or even pictures that Prof the effectiveness of KravMaga????

  74. Ali Ismail says:

    What about: 1. Krav Maga. 2. Systema?

  75. Thiago Carvalho says:

    How can a style trained by armies, police and security guards not be something efficient?

  76. Joel Pamelo says:

    krav maga is better

  77. Lord Meme says:

    All martial arts styles can have immense power and it really does depend on the person

  78. Ryjak says:

    I really want to get into Krav Maga… but I have this thing where I hate kicking other guys in the testicles… so yeah.

  79. gostekk says:

    So krav maga can' t fight with other martial arts, becouse they will always kick in groin? Wow, build all combat strategy on groin kicks, wow, stuoid idea, but if someone have groin protector? Or what if krav maga guy miss kick in the groin? And also that is not honor behavior? My poit is that in krav maga are so many different techniques not only groin kick. So i think that good krav maga pacticioner can fight like a mma fighter, becouse krav maga is combination of many styles like boxing, wrestling, ju jitsu, judo etc. MMA is also combination of that kind. In KM people train also self defence about knifes, guns etc. In mma there is no such things like defence against knife, but if mma fighter wants end fast fight he also can kick in groin. So i am waitning to see an KM fighter against other martial arts like karate or bjj.

  80. paxwallacejazz says:

    Clear and concise.

  81. Dan Dixon says:

    (In Jeff Foxworthy's voice) If you wear a martial arts belt without a jacket…YOOOOUUUU just might be practicing a fake martial art…

  82. Dan Dixon says:

    (In Jeff Foxworthy's voice) If you've ever said the words "We don't compete because our techniques are too dangerous….Youuuuu just might be a fake martial artist!

  83. Rodrigo Antônio Fortuna says:

    Imitatio of wing chun

  84. Mary Shaw says:

    Krav Maga, excellent for beating up unarmed Palestinians.

  85. Mark Cohen says:

    Don’t forget people every martial arts is self defense.Because self defense comes from martial arts what do you think Krav Maga is it is nothing new they are simply abstraction from other arts these other are were way before Krav was even thought of.Its the practioner of the martial if the get to the level that they can abstract from the art bamm self defense.krav Maga there conditioning and there mentality is hands down for sure.

  86. lolan says:

    Wing chun

  87. lolan says:


  88. Zetsumei the saytr says:

    Here's a quick way to answer questions if someone ever asks you or if you're ever curious of what fighting style is better knowing just one can defend yourself true but if you truly want a better fighting style learn multiple fighting styles

  89. Damian Navas Parra says:

    Me cago en tu krav maga
    he buscado por 2 horas una pelea real de krav maga y solo hay simulaciones

    ELkrav maga no es ni un sistema ni arte marcial punto

  90. BRP Perlas ng Silangan aircraft carrier says:

    the problem with the techniques in krav maga is you need to be more stronger than your opponent to execute its techniques.

  91. Eric Wersy-Luong says:

    This is Another clip off Eric black belt master of Steven seagals art's and this is for Brazilian jiu jitsu and Karva maga the REDONDO-LUONG-Seagal family

  92. Dakota Walker says:

    This makes a lot of sense after watching this cause krav maga doesn't seem to be an "art"

  93. Michael Brooks says:

    If you go back to the original days of many traditional arts, they were the exact same way at their inception.

  94. sean John says:

    What's the difference between kapap and krav maga. Did both but find kapap slightly bitter perhaps because had a bitter teacher

  95. Sochin says:

    Karate/BJJ here. I love Krav Maga!

  96. Ben Quinney says:

    Based on

  97. BurningPumpkinLady says:

    now I really wanna start Krav Maga again 😐

  98. Austin Kepley says:

    😂😂 what a joke

  99. vegeta90810 says:

    If you never compete or spar against a resisting opponent how will you know your techniques work?

  100. Melvin Collins says:

    This style is hyped by hollywood, and it's a giant scam, usually targeting rich females wanting to learn how to defend themselves. The problem with most Krav Maga schools, it will get most of the students killed. Do yourself a favor don't bother with this.

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