Labrador Facts

Best Breed Ever! Labrador Retrievers
Originating in Canada during the 1800s, labs are smaller versions of the Newfoundland dog
breed They were bred to help fishermen retrieve
their catch and bring hunters their game cho black, yellow, and chocolate
They have webbed feet, an otter-like tail, and a near water-proof coat � making them
excellent swimmers The majority of guide dogs are labradors because
they are very friendly and reliable Labradors are also used for bomb detection
and stress therapy in the military Labs can be trained to respond to hundreds
of commands � even loading a washing machine – They are medium-sized dogs that need exercise
– They shed moderately twice a year “Are Labradors for me?
– They are great for families with children – They are high energy dogs!
– They live to be 12-13 years old”

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100 Responses

  1. John Ian Von Celis says:

    Boston Terrier please? 🙂

  2. RH Ava says:

    I have a 12 year old month back lab and he currently knows sit and sorta come and is currently working on shake we have had him for about a week in a half (his name is Sammy btw) I’ll update

  3. Tay J. Snyd says:

    I had a black Labrador. She died cuz she bit some random frog. I was heartbroken my girl died.

  4. olly plays says:

    I have one Labrador retriever

  5. olly plays says:

    Her lab is insane

  6. olly plays says:


  7. TheYouTube Warriors says:

    aww they look so much like mine when mine was a puppy

  8. Grey Lab says:

    Very smart!

  9. Urban Monk says:

    I have a lab named Hope and she's one of the best things that has ever happened to me??

  10. Aryan The Alien 13 says:

    I Have a Labrador and he is born in jan/11/2018 . he is very active
    I love labs

  11. Sophie Toon says:

    Can you do Shiba Inus please.

  12. PhatCrayonz says:

    my dog is a black labrador named Bosco. love him

  13. Shailendra Negi says:

    best dog

  14. Jibin Varghese says:

    Give a thumbsup for my yellow lab

  15. JasMin Singh says:

    I have a fem black lab. Very naughty and lazy. She broke many things here in home. She bit me many times. But every time i sit beside her, she lying down on my lap and licks me. It makes me loves her more and more

  16. JG Tv says:

    Can you do cane corso?

  17. Istiffanie Juntels says:

    Praying for my dog to go back home ??it's been 24 hrs since he didn't back.How I wish no one beaten my dog

  18. Gar says:

    When they were bred dident they get rid of any that were not black is this true ?

  19. abey jose says:

    Please dont persuade them to do unnecessary things… Like bringing beer etc…. Poor creature. They obey us only because of their love. Dont mis use.

  20. Scopo Steve says:

    my lab is cut but she is frocuse if she doesn't know you you will most likley get jumped also she is very territorial and she will protect her food better than she will protect her puppys I have a scar from her bitting me

  21. Vicky Sri says:

    what food to give labrador puppy

  22. Just me says:

    My labs loves to shit everywhere

  23. Merged Zamasu says:

    My dog lab is scared of everything
    He is scared in in water, fighting, running, playing. So i killed him with gun he is sucks

    Jus kiddin i love my dog even he is a gay scared af, he is so cute too

  24. ransom182 says:

    Clearly the best breed ever.

  25. Rohit Menon says:

    He can protect are family?

  26. best dog breed says:

    Great video..
    Here is a new video about Labs

  27. Anitadevi Chodhri says:

    I have a Libra baby his colur is whit and brown is he poured or mix his eyes is small

  28. Can we get to 70 subscribers with no Videos? says:

    My lab is 11 now ?

  29. Vasantha Mudiraj says:

    I have a lab she's name is Ruby 7mths old. She loves me lot???

  30. tevin weir says:

    i have 2 labarador that are twins but a lil bit defrent

  31. Priya Karthik says:

    I too have a lab and it's name is butter.he is honey coloured

  32. fire blast says:

    Labs are awesome

  33. attackontitan levi says:

    can you please do labor doodles a mix between a poodle and a labrador retriever please do that i have one

  34. Dawn Cooper says:

    Actually labs can live 12-14 yrs but I’m proud of my Labrador Oakley!

  35. Åη◎η⑂мøυsÐrα//īηℊ says:

    Cuteness that Conquer our Way of living

  36. Mandy Gybels says:

    High energy.. my lab is a lazy fuck always napping

  37. kDarky says:

    Bully Kutta!

  38. Grace's Slime says:

    they are so cute puppy ?

  39. Grace's Slime says:

    I love Labrador Dogs but I have Shih Tzu Dongs. Shih Tzu are hard to train 🙁

  40. Hannahhh Chan says:

    I can't wait to get my own labrador in christmass! Guys, can you give me advice on how to treat it well and healthy?

  41. Pamet Avenido says:

    I have a puppy Labrador and his name is choychoy


  42. enzo corpus says:

    intelligent dog, lovely and sweet, sheds a lot.

  43. Eclipz Ggamers2 says:

    1:00 to 1:05 made me cry happy tears

  44. Eminem Fan says:

    Yaaay I'm getting a chocolate lab next month!!!!

  45. snehal karande says:


  46. Always laugh says:

    All in one dog

  47. Jay JHarwal says:

    Lebra dog woulds best dog?????????❤️❤️❤️???

  48. Sanatomba Nongmaithem says:

    I have a 9 month old lab she weigh about 52lbs but she is only 16 inches tall. What can I do to increase her height

  49. giudicelli gilles says:

    a class ! ! !

  50. Jet Stream says:

    Great video except for the noisy crappy music.

  51. sindhu vs says:

    Cardigan welish corgi please

  52. Dhwani Janjmera says:

    Yup my labrador was a very obidient child ?I loved her very much

  53. Mark Lapham says:

    How can this get a thumps down

  54. Roja Suresh says:

    Golden retriever facts

  55. Anouar Echadhli says:

    They are needful for life riscuing and for the marine forces.. They are the best swimmers in emergency situations.

  56. Jay JHarwal says:

    GOLDU LEBRA DOG WOULDS BEST DOG????????????❤️❤️❤️

  57. dogs rule the world says:

    Labs are the absolute best in the world

  58. Heidi the One says:

    I need my lab to bring me food

  59. Jazzmyn animates says:

    I have a dog labrador

  60. Jazzmyn animates says:

    But it's black

  61. Jazzmyn animates says:

    But he's a ruff dog

  62. Darvin Stjohn says:

    Mine has the Dudley genetic quirk he’s fur coat is so Beautiful he’s so white people ask if it’s an albino but it’s just a genetic quirk his nose and skin around his eyes are pink unlike yellow labs which are black

  63. Suzanne Dawkins says:

    Just watch this as i had to have my yellow lab put down to day missing him he was 12 worse day

  64. bilal star rock star says:

    labrador is best

  65. erilla rowell says:

    I have 2 labs also… One black female, and one chocolate male. You can visit my channel to watch them.

  66. Dani Thomas says:

    I have a lab named jacky

  67. Evelyn Labrador says:

    Im a labrador

  68. DaBoyWhoLikesToEat Jelly says:

    I have a Labrador ? and it’s called Leo

  69. The Dark Zone says:

    I have two Labs and I love them one of them is male and female Male name is Bullet and female name is Cappuchino

  70. Hermoine Granger says:


  71. briken shahu says:

    I just got a laborador and its only 4 weeks!She is so cute

  72. RisE n says:

    For some reason my Labrador is Friendly to humans but not really to dogs although my lab had fought with a few other dogs even though my lab is just a puppy

  73. mycaetos says:


  74. Paul Melnychuk says:

    Some breeders now ha e a blue gray one sometimes.? I'd take one even if it came with stripes.

  75. Ichi Eat World says:

    1:18 that looks like mah boi Kuro.

  76. Alpha says:

    i have a Labrador named Cooper, he’s the most loyal and smartest dog I’ve ever had.
    When I’m sad or I’m crying he whimpers to ask if im okay and gives me his paw.

    LABS FOR LIFE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️

  77. Nelson Holt says:

    Lab warning- If you want a puppy for 11-12 years get a lab???✌️

  78. MrAMYJACK says:

    So this channel says Labrador Retrieves originated in canada in the 1800's that I don't believe.

  79. OnCloud9 Aviation says:

    I have a black Labrador. He's cute

  80. Darci Houghton says:

    i love this vid

  81. Sanjay Jay says:

    Labrador lovers like

  82. Jerhemy Singian says:

    ther so chuby and cute

  83. Indy Cyclist says:

    They shed MODERATELY? Only TWICE a year? Written by someone who has never owned a lab.

  84. Viddu Senthil says:

    Very nice video , thank you. Love Labradors

  85. Yogi Bear says:

    Hi ?

  86. Spy Alvarado says:

    Now I know why Labs are so gentle they're canadian =)

  87. Bread says:

    Mine eats everything.

  88. Wolf Vision says:

    I like the beer part

  89. Devrous こんにちは says:

    Our Labrador died 🙁

  90. Valli Deivanai says:

    Useless dog lab,daily peeing inside my house,no barking against strangers,useless for security purpose

  91. Chrys Gnt says:

    2:51 Irresistible cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1:32 – 1:37 I'm dying of cuteness!!!!

  92. jareenabegam shaik says:


  93. Gizelle Urias says:

    I have a black lab. He is amazing. He is everything you need in a dog. I love him so much.

  94. Lukrin says:

    You missed the number one fact, they are the goodest of bois.

  95. fathead adolf barry says:

    Lol cause the most cucked humans made this breed ?

  96. R.E.N 75 says:

    I have 2 lab

  97. Alexander Harrington says:

    Silvers aren’t labs

  98. Job Work says:

    Canada gave us the best dog breed ever. Our lab unfortunately died at the age of 15 this February a we are getting the new one next month, counting weeks and day. I cant wait

  99. bonhamlives0525 says:

    We must train that last lab how to conserve energy.He left the fridge door wide open !!
    Hehe gotta lovem

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