Labrador retriever called Molly shoots woman with loaded gun – Today News

 A dog shot a woman in the leg by stepping on a gun in a car.  Tina Springer, 44, was taken to hospital after the weapon went off as she was sat in the passenger seat at a railway crossing in Enid, Oklahoma, US  It is believed the dog, Molly, became startled at the crossing and leapt onto a pistol stored in the centre console of the vehicle  Brent Parks, 79, who was driving the car at the time, told police his yellow Labrador retriever shot Ms Springer, his caretaker, in the thigh    In a recording of the police call, he can be heard saying: “Well a gun went off Got her in the leg. She didn’t do it herself. I had a dog in here and he stepped on the gun ”  When the call handler asks him to confirm that the dog shot her, he adds: “Yeah, he stepped on it and it went off But anyway, can you get an ambulance out here?  “She’s bleeding pretty bad. She’s alert but she’s losing blood bad I’m trying to find something to wrap around her leg but she’s a screaming and all this sh*t ”  Ms Springer can be heard pleading in the background, telling Mr Parks ‘I don’t feel good tell my kids I love them’.  The pensioner used his belt as a tourniquet to stem her bleeding, taking instructions from the dispatcher  He told police that the .22-calibre pistol is not usually loaded, Mail Online reports  Molly was in the back seat just before the accident happened.

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