Labrador retriever gets fitted for possible prosthetic leg

a sweet dog is hopefully getting a second chance to walk on all four legs after a very tragic accident news for Tucson Priscilla Kasper introduces us tonight to Athena new at 6:00 she is extremely intelligent she loves people I think she honestly lives for affection what’s more love wall is talking about two-year-old Athena a Labrador Retriever she Foster’s you would think she was like any other dog but she’s missing a limb and that doesn’t stop her from moving around soon possibly walking and running better we’re going to see if she can get a prosthetic for the leg that was amputated because she stepped in a bear trap wall says that happened a year ago in Mexico on a farm the owner had Athena slake amputated and gave her away to a woman who then contacted the southwest Oasis Labrador rescue to take her in hanger any prosthetics and Orthodox clinic measured to see whether Athena has enough of a leg left to be able to get a prosthetic the fitting went great Athena has got a pretty short limb but I think we can work with it so we’ll just yeah we’ll see how it goes galvan at the hanger clinic says they took a cast and they’ll now make modifications to the mold to see how they want the socket to fit on Athena to live a happy healthy life and go to a happy family eventually Athena will be up for adoption in a couple weeks if she’s able to get the prosthetic leg she needs this dog anyone who gets her will be so lucky you’re such a good girl Priscilla Casper news for Tucson how sweet is that

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