Labrador Retriever ve Özellikleri

It has been the closest friend of mankind since ancient times on earth. Dogs are the most loyal pets that have lived with people for thousands of years. There are various breeds of dogs in different sizes, colors and specifications in the world. One of the most popular of these races is the Labrador Retriever. I’m going to talk about Labrador dogs and their features in this video. I will tell you why these dogs are popular and why they are one of the most preferred races by people. Before I start describing the Labradors, one of the world’s most popular dog breeds, you may be interested in watching videos and submitting channels to me, and you may be aware of these and similar videos. Enjoy the movie Many dogs today have emerged as a result of the mating of different species by humans. The Labrador Retriever, once known as “St John’s Dog”, is one of the most popular dog breeds of our day. The earliest known origin is based on Canada. Canada is known as an improved race in Newfoundland. Canada is a cold country with ice. The Labradors, who were raised in these lands, were then being trained to jump into the icy waters to draw fisherman’s nets to the shore. The introduction of Labrador dogs to England in the 1800’s has a new feature. This feature was the strengthening of the ability to bring back the hunted dogs. This race, whose real name is Labrador Retriever, is known and called as Labrador among the people. Turkey as well as all over the world come to look and they see people are among the most favored breeds of dogs. It is a lovely and beautiful river that always attracts people’s attention. Labrador is among the great dog breeds. While males are 56-61 cm in height on average, their females are 53-58 cm in height. The average weight of male labradors is between 27 and 34 kilograms. The average weight that a female labrador should have is between 25 and 32 kilograms. Labradors with fewer or more than these pounds are considered very weak or fat. Therefore, proper exercise, care and nutrition should come to their ideal weight. Labrador is generally similar in structure to Golden Retriever dogs. The difference is that Golden has long feathers and Labrador has short feathers. The golden dog does not spill as much feathers as the feathers are short. Labrador dog’s moulting grade is medium. Often, when the air is warm or cold, there is intense moulting and exchange depending on the poultry. Labrador’s feather structure is double layered. These feathers are flat and have a waterproof feature. These dogs do not need to shave because they have short feathers. It can be washed when needed. Regularly, the hair must be scanned at least once a week. Labrador dogs consist of 3 different colors. These colors are yellow, black and chocolate brown. Only one of these three colors of the dog’s feather can be. So one part of a Labradors hair is covered while the other part cannot be black. Labradors are known for being big and cute dogs. They are not among the aggressive and wild species. A Labrador is too small to bite you. Yet, the weak dogs do not make them show offensive and brutal attitudes. They cannot exhibit these attitudes because of the character they have. Labradors are also strong and durable dogs. Labrador likes cold climate and is resistant to cold. Water is one of the most loving species. Entering the water, swimming and soaking is a source of entertainment for them. Even if the weather is cold, they do not hesitate to get wet. One of the biggest reasons why Labradors are preferred by humans is their properties. These dogs do not show brutal and aggressive attitudes. They are loyal, emotional, docile and obedient dogs at last. They will be one of the best family dogs with their kind and loving characters. They love to love and love. They never get tired of being loved. The more interested you are in them, the happier they will be. They do not like being alone. They want to be side-by-side and do something with people they constantly identify as family. Of course, one of the smartest dogs of all dog species is the lab. You can easily understand how intelligent they are from their behavior and learning skills. The training of some dog breeds is easy to train some of them. Training in the Labrador is one of the easiest dog breeds. So many of the ten dogs living in the world are among the 10 most easily educated breeds. Many things can be taught to these dogs by training and they can have various things done. The basic reason for their easy training is the intelligence they possess. Labrador, one of the smartest dog breeds, has some skill thanks to this intelligence. And these skills are not anything to be underestimated for an animal. Thanks to his skills, he has attracted people’s attention and is preferred for many tasks. The main task is to be a hunting dog. It will catch and bring the hunted shootings of the hunters. For example, a hunter shot a bird and the shot bird fell down the lake. Because Labrador already loves the water, he will come to this lake without hesitation, will catch the bird and bring it to the owner. Apart from his hunting duty, he is involved in many missions in different areas. For example, search and rescue missions are seen in full labs. With a sense of smell, they can easily find drugs from where they are stored. The ideal dog for the blind and disabled people is the Labrador. Labrador will be friends with them, guide them, and guide them. It can also serve as guard and police dog. Labrador is a docile and loving dog. It is possible to look inside the house for being a great race. Such an atmosphere will fit and live comfortably. But given the fact that it is big and bustling, it is more ideal to look at it in a garden house. On this vantage point, you can live in a larger area in the garden and become a big club of your own. Labrador is a moving dog. It needs to take out and use the energy inside. It is an energetic dog who likes to work. As it happens, he needs to exercise and walk abundantly. It can also adapt to the environments where it cannot exercise. However, no matter how he paces, he has to exercise his nature. So the more you exercise your Labrador dogs, the happier you will be. They are very happy in their movements, glances and face expressions that they are happy. Labradors are very lousy dogs. They want to eat and taste what they see. If you do not hinder them, you can cause them to gain weight in a very nutritious way. You need to get a dog regimen this time to reach their ideal weight. So you should pay attention to their feeding while feeding Labradors. Smart, intelligent, cute, and easy to learn, Labrador lives an average of 12 to 15 years as many species of dogs. It is a charming species that attracts attention with its characteristics. Over time, it has become one of the most popular sexes spread around the world. So many nice features that one does not want to choose a dog with a combination. Besides all these features, it is one of the ideal races for people to feed dogs for the first time. Character and friendliness, adaptation and ease of training make it the most difficult for people to feed dogs for the first time.

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