#Funky music plays (Little girl laughs) (Wind blower turns on) (Dogs bark) Man: Here boy. Get your leg. Come on. Come on, Boy. Bring it on. Bring it on. Come on. Bring it on! (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Woman laughs) Woman: Are they tasty? (Laughter) (Laughter) Woman: Hey, hey! No, no! No! Stop! Woman: What are you doing? Seriously? Ben? (Gasps) You got it off? Man: Sam, what are you doing? (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) Who did this? (Dog grunts) Aaahhh! Who did this? (Dog grunts) Aaaahhh! Who did this? (Dog grunts) Who did this? (Dog grunts) (Child laughs) (Water splashes to the floor) Woman: Oh, my goodness! (Man laughs) Woman: Good girl! Woman: Go, Finkie! You can do it! Go! Get it! Oooooh! (Men laugh) Man: You’re not going to have any water left! (Man howls) (Dog howls) Good boy! (Dog howls) #Music continues Woman: Drop it! Drop it! (laughs) Drop it! Drop it. Drop it. Fin? Is that the door stop? Brill. Woman: What is that? Is that a bow? Is that a bow? What happened to the bow? (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (WOOF!) (WOOF!) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Growl…) (Cat meows on TV) (Growl) Woman: Fin! Come here! Come here! Kid: D’you just wanna stay out here? Rex? D’you wanna treat? C’mon let’s go! Let’s go inside. Do you wanna go in? Man: Go get it! Good boy, Jake! Good boy! I’m gonna throw it again. Do it again, Jake. #Funky Music Subtitles: Dan Hall (

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10 Responses

  1. Grace G says:

    This video made me love my lab even more

  2. khfan4life365 says:

    I like dogs more than I like most people.

  3. Hao Wei Li says:

    They're not funny but they are dang CUTE🤩

  4. Blurryface says:

    05:51 I never understand why anyone would overfeed their dog like that..

  5. meryl gomera says:

    so cute😍

  6. John Barber says:

    I hate assholes who use their pets to draw attention to themselves like the asshole on the motorcycle. What a fucking asshole.

  7. 7Dillons says:

    How do people not like this

  8. LuckyPiesel PL says:

    I love Labladorss

  9. Mihir Parashar says:

    0:34 Listen to this part at 0.25x speed

  10. Tortilla says:

    0:18 peppa what are u doing in my video

  11. Libby Greenwood says:

    1:43 tho is like the funniest thing probably what my bumptious bundle of black lab would do 🤣🤣🤣

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