Leachianus Gecko (Leachie), The Best Pet Lizard?

Hi there! I’m here today with what is One of the greatest lizards on planet earth and that is the leachianus gecko or “leachie” And you might have seen this talk a little bit about leachies before on our video about Five of the greatest pet lizards you could ever own and this Definitely belongs on a list like that because the leachianus gecko is a dream gecko Which is why it’s gonna surprise you to hear me tell you that the leachianus gecko from us gets a score of 3 out of 5 I just told you this is one of the greatest geckos you can ever own and it gets a 3 out of 5 and so you’re now thinking what in the heck are you talking about? Shouldn’t it be like a 5 out of 5? and I wanna explain to you why not and that’s gonna come down to our five criteria which are: handleability, care hardiness, availability, and upfront costs. So let’s start with handleability for handleability we give the leachianus gecko a 2- It’s a 2 out of 5 Honestly the leachianus gecko that I’m holding right now deserves a 5 out of 5 The reason that leachies in general get a score of 2 out of 5 and not 5 out of 5 is because some of them deserve a score of 0 out of 5 Because they’re basically not handleable at all it seems to be almost like roulette with these things. Some of them are really just spectacular to hold basically like a colossal amazing wrinkly flop beast version of a crested gecko and some of them are Little monsters that want to bite your hand off like a wild caught tokay gecko They’ve got powerful little jaws and they can bite hard and they’re just strong in general so they’re not as easy to manipulate as a crested gecko is you have to go with them a little bit more so for a lizard this small? They’re actually- if they don’t want to be handled can do a pretty good job of keeping you from handling them. And that’s a bummer when you buy a lizard this awesome and expensive that some of them are just not going to put up with handling at all. They also can lose this tiny little tail of theirs though I have never seen this happen so I’m gonna put that down as a Plus for them when it comes to handling that they don’t seem to drop this tail even though I think technically they have the ability I’ve never seen it happen. Wonderful! Wonderful geckos can be unbelievable to handle But like I said not all of them are some of them are cranky some of them are so cranky they won’t let you handle them period. When it comes to care We give the leachianus gecko a 4 out of 5 and frankly they care for a leachie is Very similar to that of a crested gecko and the the pros and cons are very similar as well in fact In a lot of ways you are going to hear us reference crested geckos and that is just because in general Caring for them is so very similar Just on a different scale one of the downsides to it is just that it needs daily care every day You’re going to need to at least mist its enclosure preferably morning and Evening making sure to have enough droplets there for the gecko to drink But not so much that the entire enclosure stays wet or damp all day long It should dry out in between mistings. On the plus side though is what they eat. They eat crested gecko diet and even though leachies aren’t that common crested geckos are very very common and Crested gecko diet is easy to get and on top of being easy to get it’s easy to store And it’s easy to use because it is a powder it comes in a big bag of powder And you just take a little of this powder in a little bit of water in a cup, you mix that up probably every other night and That’s what they eat. Some of them will take some insects some of them won’t just like with Crested geckos that we’ve talked about that gargoyle geckos that we’ve talked about these are very very similar in terms of care And that is a huge plus for the most part except for the fact that you do have to care for them every single day. When it comes to hardiness we give the leachianus gecko a score of 4 out of 5. Frankly, This is as good as a gecko is going to get. They’re not going to get crushed as easily as smaller geckos like Crested geckos or gargoyle geckos just because they’re bigger they’re still soft and delicate But they’re a bigger soft and delicate gecko, and they can handle a little bit more I don’t want to say rough handling, but if you made a little mistake with them It’s harder to hurt them then it would be with a crested gecko or a gargoyle gecko. That’s not gonna be a problem at all if you’re not handling them And this was definitely a con before when it came to handling *gecko chirps* but if you’re not handling.. *chuckles* What was that? Geckos as it turns out are one of very few lizards that are vocal and so they actually Can speak they’ve got vocal cords geckos are called geckos because there’s a type of gecko that goes “gekko!“ Tokay geckos that I referenced earlier are called Tokyo geckos because they go “tokay!” They’re like Pokemon! Uh, leachies don’t say leachianus, but that would be something wouldn’t it? But they do talk so if we hear her talk again That’s what’s going on Which is really cool, but it doesn’t really factor into our scale unfortunately. Back to hardiness though If you’re never handling your gecko then crushing it is not gonna be an issue and some- some Leachies are not gonna deal with handling. They’re not gonna Let you and that’s just one less thing to worry about I suppose so even though it’s a con when it comes to handling it Could be a pro when it comes to hardiness as long as you’re taking normal care of your leachianus gecko It should do really well for you. The biggest thing with leachianus geckos the same way with Gargoyle geckos and crested geckos is you just don’t want to get them too hot. They’re gonna do best right around room temperature, maybe a little bit warmer, but not very much warmer That is one of the fastest ways that you could kill your leachianus gecko And you do not want to kill your leachianus gecko! But when it comes to availability this is another place where the leachie is going to lose some serious points and We give them a score of 2 out of 5 for availability. The problem with getting leachianus geckos, well, it’s twofold, and it’s similar to things that we’ve run into like Blue Tongue skinks They’re fairly difficult to breed They can be violent with one another the other problem is they seem to be picky about who their mate is So if you want to breed leachianus geckos and you think getting a male female is gonna do it you might be totally wrong because that male and female might not like each other And it seems really important that you get a compatible pair And who knows how many leachianus geckos you need to actually buy and raise up Before you get to that are compatible with each other. On top of the fact that it can be difficult to get a compatible pair They lay clutches of two eggs And they don’t seem to lay quite as many clutches as say crested geckos or gargoyle geckos do per season Which means that even when you have two that are willing to breed they don’t lay that many eggs. So at the end of the day there just aren’t that many of them that are produced not that many breeders that are having success producing them They’re very expensive to start with there aren’t a lot of people who can afford to have a group of ten of these so they Can get two of them that like each other They’re also very very popular Which means that the few of them that are out there? People want to buy them and so it might be difficult for you to buy one right when you want one They’re just not that available. This is also reflected in the upfront cost of a leachianus gecko We give them a score of 3 out of 5 for upfront cost they’re very expensive. It’s it’s basic economics There’s a lot of demand and Not very much supply, cost of geckos is high- buying the gecko is very very expensive. The enclosure for a leachianus gecko doesn’t need to be super expensive It’s basically just like a crested gecko or a gargoyle gecko enclosure except bigger. Same idea just bigger. Vertically oriented would be best. Have a little bit of substrate that can hold some moisture But not too much You don’t need specialized lighting unless you’ve got plants in there and in that case just make sure that lighting doesn’t get things too hot They’re nocturnal, so they’re not gonna need UV lighting which is very very nice They also, unless your house is unreasonably cold, don’t need any sort of heating room temperature will do just fine And that’s all wonderful and lovely and inexpensive and beautiful enclosures for leachies Crested geckos, gargoyle geckos- these can be very very attractive enclosures or very very basic and simple, but functional Depending on really what you want to look at. I love beautiful decorated plants I think works for these sorts of geckos and one of these days We’re gonna make an awesome video showing you how to build a planted tank like that. So, to conclude we give the leachianus gecko a score of 3 out of 5 and that’s not because it’s not just absolutely spectacular But it’s certainly not for everyone This is an animal the cost will tell you this, but it’s the sort of animal that you want to make sure you’re ready for Honestly in my opinion, they’re a little bit harder than crested geckos. I think for a person who’s having tremendous success with crested geckos or gargoyle geckos, a leachianus gecko is going to be a very natural step up and You’re going to love having it. Somebody who’s never kept a gecko like this You’re gonna have to do a little bit more homework to make sure that it’s just absolutely right for you But if it is right for you, and if you can find one and if you can afford it You just can’t do much better than this Thank you so much for being here as always Like and subscribe. We hope to see you real soon! *boop* Hi there! Start over Well, hi there. Oh, it’s too scary *laughter* Hi there. Hi there. Let’s start from the get go. Ok. HI THERE! *laughter* Woman: Ah you scared me!

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  17. mat H says:

    needs heat

    dont compare to a crested gecko every chance you get, their care is still much different

    btw, NEEDS HEAT, leachianus should be provided with around 80 F, i provide mine with low 80s ambient during the warm season, they are much more active and healthier with heat, dont cut corners. and do research people, this video contains a good amount of misinformation about leachianus.

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