Learn Spanish alphabet and vowels with BASHO & FRIENDS – El Alfabeto

Hey Cosmo, how are you? Would you like to learn the alphabet with us? “Ruff, Ruff!!!” Cool, it will be easy Just sing along with us! One, two three A-B-C-D-E F-G-H-I-J K-L-M-N-Ñ-O-P Q-R-S-T-U V-W-X-Y ZEEEEEEEEEEEE! A-B-C-D-E F-G-H-I-J K-L-M-N-Ñ-O-P Q-R-S-T-U V-W-X-Y ZEEEEEEEEEEEE! Good job Cosmo! “Ruff, Ruff!!!” Now we’re going to learn the vowels It’s a little different Are you ready? A-E-I-O-U With M is MA-ME-MI-MO-MU With P is PA-PE-PI-PO-PU With L is LA-LE-LI-LO-LU Very good! Again! A-E-I-O-U With M is MA-ME-MI-MO-MU With P is PA-PE-PI-PO-PU With L is LA-LE-LI-LO-LU Yay, Cosmo! You did a very good job And now you know the entire alphabet and the vowels, too If you want, we can sing together again tomorrow, yes? “Ruff, Ruff!!!”

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100 Responses

  1. Sid says:

    I had to know the alphabet for Spanish class and I played this so many times while studying the alphabet was basically drilled into my brain

  2. asmaa says:

    The vowels part is lit ?

  3. austin chaise squad says:

    Love your videos

  4. Iniya Natarajan says:

    The s on the bus scream this song, out so loud. Can’t get it out of my head

  5. STAR TROOPA says:

    It’s lit ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. STAR TROOPA says:

    Starts at 0:24

  7. Kids Fun Science says:

    very well done like

  8. Oooohhhoiohiih says:

    Everyone be randomly singing this in school it is great

  9. Tigerandlloyd Bsp says:


  10. utubejunkie31 says:


  11. yippstheperson says:

    my spanish teacher will always play songs from this channel but we just chill XD

  12. ItzAnjel says:


  13. MLP12 62ADVENTURES says:

    Why does most of my class know how to pronounce these and are able to sing along
    Hello darkness indeed

  14. C Correa says:

    Bitch Bitch

  15. Sofia Bennani says:

    I love this!!!! So cute, and the sound is music to my ears. Very good. Make more cozmo vids

  16. Tuğba Işık says:

    Çok güzel olmuş helal olsun sana

  17. ChamesJarles says:

    I’m jamming rn

  18. ChamesJarles says:

    My sp6 class worships cosmo

  19. Shani C. says:

    i truly am glad im not the only one here from spanish class

  20. Sarah Ramey says:

    cosmo is my new god


    very good

  22. De2tMace says:

    Every one in my class just loves this song

  23. Susana Stamey says:

    My class is requiring you to make a song with the consonant CH.

  24. That’s Chloe says:

    PA PE PI PO POOOO This is the song in Spanish that always got kids high off the beat ?

  25. luisgotskyxd says:

    No sé que hago aquí ni como he llegado pero… como hispanohablante esto me perturba, mi profesora de inglés me hizo aprenderme el abecedario inglés a secas sin cosas de estas xD

  26. Modesta Reyes says:

    Me gusta

  27. Zachary Garner says:

    This song go too hard ??

  28. Kyle Heintz says:

    All i do in Spanish is at the being is say dance to beat haha

  29. Henry Bowgen says:

    Spansish class btw

  30. Henry Bowgen says:

    I want to eat cosmo

  31. AnDrew Macy says:

    Ay where my freshmans at?

  32. MaximumMaks says:

    Im in Spanish class and this was my intro to the alphabet. The beat is very good.

  33. Jasmine Ryu says:

    did you copy???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MJbHmgaeDM

  34. fia says:

    y’all if my Spanish teacher finds this comment , wuddup mr.d it’s Fia please make me pass

  35. Memealicious says:

    my whole class gets turnt to this lol.

  36. MkXΣПӨП says:

    Being a freshman is the best

  37. Remi Cavalier says:

    This beat is so fire ???

  38. OMG RYYYANN says:

    My spanish teacher sent me this

  39. Liyu says:

    my Spanish teacher makes our whole class stand up and chant this song together lmao

  40. Asel Peugh says:

    Selling replay buttons
    Cost: 1 like
    Thank you for you business!

  41. Nikhil Chari says:

    Spanish is a breeze with these sick beats and cool lyrics!

  42. Kade Gonzales says:

    Spanish one volcano vista mr lucero ?

  43. koolAidsBro says:

    just started spanish 1 glad i have this fire beat to learn the song

  44. Drip Clan Offical says:

    Everyone in my class goes wild when we see cosmo

  45. lashton’s lane says:

    i had to watch this in spanish

  46. Sam and Gaige Fortnite users says:

    We love this in Spanish class hey mrs monica

  47. SevenAlloy7790 says:

    Todos personas en Estados Unidos está aquí ?☠️

  48. Soly Reacts says:

    v is called ube i learned that in viva el espanol

  49. x deadquil x says:


  50. Nat says:

    I learn Spanish through kids songs lol

  51. Bailey OKane Vloggs says:

    So. Who's here from class and they played this song? So u decided to study from this song??

  52. Good Vibes says:

    This is my sleep song

  53. GoldenHuskyFilms says:

    Just saw this in Spanish class today!!!!

  54. DemGame - Roblox says:

    No one:
    Not one soul:
    Basho and Friends: ayyy cosmo como estas gesramaabrendaalphabretoscomoesotros

  55. Hanoch P. says:

    Hi, I love this video! But could u plz upload a version in 1080p? It seems that the video lost quality when uploaded. Thx a bunch!

  56. ze cat person says:

    0:04 i love this song

  57. The The. says:

    My Spanish teacher always puts this song on!!!!!!!

  58. Le_ReyRey exe says:

    I'm trying to learn Spanish since I just moved, I'm in a Spanish school but I dont speak it so I'm in special Spanish class and tutoring. Very helpful!

  59. sara says:

    spanish 1 lmao

  60. Bolbi101 says:

    A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y C O S M O

  61. Jukaj7 says:

    My man cosmo

  62. BT’s VISUAL GAMING says:

    I think I’m going to pass the quiz tomorrow.

  63. KITTEEH PLAYZ says:

    Me listening to this 9000x because I have to know it by tmmr ?

  64. I want to Sleep says:

    From mr.bargus Spanish class

  65. Blake Anderson says:

    This a fucking bop

  66. Timothy Barry says:

    i showed this to my french teacher

    now he's a spanish teacher

  67. Dogs says:

    my class goes a e i o UUU.. ma me mi mo MUUUUU … pa pe pi po PUUUUU …. la le li lo LUUU ???

  68. Vanessa McEvoy says:

    Me encanta! But you forgot the Ch

  69. JBONES says:

    Preparing for my spanish class tomorrow thank you so much I have been watching lots of your videos and they have really helped me feel confident in going to my spanish class. Not sure if you even reply to comments on this video but thank you.

  70. your mom says:

    this is a bop

  71. Dylan Davenport says:

    Senora Wilson is an amazing teacher!!!

  72. Dominic Cruit says:

    My class loves this song

  73. Carina Jacobs says:

    i love cosmo

  74. Carina Jacobs says:

    cosmo is my queeen

  75. Marbl3z says:

    Skskskskkssk my jammmmm

  76. Gaming Animations says:

    I feel like I'm in kindergarten again…..

  77. Kermit’s Tea says:

    free replays ?

  78. Micaiah Abramczyk says:

    OMG this song is literally the best!!!!

  79. Alia is my dad says:

    This is a bop. Actually a good beat

  80. Bonzi Buddy says:

    I'm in a Spanish class and the teacher played this

  81. Olive Gerden says:

    Do we all have the same Spanish teacher or something?

  82. iiNanaii says:

    This is an actual bop…

  83. Myles Schaff says:

    This song is awsome. Expect I have a hard time remembering H

  84. Colton Pearson says:

    this go hard no cap

  85. Colton Pearson says:

    quiz tomorrow this on repeat tn

  86. Sub to pewds Bröther says:

    This shits fire ngl

  87. mia palacios says:

    thank you for this song

  88. Preston Lomoglio says:


  89. beef 4070 says:

    MY boy cosmo be in the studio

  90. Isis Gacha says:

    ??? this is hilarious

  91. Lovely Girl says:


  92. gxlden says:

    Yo I'm learning this for Spanish and it's my jamm

  93. Brb heading to the pantry says:

    I feel like everyone in the comment section is in my Spanish class

  94. Amy Santiago says:

    Everybody in my class just sits there while I dance in my chair. It is my favorite song. When the video ends I ask my teacher to play it again

  95. Alyssa__Septic says:

    Everyone in my Spanish 1 class said this song was fire

  96. Gloomychunk 1 says:

    I’m doing this for a test

  97. AJ THEGod says:


  98. Mobile Fortnite Clips 24/7 says:

    Ayy cosmo

  99. BASHO & FRIENDS says:

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