Leather Amstaff Harness with Painted Flames for Medium & Large Breeds

If you are adore fashion or just want your dog to be stylish when wearing equipment for walking and training, choose this harness with painting. Every harness is an exclusive handmade masterpiece, as painted manually on durable full grain leather. You can adjust the strong straps of the harness easily to the size of your dog. A quick release buckle will help you to put the harness on and off the dog in some seconds. Your dog will forget about rubbing or other unpleasant feelings, as the back and chest plates are padded with soft material. You can use the easy grab handle to control your canine better. It works perfectly with such an active breed like this Amstaffie is.

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4 Responses

  1. Татьяна Колодий says:

    Love the design of the harness. I have read on your website that it is hand-painted. Is it really so?

  2. Екатерина Статева says:

    Unbelievable! This painting on the harness looks like a real flame!

  3. Марина Сарбаш says:

    Awesome Harness! Flames Painting perfectly suits Amstaff's temper

  4. Олена Корінєва says:

    My friend always buys dog equipment at your web-store. He is always satisfied with the tools he receives. Hope that my doggy will love them too!
    P.S.The harness looks incredible!

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