Leaving My Dog: YouTuber JordynIsMyNamee’s Story

In the 6th grade I got my first real pet. He was just a tiny, fragile puppy and his
name was Bodie. Bodie went everywhere with me. We’d go
outside, chase tennis balls, go for walks and play with his favorite thing in the world…
puff balls. One time he got a whole basket full of them
for Easter. In the summers, Bodie and I would go swimming
and make videos about him saving floating pink princess fairies from alligators. Of course, after all of our swimming we
would always share a popsicle together. In the fall, he would protect us from any
trick or treaters by viciously barking at them until they ran away. In the winter, we would make igloo homes
together. He also loved catching snowballs in the
air. He always got covered in snow afterwards,
so we would run inside and sit by the fire until we melted back to normal. Bodie was always there for me no matter
what. When I’d get sick and be in bed all day,
he’d always come and check on me. As soon as I got home from school, he’d
jump on me and lick my face until I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes we’d get weird looks when I’d
order 2 vanilla milkshakes at Sonic. And the carhop watches me give the other one
to Bodie. I mean it’s his favorite. I talk to Bodie like any other human. He’s a very smart dog and knows when to
run to the car when I say, “Let’s go for a ride!” And where to hide when I yell, “Do you want
a bath?” Today Bodie is accompanied by two other
cats, Mitchie and Ollie. Every day Bodie tells me that they torture
him while I’m at school, but I think he is being overdramatic. He only attaches to certain people and absolutely
hates other dogs. Seriously like he may think he’s tough
but one day he’ll realize he’s the size of a skateboard. I’m going away to college in a couple of
months and I’m terrified to leave Bodie. We go everywhere together because we only
have a few months left together. We go to Starbucks, get gas at the gas station,
even pick up my little sister from school together. He likes smiling at all the little kids. I’m even thinking about taking him to
prom with me. I mean he’d look great in a pink bow tie. When I leave for college, I’m not sure
what’s going to happen to Bodie. That scares me the most. One time we were laying in bed and I thought
to myself, “What if he gets depressed? What if he doesn’t recognize me when I visit?
Or, what if he runs away and tries to look for me?” The anxiety had taken over and I completely
freaked myself out. I looked down at Bodie and tried to tell
myself that everything will be ok. He even gave me a reassuring nod before laying
his head down to fall asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes feeling confident
that Bodie was going to be just fine. No matter what happens we will always be
connected somehow, someway.

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  1. juan Carlos club says:

    Her dog its super cute

  2. Cristofer Calderon says:

    Boodee is cutee

  3. Manel Gaming says:

    I had a cat Named Mitche but he died I miss him

  4. x c says:

    Bodde is really cute😊 michi and molli are so sassy they try to kill him😳

  5. momo ackerman says:


  6. Melvin Chan says:

    Like me if you love dogs 🐶

  7. Lps Bloom says:

    So sad

  8. andrea howell says:

    Dogs can't have dairy products

  9. Lucytoo Jacobs says:

    Who do you like better a 🐕or 🐱
    Comment if you like dogs

  10. Nevon rodgers says:

    Part 2

  11. Thiruchcelvan Thanancheyan says:

    Sad and

  12. Julia Minter says:

    2:07. Sad boi hours.

  13. Nora and Ghassan TV says:

    I feel so sad if you to feel sad make shuor to give me a 👍😍😍😍

  14. Flutter Shy says:

    I feel like this is fake.. You can’t give a dog ice cream or Starbucks!!

  15. Logan Paul is the best says:

    Feel like boss baby

  16. Maakin :D says:

    Even the baby teacup chiwawa

  17. Jose Solis says:

    Take him to collage

  18. kitty draws studio says:

    I wish i had a dog like that

  19. Adhityo susilo says:


  20. Jamie Delso says:

    How do you share a popsicle with a dog my dog would eat the whole thing!!!!!!!!!

  21. taryn campbell says:

    My one dog also thinks he is bigger than any dog but he's only a jackrussel

  22. LPS Taylor says:


  23. Blueberry Gacha says:

    This is just like my dog sawyer 🙂

  24. LpsGillian Agonoy says:

    Subscribe to me if you like dogs
    Like for cats
    Comment for both

  25. ZPeaDUDS 2 says:

    OH Don’t worry just drop of College!

  26. chew and naya Wright says:


  27. The Bacon Hair says:


  28. Hugo Sanchez says:

    Dhhxhsucnv nhh

  29. Lil Poanet says:

    1:38 the June calendar the exes count to my birthday

  30. Alexis Ayala says:

    Im scared to leave my dog cuz i love her we do things like what you do

  31. Jordyn McLendon says:

    My name is jordyn too!!!!!!

  32. Sophia gamer Squad says:

    At least it’s a great ending

  33. Sadie Jo Certain says:

    Get him a phone 📱

  34. Jeffrey Taveras says:

    How do you Understand your dog

  35. Allison Delgado says:

    So cute my favorite dog daid but i have a new dog and i love them

  36. Dream Cx says:

    my aunt tooke her dog to collage

  37. Mayra Luquin says:

    My bday is July 7🤯🤯

  38. realsans playz says:

    Dog. Like me. Buy. Dog

  39. EvilCat says:

    And I had a parrot, we were very close, but sadly my cat killed him……. Frankly I still hope it's a bad dream, although I know it's not….

  40. Flyawayskink 30 says:

    I think you’re treating your dog like a human

  41. Mirellyz Mendoza-Capois says:

    No hate, but why not just don't go to college? Its easier and Bodee will always be with you 🐕❤👩

  42. CrazyKittyLover says:

    Bodee is so cute!!!!!

  43. Hi Skinnyes says:


  44. ali mcvey says:

    That was sooooo cute <3

  45. lizzyxOx playz says:


  46. We are Lindgren ครอบครัวอิ่มอุ่น says:

    Dogs are so cute 🐶🐕💛🐕🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️💛😁

  47. Life As Fofo says:

    Vanilla milkshakes are my favorite to everything involves vanilla is my favorite I hate chocolate chocolate bars amazing like Hershey’s

  48. Life As Fofo says:

    My brother uncle’s name is Ali

  49. Breeanna Leonard says:

    not cool

  50. Edwin Gonzales says:

    I'm scared of dogs

  51. kit kat cutie says:

    I have 2 huskies snow and cookie

  52. Bob Long says:

    That’s the cutest story I’ve ever heard😀😃😄😁😉🙂

  53. Slime World says:

    Did do you know that in college you are allowed to take dogs with u

  54. Esperanza Hinojosa says:

    My dog costs my mom 12000 dollars for biting another dog cuz he is over provective .and he tore up my mom and dads house.

  55. Esperanza Hinojosa says:

    Cuz of fireworks why firsworks?

  56. XOXO_moon Light123 says:

    1:13 hide doggo

  57. LAMF Jr says:

    Who else likes dogs and cats 🐱🐶

  58. Shammu shame says:

    Dracos plays and edits I would kill your dad

  59. MrTop 10 says:


  60. theharrisontwins twins says:

    I pranked my dog I pretended to faint and she just laid down next to me I love her sooop much

  61. •CuddlyBearbear• says:

    this made me cry

  62. Ellie The Pleb says:

    Its like the story Happier..

  63. freezar wolves says:

    Plz don't give your dog human food. Especially ice cream. Your dog could get sick and even die early

  64. Lucytoo Jacobs says:

    There’s some colleges that after you finish school you can go home so you get to see bodee more often then

  65. TheMelloBros :P says:

    Is he a Dachshund

  66. bobbi jo weidner-borrero says:

    cute dog

  67. Brenna Brenna says:

    I thought that was doge

  68. Addison Coopet says:

    He is so cute

  69. Fifa Mq8 says:

    You can bring your dog to the plane

  70. Marsy The cool says:

    Your dog is so cute 😍

  71. Vyhgandas Vasiliauskas says:

    so he didn't die right?

  72. Kerryn Perks says:


  73. Yanci Aguilar says:

    My dog's name is Ben ha runs

  74. Pavielle sandoval says:


  75. Pavielle sandoval says:

    So sad

  76. Destiny Rodriguez says:


  77. MoZo_playZ900 says:

    1:22 the one who IS exaggerating is this girl

  78. Sara Cox says:

    1:22 ???

  79. PandaRoseT.V. says:

    This just shows you how powerful dogs can be💗💗

  80. SS17 Gabriel says:

    The thumbnail looks like they are drinking crack

  81. Ash says:

    Awww You have a best friend right there ❤️❤️❤️😄

  82. • CottønAngel • says:

    It’s kinda funny that she dressed as a cat infront of her dog XD

  83. Hyper god says:

    Wish I had a dog..

    they always run away from me :,(

  84. chanel holly says:

    Thats so sad im so sorry for you and let me know what happend please

  85. H. -O- says:

    Cute real Story!!😘😛❤❤

  86. monica meggison says:

    rent a house with some friends and bring him

  87. Sara Zahid says:


  88. Sara Zahid says:

    After watching i am crying

  89. Mara Silic says:

    Puklo srce od srece

  90. Ruler The Lion says:

    I thought this story was about the dog passing away and overcoming pet loss

  91. Elvis Heather says:

    I have a basset hound

  92. Marcos Gracia says:

    Dog 🐕 story’s make me cry 😢

  93. Camoya Cameron says:

    Take him with you

  94. 8kitty 546 says:

    It's ok you can do it I love my dog and cat.

  95. Jack Padden says:

    Just leave him at ur parents house

  96. PawsIn Service says:

    I hope this person releases 1.Starbucks not pet friendly only SERVICE ANINALS 2.Same with prome u can not take your pet dog

  97. Dakota Williams says:

    Did you get out of college yet

  98. Alan Merlos says:


  99. Sarah Tirado says:

    This is cuteness

  100. Dbxenoboiii 256 says:

    My dog never wants to go to walks

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