LEGO Creator Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafe 3-in-1 review! 31097

hello everyone this is the Lego creator
town house pet shop and cafe 3 in one set I asked a bunch of viewers about
this set and a bunch of other things relatively recently and the vast
majority of you asked me to go ahead and build all three versions of this fully
in person so I have done just that I will be showing you all three in this
one video starting with this one here which is the one that the fewest of you
expressed interest in however it’s actually pretty good this was the one
that I personally was least interested in as well but it’s a much nicer much
cooler much more intricate an interesting build than I expected and it
uses more of the pieces than I thought first real quick here are the three
minifigures included in the set I like the fact that we have three different
ages of people suggested here and they all have just regular torsos with
nothing specific to any particular role or anything for them and I especially
really really like the face of the child over on the right because her smile is
slightly cheeky like the corners of her mouth are slightly you know covered in
slightly cut in which suggests to me that there’s more of a genuine happiness
and excitement over the situation than normal you know it’s not just a polite
smile or just showing general happiness in life it’s like she’s looking at
something and that has really got her interest and really got her you know
feeling happy about what’s about to happen or something like that and she’s
got a ball in her hand I appear it appears so I think that she’s going to
be playing catch maybe or maybe fetch and there’s an explanation for that
with the very small and very basic sitting brick-built
dog now there are three distinct structures here this is a barbershop
with the comb and scissors for it’s built up sine has an opening door out
front there’s also a parking meter and I think this is either supposed to be a
little mailbox or a brochure drop-off I’m going to go with brochure drop-off
because that’s actually a gold piece there I could just imagine it being a
pretty fancy brochure there’s also a spot to sit down and have something to
eat up on top garden off to the side but there’s no
way to get up there with the roof removed it’s easy to see inside there’s
a small waiting area over here with a good reuse of an existing printed 2 by 2
tile piece from a creator set from a year or so ago nice to see that print
again and this is rare where the real work gets done so they’ve got a couple
of windows set up to represent the mirrors and each of these customer
chairs can be spun around and they also have racks for some equipment there the
next structure or is a dentist’s office with some flowers out front they’ve got
the street light there once again an open a bull door and another very nice
and very appropriate buildable sign or built up sign with the toothbrush there
that’s immediately recognizable and a suggestion of a tooth there is nothing
that you can do up on top of this roof otherwise so it’s relatively plain but
again the interior has some nice built up details I like the little shelving
unit over there on the side in tan just a nice use of some you know studs on the
side construction just smart I also like how the table lamp is built just not
something normal from how that’s done you have the examination area over here
which is also nicely built up with some good reuses of parts you can also
articulate this around however much you want the final area is a public transit
stop with a brick textured base that is raised up with a step there as well some
flowers in a pots they’ve also got an ATL either an ATM or a ticket machine
off to the side you can use it as either probably ticket machine is a little bit
more appropriate but you know make your choice they’ve got a fully enclosed
covered area for waiting for people to sit in they’re protected from the
elements you’ve got some signaling out here and also the sign for a bus or
trolley to stop and a little bit of foliage up on top a little bit of vine
edge I would say and also a small brick built bird if you want to change the
order of these they are kind of modular in the sense that you can just pull them
apart and put them together different configurations you know to
suit your your tastes and they will probably also work with other possible
builds of similar sorts you have similar sizes they just use Technic pins to hold
them together last up is this very small four stud wide very classic looking
Electric Street trolley at first I thought it was just entirely too small
but as it turns out it is large enough to hold minifigures within it let me go
ahead and see if I can put some of those in there I have to say it’s not easy to
get them in there even with the roof removed I decided to remove a couple
extra pieces just to help myself out and there is limited Headroom especially in
the center so for instance the figure that has the hat on
was not able to really fit in the middle and even the guy with just the hair has
to be leaning forward a little bit but it does work you can put people on there
this thing is built with the tiniest of wheels – at first glance this to me
almost looked like a four-story building because it’s like here’s one though here
here’s another level here’s another level and then there’s this uppermost
level however as it turns out the lower two levels are one this is a bank down
here with a pretty fancy facade – it looks like some some marble Hesco
looking stuff with a couple columns and also some sculpture work up here the
inside is different refreshingly different but this is done pretty well
pretty good use of the pieces so far and the smaller details continue up you know
some of the finer stuff that’s actually pretty nice we’ll see what this is
momentarily you can probably guess but look at this even more nice small fine
detailing some of it using pieces that aren’t particularly special but they’re
used to good effects you know to the best of the ability of the designer with
the limitations of the parts the sides don’t look too bad and that is plural
both sides have similar levels of finish looking inside the bank this is
basically the employees only side over here so a teller would stand behind here
is a PIN pad or small computer just in device they’ve got a very small safe
over here I guess that’s the vault for this place it’s just so small that they
don’t need all that much or it could just be small cash storage I like the
door over here that swings open that is a good touch and it doesn’t go too far
when it closes there’s just a little bit of seating inside of there and on the
other side it’s very difficult to see but there’s just a small table it’s just
a two by two little thing that just has a tile on top of it got a little bit of
lighting there and then this chandelier is actually pretty nice you can mostly
see this looking through the window from the other side but for us it’s more
convenient to look at it here just turn it around like that that’s actually a
pretty nice detail I think that’s done pretty well there’s nothing else to see
up here in the the ceiling space let’s move to the next area and this is an
apartment dwelling as expected it’s what they usually do above a business like
this and it totally makes sense here’s another brick built animal
another dog with just slightly different design to it there’s also a bowl over
there with a couple of bones in it a nice little entertainment center you
know not necessarily the most modern design but I like it got the integrated
speakers there you can kind of rotate this around so you see it a little bit
better some drawers down beneath the small table in the back with the
croissant and flower box inside of the window there’s a table lamp it’s gonna
be a floor lamp back there is a pretty large one you can also rotate that in if
you want to bring the light over a little bit change the angle of it and a
different design for a chair no bed or anything but I mean for the space that
is here I think that this is interesting and if especially if you leave the dog
out then you have plenty of room to put a figure or two in there the topmost
level actually has a greenhouse which is pretty nice pretty deluxe I personally
am partial to greenhouses and this is looking pretty good at least a good
start you know it’s pretty small and only has a single flowering plant in
there right now I got the mister and a little pair of hand shears for keeping
everything nice and tidy the roof is able to open up so you can help too
regulate temperature and humidity that will close as well
good use of parts right there and this doesn’t go too far down so it’s not
going to get in the way of the door but when it goes up it just fits in there
pretty perfectly the door opens this way there’s not a lot of room to get in
there to get around there you can at least put a figure in here and or a
figure outside without opening the door obviously there’s no access to the roof
you know they don’t have stairs or even a ladder or anything to to get up here
so you have to use your imagination as usual to get a figure up there and and
go I’m assuming that’s a small like a dwarf orange tree and some more flowers
outside a couple more brick-built animals with a couple more different
styles of birds there this almost looks like waterfowl to me with its overall
shape but I might be mistaken on that with the intent but there’s the other
side of the greenhouse looks pretty good to me I must admit this side build looks
very flavorful to me I love the sign just a good use of a very small number
of pieces this appears to be a little juice cart like imagine a lemonade stand
grown up you know I like the the different color that’s used as the base
it just looks so so bright and cheery and cheerful and fresh spring-like I
don’t know what these down here are supposed to be um somebody somebody help
me out with that I I was I was thinking that they would be something for
squeezing fresh fruit you know getting the getting the the juice out of it
juicers little hand juicers or something I don’t know I don’t know the exact
intent there I feel like there’s something obvious that I’m just missing
I don’t know what you think about that probably everybody will come to the same
conclusion immediately what I just completely missed but yeah that’s that’s
a nice little side build and it’s different I just like that the fact that
it’s different kind of stands out from other carts you know food and drink
carts that they’ve done before and then here are the figures which have no
changes from previous version of the build and
finally here’s the big bill to the one that uses all of the official pieces
included in the set this is the most detailed thing of course but it’s a bit
smaller than I actually expected it to be especially given the size of the box
the base that you’re looking at here is 24 studs on either side so to bring this
up to a regular base plate of size you need to add eight studs on the sides
that’s that’s the length of a regular base plate there so it’s not quite there
and it is square at the base so you’d also need to add this much unto this
side and on top of that I’ll go ahead and give you the the super spoiler
Edition right here it’s completely open on the back in a weird way it’s notched
in it actually works you know for the style that that they’re going for with
the size of each individual unit here each individual room at least but it’s
just it’s just not what I personally expected within the corner space is
outdoor seating for the cafe so a little bit of a dining area here complete with
a printed menu 2 by 2 tile over on the side you also get a built up little
brick built dog that’s also in the seated position there and more foliage
another small brick built bird as well also a little bit more foliage on a
balcony here and the very nicely built up cafe logo cup they get a basic
minifig coffee mug on the front as well for an additional a little bit of 3d
sign and there’s some pretty nice decoration around here a lot of very
small pieces are used to get interesting texture into a small space above that I
just want you to see the exterior of this place we will get all of the
interiors together in a row but just want you to be able to see the rest of
the facade that they’ve got going on up top which again has some nice texturing
and interesting shaping get the white colored parrots there with no no paint
application or no color and then this building over here has a small AC unit
that’s able to rotate around a little bit easily actually that same
thing happens with the cup sign there but this one’s just a little bit more
annoying because it doesn’t want to stay in the correct position all the time
there is a solar panel up on the roof there’s a little slanted area over here
that lets some light through it’s interesting just feels a little bit a
little bit 70s to me maybe even 60s the design of this place you get the kind of
shutter arrangement here doesn’t really do anything you’re able to move this
side to side but it’s it’s never going to be fully covering up the windows and
providing proper shade to the people inside unless they’re just in one small
space and there’s similar architecture for the middle level and then here is
the pet shop from the outside very colorful this one has what certainly a
true ATM outside with yet another slightly different build from things
that they’ve done before have some toys for the animals that are for sale and a
bin out front and also a traffic light again integrating things in a little bit
with regular transportation on the streets inside you can better see the
toucan that is on a perch back there beneath the cash register which is a
very simple but effective and recognizable build I think is supposed
to be a mouse it’s the tiniest little thing you have to stretch your
imagination a little bit or maybe it’s supposed to be like a rat but they’ve
got a little piece of cheese down there and then the obligatory aquarium off on
the side which just has a fish in it but at least it is fully enclosed moving up
a level takes us to the townhouse itself the dwelling unit so there’s a couch
over there a little bit on the modern side with its design I like that a
little bit a little bit flat a little bit sleek and then an entertainment
center with a very small bookcase built into it there’s that print put to good
use again I don’t know if they’re watching TV or watching or you’re
playing a video game could be either one and then just moving up to the topmost
level which is only available as an interior space over on this side of the
building that’s the bedroom which you know has a bed that is wide enough to
actually accommodate a feed Eve figure laying down they’re very small
and basic side-table build with a lamp on it and there’s another plant out on
the balcony and you can actually open this door just a bit no actually that’s
more than I thought it’s not all the way but it’s plenty enough to have a figure
pose you know going in or coming out and there’s just a better look at the roof
with the solar panel set up there and there’s a nice thing that was done to
tie everything together a little bit of suggestion of drainage pipe which is
actually connecting the top of the roof over here to the top of this roof and
that’s very important because without that connection there you can see this
would be fairly loose would be easy to topple these because they actually have
tiles and partial tiles tiles like the 1 by 4 with just two studs on it holding
these together so you can easily remove each level just like with the the other
place you could easily remove a roof if you don’t have these connected together
so here’s the other roof with just a little bit of a flower garden a single
little flower box and also the scissors are back there from the barber shop for
doing a little bit of trimming of the flowers here it looks like they’re also
growing some carrots I would say the next level down has the kitchen I’m
gonna assume that this is the kitchen for the same unit that we’ve just been
looking at the same drawing and you just have to imagine that the floor is
connected here maybe there is even another wall that we’re just not seeing
but it just makes sense to me for this to be a continuation because it’s stuff
that you know isn’t included and in the other part of the building and there’s
just a storage little drawer unit off to the side and another balcony that you
can access through a door and finally that brings us back down to the ground
level and this is the interior of the cafe which is pretty simple but it looks
pretty classy I like how this is set up I like the the interior design work
that’s done here the choice of colors the the lamp up above is great really
ties the room together so funny how lighting elements can do that
when properly chosen or well chosen but there’s really no good accommodation for
an idea of you know people actually serving anyone over here there’s just
the tiniest of counters so if you want you can imagine that the unit that we
just looked at above the kitchen unit is actually attached to the cafe and is
used to make you know like baked goods for the cafe but it would have been nice
to at least see a coffee machine of some sort in this space and for some reason I
feel it’s important to show you the exterior again just to help kind of
mentally tie everything together for you so there’s plenty of interior seating
space for the cafe and plenty of exterior seating space for the cafe but
look see the menu I mean it’s it’s talking about food items so and there’s
a croissant where did that croissant come from there’s no place to even store
it much less heated up much less make it if it’s made fresh or anything so that
kind of stuff I think is missing from the cafe also coffee cup where do you
get coffee cups from the inside of there it’s a little bit of false advertising
now I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and totally overthink things but but but
follow me just imagine the lego designer is thinking about the minifigs
coming to the cafe and realizing that there’s no food there and nothing to
drink there’s just a croissant that’s left out on the table from somebody who
didn’t want it maybe they left it there because it’s not even real it’s actually
just plastic or wax they got it from a display or something so the designer
said okay I’m going to take care of the figures I’m going to give them someplace
to actually get real food and they made this this hotdog stand
so figures on this block will be able to eat just hot dogs
that’s all I like how the hotdog is built up on on top again a 3d kind of
signage you know they’re showing some mustard on there and possibly either
spices in the mustard or you know it’s a little bit of relish just a little bit
of relish but hey where is the relish coming from we
dispensers for the mustard and for ketchup but where’s the relish see I
don’t know about this place I’d I’d feel like this this place is
just full of you know false advertisements and false hopes and once
again if you had any open question about it the figures are built the same in the
main version now I didn’t show the pieces left over for the two smaller
builds because they were just strewn all over my building space but here are the
proper actual leftover actual spare pieces in the set so when you build the
main version which uses all of the official parts this is what you’re left
with a whole lot of different little things and some of them are cool and
nice to have left over at the end of the day I enjoyed this set thoroughly and
all three builds not just the main one I really felt like that was that was that
was making me a little bit curious about it I felt like this was going to be a
little bit of a throwaway and it totally is not what so ever had it has just as
much interesting stuff in it the way that it’s built as this it just doesn’t
use as many pieces so I think that actually is pretty good all three
versions are good and worth looking at at least looking at the instructions see
you if there’s anything in there that that inspires you look at the price to
part ratio on this you just can’t ask for a better price part priced apart
ratio than that in 2019 at least I don’t I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask for
better this does have a fair number of stud pieces and stud sized pieces with
the flowers or a lot of those there are a lot of white studs and there are a lot
of black studs as well but they they’re not overwhelming you know it’s not like
an architecture set or something where you have you know 500 with one by ones
and one by twos out of 900 pieces you know and basic ones at that there’s a
nice variety at the very least this is a fantastic parts pack as evidenced by how
many different things can be built here and I really I really personally
appreciate how many different exterior detail designs are used I mean there’s a
little a similarity between these two but not
that much you know just the different little bits of texture that are that are
created in creative ways with a limited number of parts and also the interior
build some of them are just different where is the you know see it from from
the side oh they’re the the table lamp in the dentist’s office I don’t know why
I like that so much but I do and I like this over here as well there’s just a
lot of stuff throughout this set that’s done really really nicely so yes I
definitely recommend this one and I definitely recommend that you don’t only
give this a chance give the others a chance as well at least look at you know
flip through the instructions it’s one huge thick book that they give you
covering all three of the build possibilities just back to back to back
check it out see if anything you know makes something click in your mind and
build whatever you want if you choose one of the smaller builds then by all
means see if you can build something else with all the leftover pieces these
do use a fair number both of these alternate builds use a
fair number of the parts in the set it was not at all disappointing you know
any like the amount of effort that goes into building to building these didn’t
feel again didn’t feel like a throwaway effort felt like there’s some some real
substance there was about an hour each for those so it it’s it’s good stuff but
you are left with plenty of pieces to try to do something on on your own
something different something unique or at the very least use those parts
towards your own custom stuff or you know other other projects that you may
take on at some point in the future I think the only thing that I could say
well there are two things three things okay three things negative that I can
say about this entire set first of all it’s not the size of a base plate it’s a
little bit smaller I wish that this was at least that size secondly I personally
don’t like the the huge notch in the back that’s just it just feels awkward
to me personally but I mean you could arrange these so that they go back to
back and just completely close up altogether just leave the little corner
bit outers leave it on on it on its own the last thing is the most
ridiculous finest little nitpick it’s the AC unit on the main build it’s
just a little bit floppy I’m just kind of being just full with that it’s not a
big deal at all overall very good set I definitely definitely recommend it good
value here as well I have done speed builds and real-time builds for all
three of the build options so you can check out any of those that you like on
the respective channels I’ll link to some of them on the end screen they
won’t all fit because it’s six separate videos but check out what you like and
I’ll talk to you in soon thanks for watching

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