Lego Friends Pug Dog Party Cakes Set Build Review 41112

Hello it’s Super Dad here again I’m back on Super Mummy Toys to bring you another Lego build video today I’ve got a Lego Friends set and this is set number 41112 and it’s known as the Lego Friends Party Cakes set or the Lego Friends Pug Dog Party Cakes set as you can see from the front it comes with a little cake set and an outdoor what looks like some kind of barbecue or oven and a little pug dog with a party hat on looks like a really cute set, let’s open it up and build it [music playing] what a cute little dog [music playing] and there you have it, the Lego Friends Pug Dog Party Cakes set so here’s the little pug dog in his party hat he’s got his little bone down there, he’s got plenty of cakes he’s got this little cake in here he’s got a big cake on his plate here he’s got some strawberry jam there he’s got a little fridge and maybe a little oven here both of which open he’s got his party invite here and he’s got these things which I think are little cakes with cherries on top and here is his present and as you can see, inside his present, another cake! he’s certainly got loads to eat so let me know what you think of this Lego Friends Party Cakes set and if you’ve enjoyed my Lego build video and want to see some more don’t forget to subscribe to Super Mummy Toys because I’ll be bringing you lots more Lego builld videos and you’ll also be able to see everything that Super Mummy has to offer thanks very much, bye [music playing]

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