Lesson 9 – What a German Shepherd can do? How to make him understand everything

Boom, Come here Sit Down Up! Come here, Heel… round.. Stop, sit down don’t move Heel sit down go to the door and play Stop, sit down don’t move up! No, come here No, do not go out Go out now Good boyyy Come home Goodboy Do not go out Go out now Come here Go home Stay inside, do not move Stay inside Now go out Come home We have to find the key of the car find.. Oh, here it is stay next to me heel sit down go out come home do not move come here go to the car inside Good booyyy stay inside, do not move Boom, come here Go again to the car come on, come here take up the stairs go up now make it down go up the stairs again come to the down again now let’s go home Boom

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100 Responses

  1. Jineesh k says:

    How to train this super dog

  2. MikezGamez says:

    wat language is dis?

  3. cissoko sis Moustapha says:

    demain elle est intelligente super

  4. Aniket Mishra says:

    do gsd frog sit when they are young

  5. Rita Tyagi says:

    What a good dog mannn

  6. Anil Kawade says:

    GSD all time favorite

  7. Shiva says:

    The video shaking gave me a headache

  8. Isabela Pandora says:

    Beautiful dog!!

  9. M Moran says:

    Germam shepherd is my favourite dog

  10. Лена Готте says:


  11. Лена Готте says:

    Немецкая овчарка самая умная во всем мире

  12. Serly Mariani says:

    Such a good and handsome boy.
    You have a nice house too

  13. Everett Cox says:

    Tres bien Monsieur you are a good trainer!

  14. SONIA RANI says:

    German shepherd is my favorite dog

  15. Nou Nou says:

    قعك 8هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه8هههه8هههه8هههع1333333 ههههه‍ععهههه7

  16. Fofa Mohamed says:

    The German shepherd very good and smart dog i in Egypt

  17. ARYAN GAMEBOX says:

    Nice trained gsd

  18. au fait tu es où en France depuis E says:

    Alors pour ???

  19. Mukul KUSHWAHA says:

    Nice gsd

  20. Sasidhar royal says:

    I love German Shepherd and I have 2 dogs

  21. Sajida Parveen says:

    I love it dog

  22. angelina says:

    T’as pris combien de temps pour lui apprendre tout ça

  23. Naman Jain says:


  24. Shahrukh Animal lover says:

    I. Love. Dog ?

  25. saruav g says:

    if u say theese commands to lab, it will kill u by licking and jumping over you

  26. kelly says:

    These dogs know…………they just like to take the piss out of their owners


    His face is just awsome??

  28. Shilpa Kurhade says:

    Very good Boom! But, Oh! What a mess outside the home entrance. Every time Boom is running from that area I worried Boom's paw should not get hurt? Someone please clean the mess… Lots of love to Boom from India❤

  29. Madan Ranka says:

    भया फोन करो 6377361064 मूजे जर्मन डोग सहिये

  30. Hyder Khan says:

    I want to buy a german shepard puppy

  31. Mrs Sunk Begum Laskar says:

    For showing us u are telling come here and go again u are telling come here and go. What is this he is not a living being he didn't fell tired . If anyone tell u come and go . Think about it.

  32. Sandip Yadav says:

    kitni kimat ka he bhai

  33. BEROX says:

    Congrats on 700 k views

  34. Jassu Behbal says:

    nyc dog????????????

  35. Alexander Stephen says:

    OOOO MY GOD!!!!!!! WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this version of German Shepherd with black face and brown eyes so, so, so MUCH!!!!!!

  36. Bienvenu Musangu says:

    Il est très beau…

  37. Fancy wood work with Sewak Gill says:

    Nice looking dog I love him.

  38. Aj krish says:

    Good dog

  39. Chandra Sekhar says:

    so nice

  40. Zulqarnain majoka says:

    So beautiful dog

  41. AKSHAYAKUMAR says:

    Nicely trained dog man

  42. yash raj says:

    Good trained dog

  43. Santosh Rauniyar says:

    Dog kha mile hai

  44. Banish_ Baral says:

    What coat is that ?
    Lovely GSD.
    I love dogs

  45. Rotwellier Fanclub says:

    Ia he double coat German shepherd dog. Please reply me

  46. Nimra Nadeem says:

    Very nice german sheperd

  47. Kunal Khatri says:

    Bhai no is kaisi rate kya h

  48. Love Bhandari says:

    nyc bro

  49. abdeo said says:


  50. Priyanka Singh says:

    Beautiful dog

  51. Ashlin Shaju says:

    What is the prize of this dog?

  52. Nasir Raza Khan says:

    Is he calling him Ali, that is very bad.

  53. ridicule35 says:

    "Boom, eat Macron!" …mais non! Il est juste adorable et intelligent! Bravo a vous deux!

  54. Ahmed Tawfik says:

    I want to buy this dog ?

  55. Maya Yadav says:

    German. I. Love. You

  56. Karan Goel says:

    Ooooh__my best and favourite ? is ge4man shephard

  57. Turbo Gaming says:

    How do you do that

  58. tanha channel voice says:

    Pro is ki price

  59. Abdulaziz-Tucson says:

    Man I got confused! How about the dog. give him some chance to process what you are saying

  60. Yana Afrin says:

    I badly need one???

  61. Baby&Puppy says:

    I knew that German shepherd is so smart:)

  62. Noran Gonzaga says:

    That GS understands french unbelievable!!!


    Nice training for a dog.

  64. Steven Meakin says:

    Very nice looking dog good

  65. ثقافة عامة وترفيه says:

    تقول عبد

  66. Zeeshan Hussain says:

    I love german shepherd ??

  67. Madhusudan Jadhav says:

    I also have German shepherd

  68. Serepec Marijo says:

    You hit him of course.

  69. Robin Robi says:

    Good dog

  70. jawad jiovani says:

    Na9es chwiya

  71. bad vibes says:

    Wow I wanna have a dog like your bro

  72. Roberto Breglia says:

    Ottimo video! Bellissimo cane,addestrato benissimo. Complimenti ?

  73. Sergio Rossi says:

    Quando risponde corretto il cane devi dare sempre un premio un piccolo biscotto una carezza

  74. Chó đẹp DatViet says:

    Nice German shepherd long hair, bro???

  75. Karina Rojas says:

    I got a puppy, German Shepard 4 months he is big!! Whenever he is hungry or thristy brings in his bowl so we could feed em.!!?

  76. Satheesh karadan says:

    I have five Rottweiler

  77. Swati Das says:

    just beautiful

  78. Chitra Kanwar says:

    Very nice

  79. Chitra Kanwar says:


  80. WBDE says:

    What a wonderful dog. He is trying very hard to please and obey you; but I think he deserves some more praise and definitely some touch to let him know you are pleased with him.

  81. Jindy Rios says:

    Asta a mi me frustraste. Pobres animales

  82. rspartridge says:

    German understanding french
    Smart dog. Lol

  83. AIO fact tech says:

    Even I m not able to understand what he is saying

  84. Foreign Name says:

    If I was the dog, I would've bite his butt for giving too much instructions.

  85. Carmela Martinelli says:

    Gli animali devono fare gli animali… a me sembra proprio che lo mandi in confusione …. nn è una marionetta ne un giocattolo… povero cane che vita grama.. scappa scappa ?

  86. Nirav Verma says:

    Don't confuse and put soo much stress on your dog..

  87. slamberger says:

    the owner should play the dog and see how he feels about being ordered around for no reason . tu est un peu cruel envers ce chien

  88. Harshit Guptas says:

    What language is that ?
    Arabic or what ?

  89. Manju Singh says:

    Hes a carbon copy of my GSD !! ❤️im glad i never trained him to such degrees they are very intelligent just leave. him alone pls ?

  90. Rob H says:

    Wish my girlfriend would listen.

  91. Rob H says:

    I've had 3 German Shepherds and never had to train any of them.

  92. Abinash Raj says:

    You are just irritating him

  93. Sailok Cotex says:

    More than training you are harassing the dog!!

  94. A N X E R R says:

    Made In Germany..

  95. think on these things says:

    You should come and train my wife. I need your help, she doesn't listen to me at all!!

  96. Ruben Wijaya says:

    After watching this video, i can understand french. ?

  97. sangtei nelriam says:

    Are you kidding.. you train too much.. please give him something to eat..

  98. Jessy Srilu says:

    Duffer owner I hate the owner

  99. ReneM says:

    Such a smart dog! Boom is having a great time – he's getting attention, stimulation, and praise. Well done sir!

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