LGR – The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Review

After three years of waiting, it’s finally
here: The Sims 4 not-Pets pack! Aka, Cats & Dogs, the fourth expansion pack
to the The Sims 4, arriving at a suggested price of $40 USD. And this time around I was not provided a
review code by EA, so it’s back to me buying the pack myself. Not gonna stop me so let’s get right to
it! As the pack title suggests, Cats & Dogs isn’t
as broad of an expansion theme as older, similar packs, like The Sims 3: Pets. While that one included cats, dogs, horses,
birds, rodents, reptiles, turtles, deer, raccoons, and unsettling ice cream trucks, Cats & Dogs
features… cats. And dogs. Oh and raccoons once again, as well as foxes,
each of which are respectively classified as a cat and a dog for some reason. Anyway, the whole idea of the pack is that
your sims can now own and care for various fuzzy critters, of which there are over 170
premade breeds to choose from. Not only that but you can make a completely
custom breed or crossbreed existing ones, making for some truly inspiring combinations. Say hello to the hottest new designer dog,
the Greyhound Pug! Scientists were so preoccupied with whether
they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. And yes, since in this case raccoons are cats
and foxes are dogs, they can be crossbred with rather odd results. Foxes and dogs I can somewhat believe since
there have been Canid hybrids reported, but domestic cats and raccoons? Biology! EA definitely knows it. And don’t even bother bringing up the Maine
Coon cat; despite the suggestive name it didn’t descend from raccoons. Besides, I’m mostly joking here anyway,
because I think this kind of open-ended absurdity is what makes The Sims games great. Cats & Dogs provides the highest degree of
customization we’ve seen in the game thus far, well beyond what can be accomplished
with humanoid sims. For example, the color wheel and pattern tools
have returned from The Sims 3, although unfortunately it’s only for pets right now. Whether or not that’ll ever change I can’t
be certain, but what I do know is that I was seriously cracking up while creating dogs
and cats that look like they were painted by a group of dangerously-caffeinated preschoolers. And it’s true, I’ve always wanted a taco
cat covered in spray-painted goldfish with its head stuck in a grilled cheese sandwich. I guess you could call him “inbread,” ha ha. And of course, there are a number of traits
and voices to further personalize each animal, just like you’d expect with any other sim. You can also choose whether or not they’ve
been spayed or neutered, so if you wanna role-play as Bob Barker from the word go then that’s
your prerogative. And finally, there are a good number of new
hairstyles, accessories, shoes, outfits, and clothing options for your existing sims both
young and old, including a healthy dosage of crazy cat person attire, and uh… This. This right here. Oh my. All right so now that you have you furry friends
where are you gonna play with ‘em? Why not try out the new map location: a seaside
town with four neighborhoods known as Brindleton Bay! It’s a pretty attractive-looking, cozy little
place in my opinion, although its inclusion of more autumnal trees makes me yearn for
a Seasons pack even more. Sigh! Yeah I guess I’ll wait another year for
that if I have to, and until then there are places like this where I can pretend fall
has arrived. And to populate these new lots there are over
300 new objects available for your sims to buy in build mode, many of which are expectedly
pet-themed with paw prints and dog bones, but most notably among them are no fewer than
eight new chairs. I’m sure there are other objects of note,
but as a wise man once said: “When you’ve got chairs who cares!” Okay actually, one new thing I’m happy to
have are robot vacuums. Not only do pets introduce more messes to
clean up than ever, but they provide extracurricular activities for your strange felines to casually
enjoy… *sounds of strange feline enjoying SimRoomba* In addition to the expected litany of broad-use
furniture, lights, signs, and various clutter objects, there are plenty of pet necessities on offer. Piles of toys, beds, feeders, litter boxes,
and treats of all kinds have been added to the game to make it feasible to fully care
for your pet and give them a pleasant home. Speaking of which, how do you get them home
in the first place? Well, other than just rolling your own critter
in Create A Sim, your other option is to adopt a pet on the Sim Internet or waltz on out
into the world and befriend a stray. Sims with cat- and dog-loving traits will
find it especially hard to say no to strays, and in all likelihood so will you with how
instantly cute and playful every animal can be. Just keep in mind that a pet takes up a sim
slot in your home, so if your household is already full then, well, I’m sure you’ll
come up with ways to free up some space. *sounds of creative space-freeing… burning, mostly* Once that’s sorted, great! Whether you adopt through a service or through
the wild, getting a pet is a surefire way to keep things interesting. For example, each pet has a number of traits,
and those traits affect what they’ll able to do. Things like affectionate, clever, lazy, aggressive,
and hairy are more passive, self-explanatory traits that determine their overall personality. More active traits like hunter or prowler
will give pets a separate set of actions they can perform, either on their own or if your
sim asks them to do so. If they decide to obey, that is. Your pets are such appealing little floofballs
that even when they’re being stubborn uncooperative punks it’s hard to be critical of them. But let’s do it anyway! Pets in this pack cannot be controlled directly,
at all. You can click their icon at the bottom of
the screen, but all it’ll do it center the camera on them. And you know what? I like it this way. Not only is it a more realistic approach than
being able to control them directly, but it provides a little more of a challenge in taking
care of them. And as someone who’s been yearning for a
bit more challenge and unpredictability in The Sims 4, I welcome the change. What I don’t quite agree with is the fact
that there is no way to quickly and precisely check the current status of your pet. There is a total lack of a dedicated user interface
for pets, meaning that things like hunger level, tiredness, or bladder status are a
mystery on a moment to moment basis. Which, okay, that’s fine if you’re going
for realism. I don’t know the precise status of my cat’s
bladder in real life either and frankly I don’t want to. Like I said, I appreciate some extra challenge here and there, and I don’t mind having to pay extra attention to my pet to find out what their bodily needs are. But the part that really bothers me about
this is that you also can’t even do something so simple as look up how old your pet is! Assuming that the interface in The Sims 4
is a representation of what your current sim is aware of at any given moment, this infers
that my sims don’t care enough about their own pets to remember their birthday or what
kind of personality they have. Even The Sims 2 had this as a standard feature,
along with plenty of other useful information that I’d expect a pet owner to keep up with,
like what skills they have or who they’ve met. But nope, in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, you’re
left with a lot of guesswork for everything from learned skills to their current freaking
age. Another reason I wish there was an information
interface of some kind is due to the addition of quirks, which go beyond the traits that
you can see in Create A Sim. Quirks are charming little behavioral habits
that range from being afraid of computers to being enamored watching TV. Sometimes you’ll have a dog that’s just
obsessed with the pool. They swim in the pool, they dream of the pool,
they are at one with the pool. Other times you’ll have a cat that flips
his lid every time someone opens the oven, which is entirely believable as a lifelong
cat owner. While it’s nice to be reminded of these
quirks as they happen, I’d really like some way to look at them in a list of some sort,
but again: nope, not an option. Another thing that would be useful would be
to be able to check your pets’ training level and habits, both of which can be addressed by sims with or without the new pet training skill. Whether by specific training exercises, on-the-spot
scolding, or positive reinforcement, pets can be taught to do things like roll over,
stop scratching furniture, and stay out of fights. You can also put your pets to the test by
creating obstacle courses, pitting them against each other for a fast time and tasty treats. Speaking of tasty, I also like that sims skilled
in cooking can opt out of store-bought kibbles and bits and whip up their own special meals,
from squishy bone casseroles to fishy carcass treats. You’ll need all the pet fuel you can get
too, because dogs and cats can go into heat and start feverishly looking for a mate at
a moment’s notice. When they find one either by chance or by
you guiding their gonads, a quick nose rub and some floating hearts can lead to a pregnancy. Now remember kids: always wear a muzzle. Before long you’ll have fresh new mouths
to feed and the whole adorable process starts all over again. And finally, there is the veterinarian. A new career in the
Cats & Dogs pack that isn’t actually a “career” at all. What I mean by that is that it’s not a job
you earn a salary for, like a doctor or a cop, but instead it’s more like owning a
restaurant in the Dine Out pack. So if you have enough money to buy your own
vet’s office, then presto: you’re an instant vet! No experience needed, just open up the doors
and let the sick animals waltz on in to get treated by your complete inadequacy. Granted, the more you heal pets the more experience
you’ll earn in the veterinary skill, but it still seems a bit silly to me. But whatever it’s The Sims 4, things are
dumb and dumb can be fun, and man can this be dumb fun. For example, a cat comes in with a runny nose? Time for surgery! Yep, nothing’s stopping you from neutering
the entire world against their will, or for some real chaos UN-neutering the entire world, so go for it if you feel inclined. Or hey, maybe you actually want to play it
how it wants you to, and in that case it’s pretty similar to the doctor career from Get
To Work. Pets come in with an unknown ailment, so you
inspect their symptoms and come up with a diagnosis that it hands to you on a silver
platter without much effort at all. Sometimes you’ll need to take a pet into
the surgery chamber or mix up a special serum, but yeah, since pets can’t die from this
stuff it never feels like it holds much weight. And that is The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion
pack. Or at least the stuff that I find most noteworthy and interesting contained within. So the question remains: Is it completely worth the $40 asking price? I mean, this game has been out for three years now, is the addition of pets enough to keep it fresh? I don’t know. I mean… It’s a fun pack and I enjoyed
it well enough, but that price tag is steep for the actual new content on offer. A lot of it only slightly rehashes what we’ve
already seen, or falls short of providing what we’ve seen in previous pet packs. And then the legit improvements are sometimes held back by things like the lack of player feedback for pet statuses. On the other hand I’m entirely aware that
for many simmers, having animals in the game *at all* will be enough for you to hand over your money. If having cats and dogs that you can pimp
out for Simstagram followers is your thing, then this is the pack for you. It provides plenty of enjoyable gameplay,
cute moments, and happy sims. And personally, it’s tough to explain the
ability to bring back a lost childhood pet in some way. Somewhat recently I lost my cat of 17 years
and… well, just seeing her again in virtual form is enough to make me uncontrollably wistful. The Sims games have always had a special way of bringing
about wish fulfillment, making them really something special, unique, and awesome in that respect, and the Cats & Dogs pack makes that clearer than ever to me. But in an objective sense, I still think the
initial asking price should be slashed in half for what you actually get. The
more I played it, the more it felt like a bite-sized Game Pack than a fully-fledged
expansion. And that largely has to do with my expectations
coming from having played the larger Pets packs of the past. But even more than that I miss having
an easy way to look at simple information like when my pet will age up. If this was a $20
game pack I’d recommend it completely, no doubt about it. But, as a $40 expansion, I think your mileage
may vary depending on expectations. And yet I also truly understand if those expectations
don’t go beyond wanting to have some fun with an animal friend one more time, even if it’s just virtually. And if you enjoyed this look at this pack from this thing, then perhaps you’d like to see some of my other videos here on LGR. Or you maybe wanna stick around, there are new videos every Monday and Friday so subscribe if you would like. And as always, thank you very much for petting LGR! … Actually maybe don’t do that, that’s a little weird.

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100 Responses

  1. More Spacehamster's says:

    At this time it has been slashed in half

  2. Socrates458 says:

    I think you opened up some feelings with this review. I’ve created pets that I’ve lost for the same reason, to play with them one more time. I’m glad you mentioned it because I can really connect.

  3. Litten Fire says:

    As much as l like dogs and cats, l wish you could change the size of them to be accurate to the breeds

  4. Channel wave senior High school says:

    a fox is a cousin to a dog and a raccon is a cousin to a cat

  5. andromeda says:

    I do like not controling your pets as well, but not having horses in, damn, that was low. Also, I never buy EP for full price, and nowadays, there is a sale every month, so yay 😀

  6. Raiden Factory says:

    That's a catcoon exist long time ago on earth…

  7. black Wolf Prinz says:

    I think they should have gave us the option to play as the pet
    A simple "pet controll on/of" button

    Also in real life i inow when my cat is hungry or when whe wants affection so we should be able to see that
    Thats why i waited for the sale

    Its bugging me that you cant play
    Your own pet that you have in real live since you actually want it to behave exactly like your real one
    But wirh those random hidden quirks thats not possible

  8. Killer Champion says:

    Can u still catch ghosts with the cat at night

  9. BensATechGuy says:

    Do you need Get to Work to own a vet clinic?

  10. thegiantpaperpanda says:

    Wow, with every review, I realize how Sims 3 was far superior to Sims 4

  11. thegiantpaperpanda says:

    No Basset Hounds???

  12. Erik says:

    As a shiba inu owner, I got to say that the shiba in this pack bears absolutely no resemblance to a shiba inu.

  13. The Queen Of Memes says:

    Dam Australia is getting ripped off

  14. xmoonlight says:

    I like this expansion, but I do wish it was like the Sims 3 one.

  15. Jrelvas says:

    The only good sims 4 expansion pack in my opinion

  16. Lucy Sim says:

    LMFAO the cat on the roomba killed me!

  17. literal meme says:

    I love how in the pets Expansion Pack you can make a hairless cat hairy and they cough up furballs

  18. Mortessa says:

    Can the pets live outdoors? I'm wanting to do a homeless or "au nautrel" family that lives in a tent and has a campfire for their home. But I'm afraid if I get a nice dog companion that my dog will run away or die because they can't come in the tent with us (I assume, I haven't tried to make a pet go in a tent).

  19. Reece Bar says:

    5:50 The sims is a life simulator game, but removing simulating the pet's life is like removing part of the reason to get it, also saying the cartoony goofy unrealistic sims game trying to be realistic, I just can't see that as a real excuse for them removing that..

  20. Ardin Patterson says:

    Your puns never get old xD

  21. Jay Williams says:

    You’ll be happy to know that there is now a seasons pack!

  22. samuel young says:

    pets the channel

  23. Goat says:

    Badum tss

  24. Logicdiary317 says:

    I wanted a pets pack that had not just dogs, cats and horses like the sims 3 but also maybe some goats, pigs, donkeys, chickens, etc anything found on a farm. That's what we're missing with a pet pack. They took 2 great big steps back by including only NPC cats and dogs that fill a family slot but you cannot control them without mods smh

  25. L Mo says:

    Thanks for saving me $40 😉

  26. CrazyPuppetBros says:

    I want this pack really badly, why did they have to make it $50… maybe it will go on sale

  27. Gaming with squeaky Jr says:

    So you get basically everything in the original sims 4 but getting a cat or dog is included with extra

  28. Mia Mcdonald says:

    Can u download cc on cats and dogs?

  29. Unhealthy Salad says:

    I just downloaded this expansion pack for 50% off. EA was haveing a sale and I got it for 20$ so I'm pretty happy about that. Which is great to hear that you said it's worth 20 but not 40!!!

  30. Episode Freak says:

    My cats and dogs game was $30

  31. 박은경 says:

    Im so sorry about your cat <3 🙁

  32. Jamie Barnett says:

    I got all of it free

  33. Curly Bug says:

    condolances m8, loosing a pet sucks, i've never had a pet die but when i was younger(like probably two or three) my family couldn't take care of the two dogs that we had(we had two cats at the time and we still have those same two cats) so we had to give them to a new home, i cried for a couple of nights but now that i'm older(i'm only 9 now lol) i realise that it was probably best for them, now i have my two cats, blueberry and blackberry and my new dog molly, we had gotten molly back in 2013 i believe- HOLY MACERONI AND CHEESE I SUDDENLY FEEL SO OLD NOW xD and my parents got blueberry and blackberry before i was even born, in fact i think my mom had blackberry before she had met my dad lol

  34. M5 Tulsi2020 says:

    And to think how huge Sims 3 Pets was. I mean, cats dogs and horses plus a whole new world. I miss Sims 3 ☹️

  35. FlowerDreams says:

    I’m getting this pack from My birthday!!!! Im gonna make My labradoodle And get puppies???

  36. Senpai Is Mine says:

    Does The Sim cat & dog have hamster? ?

  37. Macy Alred says:

    hearing about getting to play with your cat one last time is such a bittersweet sentiment, hits really close to home. that’s the one thing i like about the sims four, you can make sims and pets so accurate to people you know that it feels like they’re real. it’s comforting when you’re lonely and they really feel more real and alive sometimes.

  38. Al M says:

    I never care about the pet packs in sims.. idk I guess because I never really had long term beloved pets growing up. But since there's a half price sale on all the games right now I think I might just get it. If not mainly for the extra world but I guess sometimes I could have fun using pets. Def wouldn't bother getting it at full price though.

  39. Eli Lastnamington says:

    EA: y-y-y-you mean you wont give us a good review if we give you free shit?

  40. Sakura Minn says:


  41. Compoundeyes says:

    Pretty sure they put raccoons and foxes as cats and dogs because Pets on Sims 3 blew up like 80% of everyone's game from being way too massive. It completely crashed the game and made it unplayable for literally most people. So it's a quick shortcut that saves space lol

  42. Mae says:

    I really wish they would’ve included horses

  43. Dumpster Noodles says:

    12:12 Got it for £17 >:), so haha i paid less

  44. Pikachu Fan 9 3/4 says:

    I got the game for 50% off and 20 dollars I think is waaayyyy more reasonable. If you want the expansion pack, wait till you get a discount. You won’t regret it.

  45. Ygor Cortes says:

    I literally almost cried when you talked about your cat. This pack really can give amazing experiences!

  46. Ash Aquatics says:

    No unicorns?!?

  47. TheyCallMeChips says:

    Long story short: This pack was definitely not worth $40/£30. It's a cool pack don't get me wrong but after a while it just feels really…empty. Like I have mentioned before:

    Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: You can't control cats or dogs because realism.
    Also Sims 4: Vampires, Aliens, Cowplants, Grim Reaper, Plant Sims, dying from embarrassment and laughing, able to control more than one sim, flying hamsters, no politics/corrupt politics, ghosts, keeping sims – including (kidnapped) children – as prisoners and slaves in your basement and kill them at will with no repercussions, and now mermaids and befriending wild dolphins.


  48. james howard says:

    i have sims 4 seasons, and pets and cats, more i dont need

  49. Alessandro Mariano says:

    That explains why RTgame made a cat with a raccoon voice.

  50. kathryn doyle says:

    You can get the game for £16 now lol

  51. Kitty_Gacha Cat says:


  52. Floofer Pupper says:

    That thumbnail is Nightmare fuel

  53. AJ or something says:

    We need more film grain footage of lgr's cat.

  54. Lucy Charnick says:

    I laughed in the in bread joke

  55. Malte Rotter says:

    Tbh I love that map so much especially with seasons that i would buy the pack just for it ?

  56. Gojiro7 says:

    4:33 theres a Joke I wanna make here, but its in really poor taste so ill politely just say, thats a funny way to free up space in your home XD

  57. Petra says:

    thank you for once more making the sims look like its more fun than it really is

  58. G-Wizz k says:

    Best thing I’ve watched all day

  59. BlaqueCzar says:

    Seeing this years later great review, I know your pain about the loss of your cat, may our old friend felines rest in perfect peace.

  60. Jotta H. says:

    The cats can be breaded? Sold.

  61. Bryan T. says:

    In Bread. #DadJoke You are amazing!

  62. MsHEADbanging says:

    This is why I only buy packs when there is a sale :))))

  63. Emily Worman says:

    I've been wanting to get this pack for a while and today it's 50% off so had to get it

  64. Ellinor Backman says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your ? ??❤️❤️

  65. Rupert 199 says:

    I have seasons and I am getting Pets soon so I am just wondering if the animal's birthday will appear on my sims calendar? Cause you can check when I babies birthday is using the calendar but idk about pets

  66. Aquilean Quil says:

    I hope I ever see it again

  67. Kachell Phillips says:

    Love your reviews

  68. Arranoa says:

    $40…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. aight

  69. ShataviaWithLove says:

    I just bought the base game I’m trying to decide if I should invest in the extra games or stick to sims 3 ?

  70. CellarDoor says:

    Instantly liked after the Jurassic Park reference

  71. TheDirewolf 1234 says:

    NEXT DLC : Thrones & Chairs Expansion $40 (Now with remote control chairs).

  72. aaron stelmach says:

    Just lost my childhood cat too

  73. Katie Bonnell says:

    can you review My First Pet Stuff pack please? It provides small animals like hamsters for CAS.

  74. Jessica Tornez says:

    Did u rly bern a kid and his mom

  75. itskylie says:

    Welp,, it is 20$. lol..??

  76. Chey but WHY? says:

    How hard would it be to just say "animals" and add them all

  77. HackermanACK says:

    Sims 4: Oh God Another Paywall

  78. Lobster named goose ꨄ says:


  79. hatsuharu333 says:

    I wasn’t ready for the part about your cat that passed away or spending time with an animal friend one more time ;_____; Why am I tearing up at a Sims 4 review?!

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    Sim 1: we realistic

    Sim 4: taco cat with grillcheese sandwich head

    How far we hath come

  82. Mike Asllani says:

    This pack might be terrible, but at least they have…


  83. Mike Asllani says:

    I got the cats and dogs and actual game bundle, it was 60$ for almost nothing.

  84. Wiktor 91018 says:

    I wish there was more pet life stages, more pet types and ability to cross between different animals such as cat+dog

  85. Bearded Dane says:

    This might sound sad but I buy them when they’re half price lol

  86. Casey Coolican says:


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    I found it absurdly cute when you changed that cat's head size back and forth XD

  90. Christina Schlechty says:

    I only paid $19.99 for my copy of ts4

  91. Alicia Lannan says:

    Forgot to talk about just HOW OFTEN pets get sick. So far, I've taken one dog to the vet three times in one sim week. Makes me hate pets tbh.

  92. Signer John says:

    Odd since Raccoons are more related to dogs then cats.

  93. Clark Wahlberg says:

    Remember when you could play as the pet?!?! ?

  94. Amanda Letcher says:

    And for people who want to control your pets don't worry there's a mod for that

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