Life after Research: From Hopkins to Forever Homes

>>My wife and I love beagles. Over the past 40 years, we’ve had a total of 10 beagles. Five from Johns Hopkins. These two have been the best
dogs I think we’ve ever had. They’re great hiking partners and we go out at least
three or four times a week. C’mon. I’m surprised at how well
they hike considering that they had surgery on their hind legs. I was a little concerned about that but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. They’re happy dogs. I think we’re the luckiest people around to have these two guys
be a part of our lives.>>We started a program
a couple of decades ago actually adopting our research animals after they were worked with
on various medical studies and research studies
benefiting animal health, benefiting human health. Over the last several decades, we’ve adopted out more than
250 animals from this program.>>He’s mild. He’s sweet. He’s added a joy to our family and it’s hard to describe. When I met Ringo, I knew
he’d make a good therapy dog. Every other week, I take
him to a senior center and people adore him. He gets along with everybody
and he’s not easily phased. He was part of some sort of a nerve study but he’s been fine. There’s been no ill effects what so ever. He’s done his part and now it’s my turn to do my part for him and it’s easy to do because
he’s such a lovable dog. He’s quite a find. I feel very luck to be his dog parent.>>I don’t feel like they were different. I feel like maybe they were more social but other than that, they’re
just like a normal cat. Like any other cat. I think it’s great that they
made a contribution to science and then they can calmly
live their happy lives with me and my family. Good girl.>>She’s sweet. She’s playful. She still has a lot of kitten
in her and we love her. They did an eye study with
her so she only has one eye but it has not affected her at all. She jumps on every counter. She gets up high just
like all my other cats. There’s no problems.>>People sometimes have the misconception that the animals that are here
on research aren’t cared for and that’s just not the case. We have an entire team with
people that’s dedicated just to making sure that
they’re well cared for. Right now, we have a group
of about six research cats that are finishing up their project and are slated to get adopted out.>>I’m very excited to bring a cat home.>>They’ve already done so
much for humans in general and the least we can do
is give them loving homes.>>I think the success of our
adoption program is a testament to the care that we’re
giving these animals. We wouldn’t be able to adopt out all of these animals if they
weren’t happy around humans.>>Go to your mom, congratulations.>>Thank you. (light happy music)

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