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Ladies and gentlemen! This is my ultimate creation! A robot designed to represent an absolutely hilarious pun! I introduce to you all… Life! The B E E P Poodle! Eh. Get it? Because life can be a b- Moving on! Today, Life is to be presented on the Internet, for every other human being to feast their eyes upon! LET’S GO LIFE *innocent singing* Do! DO! And here we are! The Internet! Just… e m p t i n e s s . . . n o t h i n g n e s s . . . WELL I hope that you can all enjoy my creation, my fellow Internet friends! Now Life, whatever you do, for your sake, do not adopt any human attributes. “In the dictionary definition, democracy is… No! No! Nononono! No! Life! Shut up! Shh! Just- Shut up! SHUT UP! Ugh, okay fine. You can talk. You can have the mentality of a human being. At least, don’t develop any PHYSICAL human attributes, like standing on two le- Life! No! Life! Don’t do it! Get back on your four le- Life! Get back on your four legs, girl! Life! Back on your four legs! Life! NO! LIFE! *sensual music* Life. You’re a b- OH MY GOD! A DISGUSTING FURRY! KILL IT! BURN IT WITH FIRE! *angry man noises* c: (feel free to try and comprehend this primitive language) b a r k *table stomping, Sr Pelo style!*

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7 Responses

  1. Cringe Fox TV says:


  2. Cringe Fox TV says:

    btw im first :3

  3. Moka Lion says:


  4. Tsuki Moore says:

    It's funny
    You should make an other one

  5. alexandre Daigle says:

    We are alredy in hell my friends, let us pray.

  6. Para Domestique says:


  7. andy Eisenacher says:

    I wish I have a poodle like her

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