Lion, Tiger & Bulldog Buddies: Cute Animal Babies

COMM: This unlikely trio of friends are all residents of Seaview Predator Park in South
Africa, where keeper Or Lazmi is raising 2 cubs with the help of her bulldog, Hugo. Or: The reason why we interact with them to such a degree is because these animals will
be staying here with us for the rest of their lives, so by them being accustomed to us in
such a level it will make it easier for us to handle them when they’re bigger. COMM: Or, who has hand-raised dozens of big cats, says the unusual friendship came about
naturally. Hugo already lived with her and simply joined in with raising the cubs. The trio spend their days and nights together, a situation that has allowed the animals,
who wouldn’t normally interact, to become firm friends. Or: Hugo and Ice are good friends. When she was about 5, 6 weeks old, she was able to
hold her ground with him and we started letting them interact on a regular basis. Igor is a bit of an odd baby – he does his own thing, but they also play together from
time to time. COMM: The animals have formed an incredible bond and love nothing more than to play fight,
but it’s bulldog hugo who’s the leader of the pack – for now. Or: Ice and Igor’s relationship with Hugo will depend on how these guys react to him
when he’s older. At this point, he can still bully them around, but in about a months time,
they’re definitely gonna be bigger than him and we’ll have to see how much of a bully
they turn out to be. COMM: But the fun-loving trio’s adventures have a serious side. Although the cubs are
cute and cuddly now, they’ll grow to be 40 stone predators, and their ability to interact
successfully with Or and Hugo at this stage of their life will help them socialise once
they move permanently to the reserve. Or: Ice and Igor are the first tigers actually staying here with me until such an old age
and that’s only possible because they have such a good relationship with Hugo.

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34 Responses

  1. Makhulu Mapogo says:

    That dog is going to going to be dinner

  2. Ahsan Choudhry says:

    she sounds a little like Janice from friends.

  3. Kusai Payne says:

    Is she the same person who stands before the lions naked😞

  4. Christine Dollie Icao says:

    I would like to have a lion 😭

  5. Wendy Walkiria Jacamo Rodriguez says:

    Que lindos animalitos 😍😍😍

  6. talin nalo says:


  7. Geralt Rivia says:

    I marry her 🙂

  8. زينب عالمي says:

    Oh my god so cute

  9. viral movies and video says:

    love for all

  10. Rodrigo Araya Barraza says:

    Hermosa or

  11. Teresa Navarro says:

    i love the white lion ..
    when he 💤 sleep's. …

  12. DK CN says:

    Tiger will betray. Don’t they always? Like it’s in their nature to be alone?

  13. EasyTechno says:

    The question is, how to get a hot girl like her

  14. Hemant Samtani says:

    Animals, pretty lady and great boobs!

  15. Wahyu Jawanese says:

    anjingnya jelek

  16. Dougie Elder says:

    OMG!!….She is Stunning!!!….Oh…the animals are too, I forgot they were there!lol

  17. Сергей Трейсер says:

    Cute Lion cub!

  18. Shrigga says:

    Uhm 5 years later this is recommended. Ok

  19. Louis Babycos says:

    Nice legs and cute and pretty feet on her. She should have her own wikifeet page.

  20. Louis Babycos says:

    I want her to give me a Toyota FJ without the Toyota part if you know what I mean.

  21. Nobel Hossain says:


  22. Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater says:

    She's smokin…

  23. Alex K. says:

    "…they're going to be 40 stone predators." Dude, drop that British weight unit crap, just say pounds or kilos for all the normal people in the world.

  24. MN TEEN says:

    Tiger cute

  25. Kaidosbuddyagain Doberman says:

    Definitely a very beautiful woman. Also very smart, her connection with these animals are amazing. She can actually allow strangers in with her and the lions, she just needs to watch their eyes to know if they are getting feisty. She’s amazing for sure.

  26. GunXMetal37 says:

    Jesus the thumbnail 😂

  27. Greenblood Evergreen says:

    egomanic dreams come true if you have money. poor animals. they get severe brainwashed since birth. this is brutal and have nothing to do with Wildlifelove. This are dreams of egomanic rich selfish suicidal labil humans.

  28. Abdul Mateen says:

    Ahhh i wish i could have that lion & tiger cub , life goal

  29. Syed Laila says:

    Helo ilove this vedio


    You have good heart. ..

  31. Karen Dilday says:

    She has the best life ,she so lucky .them babies r precious!

  32. stevey626 says:

    Yo she can adopt me any day, sup girl.

  33. Abhinav Sharma says:

    Came for the thumbnail…like the animals too

  34. kalyan ettela says:

    1:22 lion cubs pulls dogs rope along with neck lol..
    1:26 dog tries to take revenge..
    1:27tigercub holds her head and kisses on forehead "0 baby ..did he hurt u.."

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