Little Girl Meets Her Cute New Golden Retriever Puppy

Say Hi Chance! Welcome to Atlanta from
Mississippi and now we’re going to go home to our new home in Augusta Georgia.
Hi baby! Carson turn him around and let’s see. He’s so beautiful! How excited are
you Carson, tell me? Thank you PuppySpot for our new puppy. We absolutely love him
and we will be posting pictures and sending y’all (turn him around Car)
sending out updates on Chance here is Chance yay! Day one! Yes day one
with Chance.

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3 Responses

  1. Jacket , Camarena 8 says:

    how do you go about the adoption? is there any puppyspot in Los Angeles ?

  2. Joe Fischetti says:

    are there any in new york? if so, where in new york???

  3. kaila richardson says:

    How did Puppy Spot Work do the send the puppy to the airport and then you pick them up?

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