Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Will Make Your Day

looking for new friendship goals then
look no further than name and Rikku name is a one-year-old japanese girl Ricochet
Jayant creedal and together they make the cutest companions you’ve ever seen
names grandmother documents they’re adorable exploits on Instagram we’re the
perfect pair have almost 80 K followers she also has two other dogs Haku and Koo
but name and Rikku seem to be particularly inseparable whether they’re
sleeping reading or playing on the trampoline they seem to do everything
together and they’re rarely far from each other’s side wish you had a
friendship like this we certainly do by the way did you know that giant poodle
otherwise known as royal poodles aren’t actually a separate breed of dog they’re
just common marketing terms to refer to very big standard Tweedles which can
wait more than 60 pounds or 27 kilograms if you liked this video please give it a
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