Live Exotics Pet Store Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam, Kerala

hello friends welcome back in this video
I will show you a new pet store that has been opened in Kottayam Kerala so if you
are nearby you can check out this pet store I will flash the mobile number in
the middle of the video or you can check the video description to find the full
address and phone number I hope you like this video if you like
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also in the video description I will see you guys in the next video till then bye
and take care and thanks for watching

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5 Responses

  1. Fine Tuning says:


  2. tushar anand says:


  3. Rahul Tupkar says:

    I need to buy birds

  4. Danish Jain says:

    Very nice

  5. VARGHESE V J says:

    African love birds ondo chetta….peach faced love bird ??

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