Live PD K9 Team Kobe vs. K9 Team Bane | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

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42 Responses

  1. A&E says:

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  2. Jacob High says:


  3. Xx ErlisAliu xX says:


  4. JAY ROD says:


  5. killzone3234 says:


  6. Just Mintyy says:


  7. Claudio K says:

    AND another one of this video

  8. hello there says:

    I thought this was like team Kobe basketball

    rip Kobe still

  9. Billie_eilish_llfanll Billie eilish says:


  10. Onur Yildiz says:

    i am the first like

  11. Bill Zussman says:

    Finally, a show about the bork bork nom nom fur missiles.

    Im so happy.

    They need to do one with shep and fox. Would be amazing

  12. Aniya White says:

    GOOD videos

  13. Aman Eyasu says:


  14. Elvin Seudieu says:

    RIP Kobe

  15. nba2k yoboy says:

    Rip Kobe I hope Kobe team win

  16. ryan damon says:

    I team K9

  17. Only Fans says:

    I rather get roughed up by a police officer instead of a police dog!

  18. Aaron Banks says:

    I watch the live PD episode when she was on it wow

  19. Donald J. Trump says:

    Kobe's handler was fat and slow

  20. It's Just Logic says:

    Lol wtf is this

  21. adam burdt says:

    Do they do a double elimination tournament? If not, that's how they should do this.

  22. adam burdt says:

    The chick is slowing the dog down too much

  23. HxCMusicMaster says:

    Why Kobe crash the helicopter :/

  24. shitcox says:

    New fav show

  25. Grumpy says:

    Rip KOBE
    The Basketballer
    Not the dog

  26. Eddie Bowen says:

    You will shoot our dog but tell your dog to bite us. No dog should be used to attack a human being and the government should never use dogs against their own citizens. If you want to use them to help find drugs, that's fine but not against people.

  27. Mona LaC says:

    Kobe did good on the let go!

  28. vsboy 25 says:

    K9 should wear a muzzle and track not bite.

  29. MRMehran R says:

    In China they eat them

  30. Platte puss says:

    Bane has less time to learn bad habits. Even though his wife let's him on the bed. That's just being a good pet mom, lol.

  31. In God I trust. GJ. B. D. says:

    Amazing Amazing Dogs yes.

  32. In God I trust. GJ. B. D. says:

    Amazing Love this Dog. Real protect yes.

  33. Jedi256 says:

    Yo, a heartfelt thank you for not telling us the winner in the title. THE EXCITEMENT IS INTENSE

  34. Zero Two says:

    I love these

  35. Black Tom says:

    My God this is stupid

  36. David Beachem says:

    Rest in peace to the real Kobe

  37. J lc, says:

    i want a trump house with ultra mega cheese-room for my londoners xoxox
    can a&e be my trump house with military nba-teeth
    rayban bananas coornie gears
    hooga hooga (Daffy)

  38. Laloni Chester says:


  39. B1gDan77 says:

    More proof women should never be cops.

  40. Cameron James says:

    You said 5 seconds behind on the second to last obstacle but they had like 1:15 on the last obstacle. Wtf. How does that make sense?

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