Living with Two Dogs in a Van | Camper Van Life EP 32

This week my mom stops by for a visit my
sister’s dog Lucy and we explore Sedona Arizona together. Good morning bud. Good
morning. He’s just a dirtball mm-hmm the winds picked up yep
I love dispersed camping however every time we do it Leo spends most of his
time in the dirt and he becomes a total dirt ball right, Buddy? We just spent a
wonderful few days with Kate’s parents they came to meet us up here in one of
our favorite cities Flagstaff Arizona. We are gonna head down to Sedona that’s
where my mother’s meeting us she’s driving out today she can’t wait to see
Leo and we can’t wait to see Lucy my sister’s dog and my mom is dog sitting
so she’s bringing Lucy out with us and Lucy is going to stay in the van with us
while my mom’s in the hotel Leo your little cousins coming buddy oh I feel so
good well I think it’s time for me to drink some more coffee us to pack up and
hit the road you just want to be out here all day don’t you don’t you oh look
at that belly scratch it’s at the belly scratch oh good boy let’s debug we got all the hair and the
thing is he’s not even shedding right now
this is his winter coat okay your face you my mom just got into Sedona she’s at the
hotel so we’re really excited to see her I would like the traditional breakfast
please I love the three egg omelette with all of the vegetables in
projections what do you want to do today I want to
just drive around this beautiful area and see and make
walk a little bit sir I’d like to look at some Indian jewelry okay today or
tomorrow I just love I love the beautiful jewelry look at oh my god how
lucky can I be one in each hand about our miles when she takes about an
hour I’ll be right there I’m going to get a
different jacket Luffy he’s beautiful thank you I’ve got two stubborn dogs here you do
good with that you’ve got a one-year-old and a thirteen-year-old are you gonna
lock the van your problems I don’t need your help
have a nice day what do you think I like that one God answers all prayers
sometimes he says yes sometimes he says no and sometimes he says you’ve got to
be kidding oh thank you sit talk treat a girl pas sit
oh good that’s a good girl Leo do you get a treat – boy Lucy’s got her legs crossed like a
little lady proper lady all national parks and monuments are
free all across the USA it’s a lifetime pass a bit un hold on to it because if
you lose it we don’t replace it understood and if you’re a 10 camper or
if you have an RV and you’re camping on the National Forest the site is
half-price with the senior pass now I have to go to all these places she was
passed out while you guys were gone yeah she sleeps a lot but the moment you’re
up to go she’s ready to go after she rests a little bit good morning bud he’s working on himself Lucy’s kind of perked him up it’s a good
girl loose it was I had a great time with my mom kisses nice thing is Leo doesn’t get
jealous no he’s always been so good uh-huh he’s good at sharing yes Lucy sit
good gentle where’s my bacon right here little piece of bacon I will say having
one dog in a van great two dogs I couldn’t do it good
time full time it’s great having Lucy here but having even with Lucy’s small
size having two dogs in this space and trying to share it and everything else
really difficult well if the problem is so we have the big crate having her
crate there is fine at night when she’s sleeping but there’s no place for us to
put that in the van when we’re driving so we’re actually mean the crate in
Joe’s mom’s car well we’re out exploring down it would be very difficult to it
you just live with two dogs even if one wasn’t okay all right Leo you ready
let’s do it everybody wolf down their breakfast I
think that’s the other thing is trying to get in and out of the van with two
pups we’ve had the water spill already the most difficult thing is trying to
walk too stubborn dogs who want to go in two different directions and for 20
pounds Lucy can really pull yes she is a powerful little bugger what are you looking at by the time you
see this video the Thummim working on might be gone but I’ve got a bit of a
joke that I’m putting up on YouTube this week I thought it’d be funny kind of
kind of pokes fun at Kate a little bit but I think you guys will appreciate it
you have to have fun if you do stuff like this what episode number is this
I think it’s episode 30 30 or 31 I think it might be 31 already no I think I
can’t believe it’s been over six months yeah you’re right episode 30 it’s a
little hard to work in this seat this way but there’s no other room at the one
that’s cuz Miss Lucy’s Creek is in the way uh-huh
and she’s got those she cracks me up she does she’s very expressive I’m gonna
miss her I think this guy’s gonna miss her too what do you see out there loose huh do
you see where they went there up there yeah right up there yeah you don’t care
do you I decided to stay with the dogs and keep
them company while we wait for Kate and my mom to get back down above it I see
oh yes at the top there yeah Oh real eagle yeah there are the ladies so
there’s two people right up there waving there’s Joe down there is he waving no
he is now there he is you see him or you hear him cuz there
they are Kate in her red shirt that never happened
Joe it’s so magnificently beautiful as you walked up there you cannot believe
the scenery and then Kate and I went into the church and we sat we did a few
minutes of meditation and we both felt so full of love and joy
Oh doin our meditation it was wonderful really it’s it’s a very spiritual up
there so nice well I’m sorry we have to get going but our videos going up well
let’s go this get over here so joking dry signing books and sending out stickers
to our patrons so guys thank you very much and these books should be getting
to you shortly lots of stuff to mail I’m hungry I don’t
know about you guys you’re always hungry this is true Kate
found this place the Hudson menu sounded really good we are celebrating my
thousand thousand thousand did their their velvet could you say that for me
its thousand one thousand thousand how does the menu look they have a lot of
interesting things and they have great looking cocktails and I’m sitting in the middle between my
two favorite ladies next time we share how much it costs to
live out of a campervan full-time thank you guys so much for watching if
you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if nothing else for my lovely
mother here subscribe if you haven’t already and if you have subscribed click
the bell to get notifications of new videos don’t forget to read Joe’s book
take risks see my mother the marketer and if you guys want to join us on
patreon check out you’d like to see the campervan series
from the beginning click right up here we’ll see you next Wednesday bye

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100 Responses

  1. We're the Russos says:

    Watch Episode 33
    Sedona ->

  2. John Yee says:

    Hey Guys, try this on Leo, if you brush him everyday with it, There will be almost no hair in the van. I used on my Golden Retreiver. Works great

  3. Theresa Buchtel says:

    Your mom is very pretty!

  4. Rod B says:

    You go Mom!

  5. Malena Sandim says:

    As a geologist, I loved the places you showed 🙂

  6. ItsaLovelyRide says:

    Love seeing Mama Russo! She is so personable and full of life. I hope she uses her park pass many times! Leo and cousin Lucy are so cute!

  7. Bills585 says:

    you guys should get pop sockets for your Iphones, it helps you hold the phone better.

  8. Penny Messer says:

    Your mom is pretty great hanging out with you'll.

  9. Kristina Hawkins says:

    I love Sedona. We don’t live far from there but don’t go often. We go to Williams more.

  10. Carmen says:

    Sweet mom! Sedona looks beautiful. Congrats on your book sales.

  11. tinkerfeet says:

    Great video with your beautiful mom💗

  12. yudi saputra says:

    my god Arizona is beautiful. thanks for the video russo's family

  13. lbird says:

    What a treat to see your beautiful mother!!! I give a thousandth thumbs up in her honor 👍 Leo is so good with other dogs, glad he got to spend time with his cousin Lucy 🙂

  14. Kelly Cady says:

    Thank you for the Humble Road recommendation on yesterday's live video! George is hysterical, and he makes awesome videos. On his "Wineries and Campsites video," he recommended you two, too. Leo has got to be the most content dog ever:)

  15. Asif Adeni says:

    Thanks for introducing your Mom to all of us viewers. She seems to be a woman of substance.

  16. Dominique Thom says:

    lol Leo was like…Was that it? after the belly scratch

  17. Alison Uuereb says:

    I am so excited to see Kait is coming out with a cook book!! I personally am not a fan of cooking however bought an instant pot after watching Kait use it so much. Throw it in, turn it in, walk away… I can deal with that. Oh, and I LOVE that thing!! You however have such wonderful healthy dishes and all look amazing. Can’t wait to order your book once available.

  18. Asif Adeni says:

    Your video recording is really amazing. what camera do you use for recording? I also the music you play.

  19. Fresburger says:

    I also have a 13 year old Lab but the poor guy’s breath is so bad that we could not have him in the front with us like Leo is. Do you guys have a dental hygiene program for Leo?

  20. Tim Combes says:

    Your mom is very sweet! My heart goes out to Leo.

  21. Ripp Snortin' says:

    Is it hot or cold? 3:36

  22. Tatiacha says:

    nice to see your mom again. I haven't been to sedona is quite a while i miss those red rocks

  23. Route 66 Flyer says:

    Last time I stopped by that church as I was stopped at the main road a Ca. tour bus turning in hit my left front fender. Of course he had no drivers license or insurance.

    Dance the Skies

  24. Arnold and Josie Espinoza says:

    Walking two stubborn dogs, I can relate. Sedona is beautiful guys. It’ll be on my bucket list of places to visit. Momma Russo is cool 😎 as is Lucy her dog. We really enjoy all your postings guys. Keep ‘me coming. Woo hoo!!! I too have problems sounding my th so don’t feel bad Joe. Till next posting, stay cool. We’re the Russo’s #1.

    Big fans in Texas

    Arnold/Josie (Hershey/Chico)

  25. 63Sonotech/US Traveler says:

    Hugs to Leo. He is all I have been thinking about. I had Spots our lab for 15 years and if it were for his hips going out, I believe he would have lasted another 3 to 4 years. His comfort level was gone, reducing his quality of life so I had to put him to sleep. It was the hardest decision of my entire life (crying as I type this and its been 7 years now). I felt like I had lost a child. Heck he was my second child. That dog was amazing. If you truly love animals, it is never easy. I loved Spots with all my heart. My prayers are with Leo…lots of hugs and kisses and prayers from me to both of you and Leo.

  26. GravInducedSleepTrac says:

    Love your videos but the volume of sound of your videos are not very clear. I always put my volume at the highest of loudest setting & it's still difficult to hear what you are saying. Anyway you guys can fix it would be great.

  27. Bridget Earl says:

    love Leo ❤🤗☺

  28. Joan Milano says:

    Aww, Joe, your mom reminds me of my little Italian mom – she lit a candle in every church she went into.

  29. Nah says:

    Leg-crossing Lucy was too cute.
    Hi, Leo! 🐶 🐶
    Everything looked soooo relaxing. Great music choices, too.

  30. RealFarknMcCoy says:

    Sedona is a very spiritual place. I used to go there to decompress when I was attending NAU. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

  31. Judith G. says:

    I really enjoyed this video. Your Mother is a wonderful lady! the dogs were cute! You were such a gentleman with your Mom. and Lucy is adorable as always! Take care and stay strong!

  32. Deb W says:

    Your mother is precious and so spiritual I see where you get your spirituality from. Beautiful video of Sedona. Leo is such a good and amazing guy, never gets jelly.

  33. Melanie Dejonge says:

    Your mom seems like a real kick! 😀

  34. Mandy Dixon says:

    You're mom was wonderful, I hope she comes back for another video! Maybe she needs a channel of her own?!

  35. Zachary Rome says:

    Leo still does pretty well for a gentleman of advanced age !

  36. Joyce Barnett says:

    Your Mom sure seems like a great person. This is the first time that I have seen her in your videos. I bet it was crowded with two dogs in a small space. Leo seemed to like having Lucy around. They get along pretty well which is great. Sedona is just beautiful. Thanks for taking me along on this trip. Maybe some day I will be able to get to Sedona. Stay safe and happy trails. Joyce

  37. Janice Peck says:

    No, not been to Sedona but sure looks very inviting. So different. Nice to meet mom,shes so cool. Lucy is very sweet.Enjoyed video always do. Safe Happy Trails. Jp,Ok

  38. N Foss says:

    Don't you just love pet friendly places.  Our country is so beautiful.  Thanks for the video.

  39. Bob Shaw says:

    Joe your Mom looks great . Hope she's feeling as good as she looks . Your sisters dog Lucy is so cute. A friend of mine out is Gig Harbor , Washington his daughter is a nurse @ Seattle Children's Hospital and she also has a French bulldog. I was in a house the other night & the people have two big Labradoodle's who are brother and sister .

  40. Where The Tail Leads - WTTL RV says:

    Leo such an awesome boy! Arizona is a great place.

  41. Her Woofness Boston Terrier says:

    Let’s finish our coffee together!!! That’s what I am doing too!
    Leo is so regal and beautiful. I hope he and Lucy get along famously.
    I love your Mom, we are both fans of Indian jewelry! Turquoise is a must, a big honker of a necklace with a side of “to go with”!.
    Have fun and enjoy your visit.
    Just a tip, Lucy would probably not pull so much with a no-pull harness!
    Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  42. tamara lafontaine says:

    I am just curious, and by all means if my question is too private, I completely respect that. Do you see children in your future? I have 3 and have waited for them all to grow up to begin my life on the road. My youngest is 20. I started preparing about a year ago and hope to be fulltime by the summer of 2018. I guess I am just asking, because I am curious to know if you don't have children due to the lifestyle or for other reasons.

  43. RdC says:

    Your mom looks just like you, only older and with hair 🙂

  44. Candee Wadsworth says:

    Lucy is 20lbs if all muscle 😉

  45. Celebration of Mom says:

    You need to show more scenery! I really wanted to see Sedona and more of the camping sites.

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    Great vid! I like how the music fit the video. 😊 It was great to see your mom! ❤️❤️ Sedona. I've been there once before but I'll definitely go back there again.

  47. anthony marino says:


  48. Nair Deepak says:

    Too Good! I love your channel.A good work. I have always dreamt of travelling like you guys .

  49. David Hinnant says:

    Joe your mom is awesome! Strange, Y'all look nothing alike Lol. Congrats on 1000 books!!

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    LOVE Sedona! This brought back happy memories

  51. Hello Gorgeous Life says:

    They have a lot of interesting things and great looking cocktails. Made me bust out laughing. Love your mom Joe

  52. ginNaujus says:

    Sedona is such a majestic place…got the go one day. Joe's mom is a blast and so are the dogs…..the more the merrier

  53. Rhonda M says:

    Hi, as always.. Beautiful video.. It's so nice to have such a close relationship with your mom. Leo and Lucy are great together… I'm Planning to go on the road early next year.. Don't know how I'll do with 3 dogs in a van. Lol.. Loved how your wife and Mom had some quality time together. Congratulations on 1000th. Safe travels.

  54. Rita Greenstreet says:

    Loved it!

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    Luv ur mom she awesome n she like cocktails.. We're get along just fine.. i luv Lucie.. Cute pup..

  56. James State says:

    Looks like a great place to visit. Good to see Leo up and about and around and happy. Had a question for you. Are you still using the arrow press for making your coffee? Or have you found a better way to make your coffee?

  57. shan Sait says:

    I loooooooove your vlogs….

  58. KungFu Master says:

    Your mom is a lovely lady. Nice video. Two thumbs up for mom.

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    Your mom is a beauty!

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    Priceless view of Leo, Lucy and your mom (not necessarily in that order) at 10:36. I bet this was a wonderful day in all their lives.

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    I bet your delightful mother so enjoys getting to join you both on your journey. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    What a beautiful place and Lucy is adorable.

  64. Lord Vader says:

    I like you two, but I love Leo!!!

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    I watched the last video about Leo and was/still-sorta-am on your guys' side but damn that's a bad limp 🙁

  66. Travel Small Live Big says:

    Dog in the dirt… our Lab does the same – ugh! Sweet dogs – Lexie does get jealous though… and two dogs is super hard. Great job showing the difference between having one and two dogs!

  67. Stan Watkins says:

    If you want to see how a Traveller deals with two small dogs , look at RV Sue and crew blog .

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