Lost in the Woods | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 9

Previously on the Adventures of Smudge and
Squeak: Our gals got in some practice with a stuffed fox. Squeak appeared to be more
responsive than Smudge when faced with the predator. But really, Smudge was just more
perceptive and realized it was only a toy. So let’s see what happens this week in the
Adventures of Smudge and Squeak. Cockadoodledoo! Daybreak on the farm awakens the animals and
stirs something in each of them to get started on their individual jobs. Smudge and Squeak
are no exception. They look forward to what the day will bring and working to become the
ultimate defenders of the flock. It’s time to get started on their morning patrol, and
it seems like there’s something in the woods that Smudge and Squeak need to investigate.
I wonder what it could be? While the little ladies are off looking for a predator — Smudge,
Squeak! — the production crew is looking for them. Smudge, Squeak! And right now, Smudge
and Squeak are nowhere to be found. This morning, Smudge took on a second job. Patrick deputized
her to work double duty as part of the film crew. She got her own camera and was given
instructions to keep shooting. She is, after all, the more technical of the two. So now
we’ll we’ll get a glimpse of what’s really going on with Smudge and Squeak. Looks like
the gals are searching high and low for any sign of a threat. And although they don’t
run into any foxes or coyotes, they do find a little fun in the process of their patrol.
Now this isn’t the first time these gals have run off. Patrick has spent time searching
for them all over the property. He’s headed off roads into the woods surrounding the farm
and walked the numerous trails in search of Smudge and Squeak. On the previous occasion,
he discovered them by the barn. But now, they’re at it again. And soon enough, Tony finds them.
Or, rather, they find Tony. So it’s into the bed of the truck and back to the pasture for
Smudge and Squeak. The gals sure love going for a ride. But as usual, Squeak’s impulsive
nature kicks in, and she jumps out before they’ve arrived. So she’ll have to walk the
rest of the way. Smudge enjoys the ride. And as usual, works smarter, not harder. And now,
it’s off to the next big adventure that awaits Smudge and Squeak.

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3 Responses

  1. ifaranda says:

    1st to comment again

  2. Brandie Drown says:

    This was a cute episode! I was wondering if they ran off sometimes. I would think it would take forever to find them with all that land.

  3. Herpdaderp says:

    Crazy cute pups!

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