Loudest Purring Cat – Guinness World Records

I phoned up the local news they came out
and they managed to record him at 100 decibels a hundred decibels
that’s as loud as a high revving motorcycle only the peaks from Guinness
World Records were here to verify it oh look there they are
what a coincident what are the chances men like me you right so this is an
attempt for the loudest purr by a cat microphone must be 1 meter above the
ground no can start the measuring we all remember where we were during moments of
great historical importance Kennedy’s assassination
Charlene’s wedding and now merlyn’s / remember the world record is 67.7 ok so
I’m gonna have to analyze the data I hope he does it I mean I think in my
heart is louder but we’ll have to wait and see the numbers have been crunched
and it’s time for the result Marylyn with sixty seven point eight
disabled oh yeah even if I could fight on conversation thank you so there you
have it not quite a hundred decibels but a world record nonetheless I’m delighted
that he’s broken the world record I think it’s still sinking in and it’ll
sink him with Merlin as well once he learns to read

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100 Responses

  1. Guinness World Records says:

    13-year-old Merlin was adopted from an animal rescue centre. His purr is as noisy as an air conditioner and nearly as loud as a shower or even a dishwasher! http://bit.ly/GWR-MerlinPurr

  2. Matthew McCabe says:

    Although this is amazing, I never want to hear GWR’s say that a cat purring is equally important to Kennedy’s assasination

  3. sprintbass says:

    My cat does this…but his goes from a pure to a meow….I believe, though hes entirely black…that quite possibly hes got some sort of siamese in him…is yowls are really deep and load….its as if the way the pitch hes saying ..hello? Are you there? He was given to me from a woman who said he was too much to handle. In my 46 years I've had some amazing cats…but this one is number one…hes laying on me right now..

  4. Awesome Sauce says:

    “Whoa when did you get a motorcycle?”

    “That’s the cat sorry”

  5. Peanut Butter says:

    They talk Soo much I couldn't really hear the cat

  6. Ila_ Furry says:

    My cat purrs so loud!!! .i can’t even sleep!!!!

  7. A legend says:

    This is an official GWR channel? I thought it was a skit
    Narrator sounds too goofy. What the hell

  8. MAnaShREe says:


  9. Jakub Šťastný says:

    What a nice supercharged cat, turbo when it hisses and a supercharged when you pet it

  10. John Ryan says:

    Good job getting that award brother jim

  11. Yee boi juice says:

    "An animal getting achievement"
    Me: looks at mirror
    My soul: Wut

  12. Dogger Gamer says:

    My cat doesn't even purr

  13. DiplekK says:

    Its sound like alien communication

  14. prasad raghavan says:

    I thought it is pusic cat

  15. Ben Dover says:

    The host needs to shut the f*** up, I can't even hear the damn cat, next he'll win an award as the world's most annoying host

  16. YoursTruly Games says:

    This is a complete scam

  17. [REDACTED] says:

    You sure he didn't accidentally swallowed a vibrator?

  18. Kravchenko Lev says:

    Next time you better shut your mouth

  19. 7MoxD88 says:

    It’s a pigeon dog damn it…

  20. Mints says:

    The narrator sounds like a children shows narrator.

  21. Everybody's Friend says:

    Annabelle grows old and adopts a cat

  22. Ellen Goldevil says:

    Name one time the reporter shut up

  23. Avacado Cat says:

    My cat purrs louder honestly

  24. That Guy says:

    Nice tiger this lady has

  25. Zanzi says:

    No one:

    Cat: purr

  26. Fortnitelegand 2005 says:

    You stole my at b**

  27. Killer Boy says:

    Cat: has loud purr.

    GWR: pulls out tape mesure.

  28. The Coyote says:

    No one:

    My stomach when I’m hungry:

  29. golden blox says:


  30. Simon Gaywanjala says:

    That cat thinks he's a rooster


    Just Shut up while i need to the heart the Loud Purr

  32. layla de lima says:

    the owner also look cat

  33. ALEET2 says:

    If the microphone has to be 1 meter above the floor doesn’t the cat have to be on the floor?

  34. Raquel says:

    Your cat swallowed a pidgeon.

  35. Bonfist says:

    remember when records were about actual impressing things ?

  36. Whippetha creem says:

    Looks like my cats

  37. Gachachii 2 says:

    That cat looks younger than he is.

  38. Hooded Bird says:

    When you see a frog and cat switch bodies and the cat sounds like that…

  39. Weird Yayaa says:

    Enak cuk klo kucing suka purring kyk gitu rileks sekali

  40. Peppa Pig says:

    Puurrrfect execution

  41. FS S says:

    Narrator : " A HUNDRED DECIBELS?! "

  42. Abby Foxall says:

    HE SO HAPP!!

  43. RagingEmperor 68 says:

    Morgz Mum

  44. Filming Freely says:

    Reccomendations: wanna hear a cat purr?

    Me: k fine

  45. Jacob 74 says:

    It kind of sounds like a growling dog

  46. Channel: Negative says:


  47. Олег Попов says:

    А давно рекорды Гиннеса стали таким дерьмищем?

  48. Paige- Chloe Farrell says:

    Not annoying at all ?

  49. Katheline says:

    This is not cat ,it is a a lion

  50. Instapizzabmx says:

    What does Kennedy’s death have to do with this world record ?‍♂️

  51. Patrick DE GUZMAN says:

    Pinay yung girl. Nag mix yung British at Filipino accents nya hehe

  52. linkclicker says:

    That is just one happy cat

  53. Amara says:

    Hold on lemme get my cat

  54. Fabiyan Noriega says:

    She looks like Morgz mum

  55. Its The Zen Mask says:

    I just want a cat ?

  56. Σ Μ says:

    I love it, when cats are purring!!! ?
    But that cat's purring ,is kind of different.. Of course, that's why he won the record!!!! ??

  57. Kage says:

    The owner looks like Morgz' Mom

  58. CandyPuff YT says:

    Teacher: So who is one person who is your #1 Hero kids?


    Oh there’s this cat on YouTube and-

  59. MAHEEN FATIMA says:

    Obviously she's the aunty of tiger?

  60. Casval Char says:

    That's unfair! My dog should have won!

  61. Aidan Editzz says:

    My cat will have to win that someday

  62. Bazel says:

    Creating stupid world record

  63. xXEsJhonnyMúsicaXx Nicky Jam says:

    Oh wow this is so fun

  64. Boots Of Travel says:

    At first i thought it was an catpusic

  65. Creepy Boi says:

    Well that’s fantastic.


  66. Tomato Banana says:

    Change the title to annoying talking humans

  67. Steve Niaty Mouamba says:

    The distance between cat and microphone??? ? we able To hear him Guy ???

  68. Susan Brannan says:


  69. SideSwiper says:

    Cat:Can Purr 100 decibels
    My mom arguing with my father: 9999 DECIBELS

  70. Kalina Dog says:

    30 – 50 seconds doesn't sound like natural purring or its atleast a voice over or whatever tf they call it. Guiness Book of World Records but cant even keep fake out of "real" situations. Sorry, everytime I come to give yall a chance in the modern years, it seems you have lost touch of the reality in "world records".

  71. Lucas Smith says:

    So cute ???

  72. Chis English says:

    He's obviously over compensating and I bet he meows like a itty bitty kitty.

  73. xd Blanket says:

    Loudest meowing cat goes to mine when it’s outside my room at 2 am

  74. cereals says:

    its full of bees

  75. Frenchtoast 8586 says:

    And my cat never purrs

  76. Infinite Edgy says:


  77. BT 7274 says:

    I wonder how her neighbors are happy about that

  78. Dino says:

    He looks like my cat

  79. StickguyMB says:

    Cat: happ


  80. Adam Marte says:

    Is that mr.maker's voice?

  81. Syeda Queen says:

    I just click because i think it's PUSIC ????

  82. • Lee Chan • says:

    i cAn pUrR LoUdEr

  83. Arima Senpai says:

    It would be funny if that cat is starting to bark. Hehe

  84. Feels says:

    Why wouldnt you just let us listen to the cat

  85. •*Sara *• says:

    My cat is purring louther

  86. Alessandro Rojas says:

    So if I eat the most tacos a man ever ate while balancing on a pile of 3 turtles on a skateboard do I make a World Record?

  87. Kai Fox says:

    i think my cat might be after this EVER SINGLE WINTER NIGHT??

  88. Monster void 2 says:


  89. Joanna Honeyh says:

    I thought the cat was Pusic

  90. stephen rehberger says:

    This is a real thing???

  91. Moth Fur says:

    “A handred decibaws?!!”

  92. HackDog the Gamer says:

    Oh Catpusic got a guiness record


    best cat to wake me up

  94. DarkSlidGamer says:

    OMG look at that Hairstyle…

  95. Beth Peterson says:

    I had a cat that did purr loudly when he was on top of my chest to cuddle with and gave belly rubs when he was on his back.

  96. Isabella Oliver says:

    Why is this in my recommendations?

  97. dylan kagely says:

    My friend's cat sounds the same.

  98. Shafiq Survivor says:

    Are you sure that cat didn't eat a frog alive?

  99. Mas u says:

    Everyone’s saying they can’t hear but I heard it just fine

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