Loyal German Shepherd Helps Family With The Chores: SUPERPOWER DOGS

LINDA RILEY: Baron’s superpower is his amazing loyalty and how helpful he is around the house. COMM: Baron is a two-year-old German Shepherd, who’s lived with dog trainer Linda and her four-year-old son Alexander since he was just 12 weeks old. LINDA RILEY: I first started training Baron the day we got him. Baron is very smart, he
catches on very quickly. German Shepherds overall are very eager to please and they
want to learn. COMM: But super smart Baron has been learning some rather unusual skills. LINDA RILEY: He can help load the dishwasher, help wipe the windows, he likes dusting, he
can sweep the floor and he can mop, he can unload and load the drier and washer, he can
put the toilet seat down behind Alexander when he forgets. LINDA RILEY: He can do the light switches on and off. So I don’t push him too hard,
we kind of just have a good time with everything that we do. LINDA RILEY: Alexander and Baron have a very special relationship. They are joined at the hip. LINDA RILEY: Alexander will have Baron clean up his toys or he will take him up to his
room and have Baron pick-up Alexander’s toys and clean his room. The more Alexander
can get Baron to do stuff, the stronger their bond grows. COMM: Baron isn’t just eager to help out with the household chores. He is truly part
of the family. LINDA RILEY: Baron is like an over protective dad. When we’re out in public, and it’s
the three of us, Baron will be on outside of Alexander, pushing Alexander into me. When
people come up to talk to us or greet us, he will cut them off and he stands in front
of the people, kind of giving that barrier. Anytime we’re out, his eyes are constantly
on Alexander. He does not look away. He is all that matters. If Alexander falls down,
he cries. He is the first one there. Even after long days, he is still wagging his tail, drooling
all over me, bringing the ball for me to throw. He is just always making me laugh. He is very
loyal. I have no doubt that that dog would give his life for us, if he had to. ALEXANDER: I love Baron. He is my best friend. COMM: Superpower Dogs – a giant screen 3D movie – will feature more amazing dogs like
Baron. Find out how you can help make the movie possible by joining the Superpower Dogs
online community today.

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  1. bastek. says:

    Hello 👋Good doog🖒🖒🖒Have a nice weekend ☺

  2. Fluieras Oana Alina says:

    Even dogs clean so well

  3. Joseph Patton says:

    This video brought back memory of Boots. When I was a little boy, Boots, a black mastiff was my monster. I still miss him 60 years later.

  4. JELLO manjelly says:

    That dog is more loyal than my gf

  5. It’swolfkut says:

    Dear dislikers,

    Burn in hell….

  6. snsjs dhsh says:

    Where can I get myself one of these dogs

  7. مالك الاشباح says:


  8. Eire says:

    My first pedigree dog was a German Shepherd, he was one of the super intelligent dog's I have ever had. I have had many in my life but my Shepherd will Alway''s have that very special place in my heart. They are humans with Fur.

  9. B R says:

    So what can the humans do???

  10. Teresa Fructuoso says:

    i love german

  11. Teresa Fructuoso says:


  12. Corina equestrian says:

    Aww! He's adorable! What a sweetie 😀

  13. Royal Soldier 🇮🇳 says:

    My wife saying this dog do better house work than husband like me 😂 lol .. another topic for my wife to pinch me n my son for spoiling things here n there at home. Nice video anyways 👍🏻

  14. Akki Intense says:

    Is it medium coat or short coat 🤔🤔🤔

  15. sachin 777 says:

    What is name
    Is it ambilation single coat grrman shepard or non ambilation single coat

  16. KKPlays 101 says:

    Great vid!

  17. Vigilante Jake says:

    Animals better than human !

  18. Awesome But Just a Gamer says:

    My German Shepard can barely do anything if you don’t scratch his ears

  19. Mohd Iqbal says:

    Superb but caution cause cancer it insects kilmil red brown colour hygiene powder hairs saliva hairs of dog we eat in our rice tea ? Hair cutting essential terms eradication vaccination another important aspect

  20. indian gwal says:

    Wao what a loyalty.

  21. Lady Phoenix says:

    I'm done..beyond ADORBS 💝

  22. Sehgal S says:

    He is so like my boy Charlie…

  23. Tenzin Yougyal says:

    I need him where can I get like that wow impressive love it good job German shepherd are best dog and protective over kids and parent

  24. Tenzin Yougyal says:

    this is beautiful and adorable and great family and a great dog especially best friend so sweet

  25. Connie Brown says:

    😍😍😍😍😍 love these pups best dogs ever

  26. John Smithth says:

    Yeah those sheps are very smart but, you have to spend a lot of time when they're young

  27. Muhammad Khalid says:

    Will u give your life for dog. U made him a cleaning boy😀

  28. Dietmar Albrecht says:

    That's nothing🤣! My Pitbull repair my Car👍! And he can drive it! 🤣

  29. Lippy Lou says:

    Good health to sweet Baron.

  30. Carlos Rodriguez ,Jr says:


  31. Jon Einar Mathisen says:


  32. Yvonne Tall says:

    Want this dog

  33. R M says:

    Thats a Belgian Sheperd. Malinoi

  34. Brandy H.2426 says:

    Omg I follow them on Instagram!! Love them

  35. anita tichacek says:

    My son and Dakota our Dobman..god bless his sole.. Have had four Pure BREED German Shepherds and one part breed..but this fits my Dob and my son better..

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  38. dung hoang says:

    Ok iloveyou Việt nam

  39. Arpit mehta says:

    the dog was a paid actor

  40. Trucker Baty says:

    Good ole baron!

  41. shivam Nirlaz says:

    So he is the leader



  43. Georgie Harris says:

    I need my dogs trained like that. 😂

  44. Stella Ercolani says:

    We love our pooches.

  45. Stella Ercolani says:


  46. Stella Ercolani says:

    They are both so adorable. What a loyal buddy.

  47. Shanan Alexander says:

    I love this video

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  49. Pradeep says:

    God bless him (the super german shepard )and his family 😚 too

  50. Jolynn Alvarado says:

    I want a dog 🐕 like that

  51. Mohd Iqbal says:

    Superb gram shepherd cute face nice manners

  52. Ima Doge98 says:

    Me: mom can we get a German shepherd??!!!

    Mom: why can’t you just be like Barron?

  53. Moksh channel says:

    sweet dog

  54. Joel Santos Almeida says:

    Haaa queria um cachorrinho mais como eu não tenho condições 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Lexa Rico says:

    I want a German shepherd, they are magnificent dogs.

  56. Izzycutie5156 says:

    He’s 5 now

  57. Minh Nguyễn Thiên says:

    Linda is not a good people

  58. Cusimi Looking says:

    Beatiful dark sable: my next pup!

  59. Mahkee Mcisaacs says:

    This crazy a dog can mop the floor

  60. Drake Pryce says:

    So Baron is like a T800?

  61. passang bhutia says:

    If my mom comes to know about all these dogs, she would prefer German shepherd instead of me. Haha

  62. Babyhurk#You Already Know Waltiere says:

    First let me say WOW what a dog. Baron buddy you are one great dog congratulations and the Humans Ain't Too bad either LOL

  63. Emman Herrera says:

    That german shepherd was a paid actor

  64. Marian Dan says:


  65. Rivers Cloud says:

    I love that these people advocate for their breed. They’re great with children when you train them from day one. If Baron was my boy i wouldn’t ever worry about him being aggressive with my son.

  66. Kaze Ndassi Denzel Edward 13 says:

    That's a useful dog😎

  67. Phantom says:

    My mom sells those mops

  68. Zoi Storz says:

    Such a cute dog

  69. Ryan Trejo says:

    Me:clicks on video
    Me:sees video
    Me:princess(a chihuahua) why can’t you to that
    Princess:stares me in my eyes and runs

  70. Lovro Božić says:

    Meanwhile my dog sleeps,eats, and barks

  71. Ava Montoya says:

    Aww 10/10 I’m crying I wish I that i had a dog like that❤️😭😢🥰💕😂🥺😞🐕🐶👍🏻

  72. Mr Herrhagen says:

    Love it, so cool!

  73. Aneelia B says:

    BOIII get me this doggo please

  74. Gideon Sunday says:

    People disliking this video are jealous cat lovers 😆

  75. Danny Farfan says:

    Damm I wish I had a dog like that

  76. patriot guy says:

    God bless your family and Barron what an awesome dog I love German Shepherds they are the best but then again I love all dogs

  77. Gaman Kumar says:

    Im not even usefull 😀😀😀😀

  78. nevy channel says:

    It’s sad that people are so shocked that animals have brains…

  79. Chetan Mazumder says:

    why would you want your dog give his life for you ?

  80. Peyton Hasselman says:

    So cute

  81. clarisa farley says:

    The dog is very smart

  82. Luigi Spadavecchia says:

    Il pastore tedesco e il cane piu' bello del mondo.

  83. Nathan Couture 371 says:

    I would be proud of my dog if it could do this

  84. gamers more fun says:

    I love that dog and the boy amazing story

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  86. Sudiptya Chakraborty says:

    Is it a work line gsd?

  87. Eliane Figueiró says:

    Que coisa mais linda 😍

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  89. tiger talk says:

    The dog is a slave

  90. madisonhohle11 says:

    Why do we live longer than these amazing furry creatures?

  91. Kerem Ozdemir says:

    Thats a maid, guardian, dog, and a best friend all in one

  92. Brittany Hunter says:

    Is that your 1st dog

  93. Brittany Hunter says:

    What do you mean

  94. The Sweet Forever says:

    I need this kind of dog in my life 🙄😂.

  95. LazyPerson U-U says:

    My dog can’t learn how to sit..

  96. Chevy The beagle Instagram doggo says:

    Just incase you didn't know, this women was called out for scamming. She was selling puppies saying they were in good health but never gave proper papers and when they grew they had hip issues

  97. Bonnie Hundley says:

    Not all German Shepherds are like Baron. That family sought out a reputable breeder that selects for the right temperament qualities. You shouldn't automatically think all GSD's are child friendly like Baron. That's just not universally true.
    Not only that, wherever they got Baron, the conformation is healthy!

  98. yogesh babu says:

    Food regime for German Shepherd full day pls

  99. Milica Zaric says:

    I love Germany shepperd

  100. Katie Ogrinz says:

    Can I borrow him to help me clean my room

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